The chicago fire takes on the san jose earthquakes, apm eastern kickoff, chicago’s, plus a buck, and a quarter totals two and a half juice to the over the draws plus 260. And if you like san jose to get the job done here, they’re plus 175 for some money line cash and following saturday morning, sports wagering action i’m proof to eight and two of my last 10 extra daily pick. Tier package plays on, slash, brock, page and, of course, that’s a website where i sell sports picks, beginning at just 1.99 we’re, also eight and five with a push in our last 14, better friends, tier package picks as well. That package only costs 6.99 for more information about getting access to these premium. Sports picks link for that website is in the description section below and once again, that’s slash brock The quakes have been victorious in just one out of their last four matches this year and that, of course, dates back to before the shutdown they gave up 10 total goals. During that stretch, they also suffered an embarrassing five to two defeat to minnesota united fc by the final uh once again of five to two back in march they’re, taking on a chicago club who beat the seattle sounders by the final of two to one in their Last outing themselves, chicago’s dropped just one out of their last five matches themselves and, of course, once again that dates back to february, and they are just allowing one goal per contest during that short stretch, now total wise two out of chicago’s last three matches got over The total of two and a half goals.

Meanwhile, on the other side, the quakes side, they saw four out of their last five fly well over. That number themselves give me the chicago fire plus a buck and a quarter and the over two and a half goals in that spot and before we go ahead and move on just want to take another quick timeout and welcome you to the video got some lines And personal leans out for sunday’s international soccer action, we got some american soccer, some english soccer, a lot of good stuff going on, but before we dive into some more of that, i just have to quickly remind you once again that after saturday morning, sports wagering action – We improved to eight and two in our last ten extra daily pick tier package plays on patreon dot com, slash brock, page we’re, also, eight and five with a push in our last 14. Better friends tier package plays as well. If you want some more information on how you can join in on the action link for that site is in the description section below once again: that’s brock, page we’ll bill you the day you sign up and then the first of every month, following that. Moving on english fa cup action i’m talking about manchester united, squaring off against chelsea 1pm east man used plus 150, totals two and a half juice to the under the draws plus 225. And if you like, chelsea to get the job done here, they’re plus 1.

95 to win it and speaking of chelsea they’re coming off a match where they significantly struggled with a last place, norwich city team in epl, play granted. They got the w, but it took a goal and extra time in the first half of that game to seal the deal, chelsea was actually shut out in the second half by this norwich squad, who leads the english premier league in goals allowed easily the worst defense In the epl, even worse, in their match, before that, this chelsea club suffered an embarrassing 3 0 shutout loss to eighth place. Sheffield united chelsea’s lost two out of their last four throwing out that norwich city game and that other loss came to a terrible west ham. United club, by the final of three to two and just to remind you, west ham’s, won just 10 out of 36 league matches in the epl this season. So, needless to say, chelsea’s they haven’t been playing their absolute best football as of late and perhaps some fa cup action will change their tone, but on the other side, we’re looking at a manchester united squad well they’re coming fresh off a two nil shutout victory over Crystal palace and, of course, that’s exactly what they were supposed to do. No surprise. There. Man used given up just eight goals in their last 19 outings, just .42 goals per contest. On average, they gave up during that long stretch, menu hasn’t lost a match in their last 19 straight as well.

They’Re 14 0, with five draws during that span and total wise six out of manchester united’s last seven got over the total of two and a half goals. Meanwhile, four out of chelsea’s last five got over that number themselves: 10 out of their last 13 also got over. That number give me manchester united plus 1.50 and the over two and a half in that contest all right. Next matchup it’s actually going to be in the english premier league the match before was in fa cup action. This is english premier league action, i’m talking about bournemouth squaring off against southampton 9 a.m. East bournemouth is plus 130 on the money line totals two and a half juice to the over the draws plus 275, and if you like, southampton there plus a buck 80 to win it now, southampton hasn’t lost a match in their last five straight. They gave up just one goal per contest on average during that short span. They also shut out the likes of second place. Manchester city, along with a 3 1 victory over watford during those contests now southampton. They also rank ninth out of 20 clubs in the english premier league in scoring very doing very well offensively uh bournemouth on the other side, they’re coming off a 2 1 loss to manchester city in their last outing. The very same man city team that southampton uh beat bournemouth, has given up 12 total goals in their last five contests and they’ve been victorious and only one out of their last 11.

. They were held scoreless four times during that span. Bournem is currently in 18th place out of 20 teams in the epl just 8 21 on the season. With seven draws, they rank 18th in the league in total goals allowed now uh total wise four out of bournemouth’s. Last five got over the total of two and a half goals. Meanwhile, eight out of southampton’s last 14 got over the two and a half themselves give me southampton double chance to win or tie in the over two and a half in that contest. All right. Next and final match up for the show it’s going to be in the spanish la liga i’m talking about deborah thibault alves, taking on fc barcelona, 11 a.m: east barcelona’s, the dollar fifty favorite totals two and a half jews to the over the draws plus three dollars And if you like an underdog play here, olives is plus 370 to win it. Olives is averaging just point three seven goals per contest in their last eight outings. They put the ball in the net just three times in their last eight matches really struggling offensively. They were also held scoreless and six out of their last seven outings as well. Olives is 10 and 18 on the season, with nine draws good for 15th place out of 20 teams in spanish la liga. They also rank 17th in scoring. They actually averaged just .91 goals per contest on the season. Thus far, they are taking on a barcelona club who led the league in scoring themselves 81 total goals on the season 13 goals more than first place.

Real madrid barcelona’s lost just one out of their last 11 and they held their opponents scoreless in seven of those matches. They actually allowed just point six three goals per contest on average during that span. Now, when it comes to the scoring in this one, two out of barcelona’s last three stayed under the total of two and a half goals. Four out of all of this last five stayed under that number themselves and, as a matter of fact, deportivo all of us saw nine out of their last dozen stay under the two and a half as well. So with all that said and done, give me fc. Barcelona, winning this one outright in the under two and a half in that contest. All right let’s go ahead and dive into some shout outs and from our patreon platform, shout out to andy moats andrew o’neal, kelly, johnson, darren, windsor, apurva, dungana, uh, jake, deluca, allen, kennedy john kirkland, robert morelli and august wiens. Next, from our instagram platform, shout out to joe7209 uh shout out to tom casillica tattoo tom yeah uh, also shout out uh to jimmy from ghost picks ats, who is actually rocking the official brock page productions. T shirt from teespring so make sure you check out ghost picks jimmy uh james blackline, anderson, kotrim, bubba, jonesy, keel, champs, david olloye, mitch, austin and keaton johnston and then, finally, from our youtube platform, shout out to zaka slacka robert s, v, berry 1923 sop, striker bo Dunn, valentin and akili, ralphi, portundo, ryan, thomas dk, hater, gaming and last, but certainly not least, got ta, give a shout out to the dingman that’s right.

My man c dinger always good to see uh see dinger in the comments section actually haven’t seen him uh in a couple of months, so shout out to c dinger the dingman all right, guys, that’s gon na do it for me once again, don’t forget to check Me out on patreon, if you decide to pull the trigger on one of those packages here today, just keep in mind mobilia the day you sign up and then the first of every month following that. So if you decide to uh get a package today, we’ll bill you today and then you’re going to get billed on the 1st of august and then following that you’ll get billed on the 1st of every month, all right guys, that’s going to do it. For me, i got to thank you for joining me right here on youtube, really hope you enjoyed all this great free content, all this great free information and with that said, happy saturday or sunday to you, depending on when you’re watching this best of luck to you And i look forward to seeing you later on today on my website at patreon.