I am jess bernal is a pleasure to accompany me this time to talk about of this topic, and I want thank you all for the please, your attention for being here, sharing commenting giving like., I had promised surprises at 15 thousand subscribers upon reaching 15 thousand. Rather subscribers I leave the link or the label so that you can go and see the video where I explain what will be the surprise I have for all of you, so keep going, subscribing commenting sharing giving like, and we start with this video about the team Of cruz, azul and chivas in the final of the coppa gnp by mexico, definitely the Cruz Azul squad arrives as a favorite for this match the blue team. That has been the most regular throughout this tournament, not just for winning the games, but for the solidity it has shown defensively. It has been a team that has known how to defend itself that has known how to close spaces, and that has complicated rivals when trying to attack them. To this we should still add number one. The offensive punch that has the Cruz Azul team, with elas hernndez, Cabecita rodriguez, Piojo, alvarado and orbeln pineda. That starts to connect, or even some one comming from behind, like escobar, who already had to score and also a little that luck factor which obviously you have to work for it and they found it in the last game in semifinals against tigers, with a last minute Goal on the last breath of the match ended up giving them the tie.

. The Cruz Azul team seems to me it has been the most solid. It has been the most consistent in this tournament and I came up with that level of favoritism to be able to win the game against Chivas. They will play in a university city at 9pm. Meanwhile, Guadalajaras team has had ups and downs and did what it takes to be there, but it hasn’t been as regular as Cruz. Azul let’s remember their good performance against the atlas. Then the fall against the team of the tigers. They raised the level in front of Mazatln and against america. I think it was a very good match on the offensive, but with many errors and inaccuracies when defending or even of having the ball, that in spherical losses, cost the guadalajara to grant goals. Those are the factors that thet have to analyze, to have a team. Much more solid team is obvious. It is a preseason torunament. It has no value but arriving to de beginig of the season or the opening of Liga MX with motivation or doing good matches. During this period can be an extra motivation to land in this contest in better shape, we’ll see what these two teams deliver. Cruz Azul is favorite to win the final, but I can’t rule out Guadalajara because having weapons like jj macas, the Canelo Angulo, alexis vega, who played a great match against america, They have their chances as long as they end up making adjustments to those deconcentrations that have Cost him goals throughout this event.