It’S Arsenal against Manchester City privileged to have played in the final of this pop competition by 14 days a few years ago now, but you never forget you certainly don’t forget you end up winning it Applause. While there are players here who stand out a bit, these two in particular, I think today Alan Obama yank he’s, all of that pace. In many ways he can burn as fastest. Most defenders run faster than the majority. As for Kevin de Bruyne er he’s known through Zinta blazoning, I was little given those cheeky ones with teammate. She just can’t, keep up with him Applause, Applause Applause: this is the astral lineup Scott Chambliss taffy starts alongside David Lewis, in the heart of defense. Only one upfront in terms of a out and out forward Applause today reversed arson, go Kevin de Bruyne, a place with Rodri in the middle of midfield and in attack a man with the golden touch in front of gold, Gabriel, J Zeus, Applause, that’s, going to kick Off, like I said they could get the ball back here and they have done excellent, attacking play here. It could open up the opposition. Now Applause Obama had no one’s picking him up in the wide area to be dangerous into the box. Oh it’s off the bar Applause, and so they look from the other player and saw where the pass was going and read. It shut up not sure how he reached it, but he did and kept the ball out brilliant that’s.

Why? This is one of the top keepers in the world. In goes the corner for a goal: kick good new. I Gabrielle Jesu it’s a heavy touch Applause, as could attacking play this from them good place to go Applause, Gabrielle, J, Zeus, Applause he’s got skill with the ball backing himself. In these circumstances, Applause without a silver shark is blocked. Applause, here’s, Kevin de Bruyne, Oh Gabrielle. Jesus Applause that’s the way to win the ball back Applause, good one, the Brona, Benjamin bending, yes sterling, give it an easy ride, particular save anyway, Applause sterling mr. Bruner chance to take a lead Applause. Like I said, Oh ba, ba intercepted, well Applause, that’s, not what he wanted to do. How’S it go here, he’s the actions there was sensational Applause Applause and goes to corner, not able to take full advantage of a good position. Applause, his sterling he’s lost a bubble. Applause, could he have the ball again Ct? We can all see it, they are dominating the ball once 15 must take the safe hands from the goalkeeper they’re, not the most demanding save, but it had to be made yeah easy, though, to take it a little easy. Take you off the ball now they’re looking to get forward from this position. I think the white man’s got a chance here. This space out near the touch line. Applause would have been difficult, but the defender sorted it out sterling said he couldn’t hold on to the ball Applause.

Well, he’s pressed in there too running the ball out of play. Applause is Kevin de Bruyne, Oh Mandy, Gabriele Jesus de Bruyne. Oh Applause, not the back of the net! So close, you need to go work to take in the lead denied by the one, with a goalkeeper he’s aimed for the far post here, good distance to the clearance then it’s telling now de bruyne. It Applause Danny survivors Applause, that Applause in goes the cross, it’s Bernardo Silva, good, new eye Applause, Channing he’s, taking a chance with this he’s won it back easily gabriele chasers. It was an easy. Save. Applause is buried, Manny Chaka, in fact, with an interception. Another verdict on added time is terminus Obama yeah chance to get the ball in the box with the chance to go into the lake. Now the dream of scoring in an FA Cup finalists is open. The scoring in the match, wow that one is for the strap. Will he walk the Applause, but a Scot well he’s got to tuck that quarter that on his left side, he’s so dangerous on it here, looking the manager can do at the moment his team have lost momentum and have also lose in this match. I still have that goal halfway through the FA Cup final and it’s, a narrow deficit at the moment, plenty potential to turn it round in the second half yeah. I think Nord I’ve got to do martinis just to retain the belief that they can get back into it, because they’ve had one or two chances in that first half well they’ve had the first half to get the occasion really out of their system and concentrate on The football match so we’re into the second half now of the Emirates, FA Cup final yeah.

It was cagey a little bit at times in that first half. But as you say, Martin I’ve got a feel of the occasion and looking forward to the next four to five minutes. Defenders done well here to clear the danger, its Bernardo Silva Bernardo Silva ourselves. Now the Cape has done well to keep that one out Applause and made that look like a poor pass with a very good interception, lovely incisive, pass very nearly an equalizing goal. Applause survival’s Lisette enterprising play from Arsenal in the wider areas. Applause it’s going to be a throw after that challenge. Applause, good new out now Bernardo Silva, the referee might go back and speak to the offender they’re buddies that the play go on would be advantage. Rule I’m going to bring on some fresh legs Applause institutions of the city, Ponte Applause, 26 lost. The bullet. Support touch, keep the ball. At the moment. Applause told against arsenal that’s the yellow car yeah. I know there’s any choice, definitely wear Applause. I walker Applause with modest Gavriel, Jesus Applause and everyone it’s a troll to the touch higher and another troll Applause. Shokran was stuffing there, you have it Arsenal, trailing on the possession stats doing a great job here, it’s been a classic counter attacking performance and then always need to be dominating back at the bar still shaking well here’s the chance the press works, habari Gani survived kliebert Controls it never look like bouncing off him.

It made it look easy, but he’s positioning did that for him: red Marez, Gabrielle, Jesus, good, one, I’ll Walker, with modest it’s, a very good interception. Applause, Paul really travels these days when the goalkeepers kicking they’re, going to make the change to the wide player. The winger looks a bit too close to the keeper. In the end, Applause with modest did well stuck out a foot cut off the pass Applause set. True Applause with a safe that doesn’t trouble Applause, Gabriele J juice, we’re in control, the advantage indicated to the players to play off given away by manchester city Lucas Harada he’s buried like a set because of pepper Applause. She has blowed and he’s, given the free, kick he’s gon na get a yellow here, that’s the earlier incident and the refs got it absolutely right, yeah hands up. He knows that booking was coming his way, no kick to come. Applause it’s very strong minded sterling and dealing with criticism. We could have been a stick to this today, but I’m sure you’ve got a chance still time for him to be a match winner. Well, you won’t be happy to see this chronographic he’s, probably aware of how shot shy he’s be he’s got to step it up. He really has I mean his team losing his tirana like as that slips it through whipped into the wide area. Applause and I seem to come off the top of each head. If anything, we’re closing in the result here – and it looks as though it’s going to be a national win, it will be a deserved Arsenal win.

Now. The countdown is to ten minutes left now. Can they move on from this wide area, whether it’s room, good anticipation by the defender? Also Tim Capon Applause? Oh Bobby yeah Applause? Now there is some space in the wide area, so clock Applause, Applause, I’ll Walker time is ticking away here. Four minutes to go Gabrielle Jesus reading of the by anticipating the pass Nelson working the opposition over a little bit here with their passing. You could cross it now upon again become past masters. Really this group it’s a joy to watch. It is wonderful to watch, but you know what to have some opacity sake. David minutes, here’s Kevin de Bruyne. Oh you know this could be the last chance for them to salvage something from this was a chance maybe to hit the target. He certainly went for strength. Nothing wrong with a connection either Applause.