Anything goes and at the end of the day, even in a business as built upon respect as this one anything really can happen, sure Mexico has created a near sacred aura surrounding their masks in the culture behind those masked wrestlers is immense, but if you stumble over To the WWE anything goes, my friends, I’m Dee wicked from watch WWE and here’s ten masked wrestlers, who were unmasked, live number ten, Juventud Guerrera. I may have started this video calling out WWE in their occasional lack of respect, but in actuality there aren’t really many Mexican wrestlers, who went over to the big dub and lost their masks at leats. For the first time, WCW on the other hands, Wow may have loved their Luchadors, but they might have only pushed them so hard just to watch them crash and burn afterwards. Hooven 2d era might be the prime example here, as he was brought in as one of the hottest young talents for WCW new and blooming cruiserweight division, not too long into his time with the company. However, Eric Bischoff found himself a little bit too bored of this luchador and booked him to lose a mask vs. hair match against Chris Jericho, landing him on the opening spot on our list and we’re talking about tradition and heritage, number nine rey, mysterio, rey mysterio will Likely go down as the greatest luchador in all of professional wrestling history. His innovative style changed a game back in the 90s, with a massive hearted underdog, developing much of the modernized style of Lucha Libre, most iconic of all when talking about Ray Ray, has to be the mask which will likely go down as the greatest in its respective Category as well being one of the simplest canvases to paint any colorization or design over, oh and also one of the all time, highest selling merchandise items ever so.

Naturally, when you’ve got such a legendary performer and a literal representation of himself just sitting right there on his face, yeah it’s, basically a target on the head Applause number, eight Rey, Mysterio, jr. notice, the difference here, all right: Rey, Mysterio, Rey, Mysterio, jr. they’re, totally, not The same guy see ray Mysterio jr. wrestled all the way back for World Championship Wrestling old, WCW and found himself in quite a similar position to the aforementioned Hooven tude, the filthy animal. That was a WCW faction. I am NOT a racist found himself joining that group. After Eric Bischoff, originally D masked the legendary luchador citing him as both boring and unmarketable boring and unmarketable, remember that all time highest selling merchandise item that iconic Mysterio mask that comes in literally endless amounts of designs, yeah, sorry ray! We can make a dime off you. How about taking off that rich heritage on your face and dancing for us a little bit more number? Seven, the Shockmaster! I really needed something to lift the old spirits after reminding myself that the ultimate goat legend mr. Mysterio, was stuck in the cesspool that was WCW. So naturally I turned to that company’s greatest debut. Ever the shock master was supposed to become the new top threat to the four horsemen and rise up the ranks as the biggest babyface in all the professional wrestling. The shock master was also a man wearing a glittered up stormtrooper helmet. These two wrongs do not make a right.

I like to think that, regardless of the debut shock, he really wasn’t going to get that far, but nonetheless he has one of the most unintentionally hilarious. Unmasking x’ on helmet ins, I guess of all time number six Vader this one is weird big van Vader wrestled and subsequently lost a match against Kane back in the old WWF days in a mask versus masks match now this match wasn’t. Just in owf days. It was in early 1998, came debuted in semi, late 1997, who was gon na pick Vader to win this match. No one and unfortunately, the poorly utilized Mastodon ended up losing that match and subsequently his mask, which why look like look at the mask that this guy wears? Is it really that hard to try? Imagine what the rest of the face looks like Lee. You can’t wear a Vader mask when you go rob the bank. You got to bust out the Mysterio that’s, not from personal experience. I swear Vader number five, the hurricane not too, unlike the prior entry on this list, the hurricane being unmasked would have really never caused that much of a storm while Vader’s mask was even less covering at least Vader was supposed to be taken as a serious threat. In the WWF, the Hurricanes mask might have covered up a little bit more the dudes face, but the Hamburglar asks superheroes mask wasn’t, really doing that much more plus. We already knew that it was Greg Helms underneath so why this was just odd, but nonetheless, Jamie Noble decided to get the ultimate form of humiliation by revealing the hamburgers.

True identity is extremely truly I shadowed to oblivion. Face number four CM: Punk that’s right. Remember one CM Punk wore a mask while he didn’t exactly debut as such. A luchador Punk found himself on the losing end of a mask versus hair match against one Rey Mysterio Wow. Look at that Rey Mysterio and a mask versus something match in not losing who’d. A thunk well CM Punk might have found himself without those luscious locks. He did find himself a nice little mask to cover up that baldness. So naturally, the big, bald bad show came in knocking and decided to toy with the straightedge savior. This might have been like my favorite moment of all time as a kid just just look in those eyes that is pure terror. Inside of those eyes number three, mr. America, mr. America made his debut for the WWE just a few weeks after one Hulk Hogan was kicked off the roster during his feud with Chairman Vincent Kennedy McMahon, and let me make this clear: he was not Hulk Hogan. No sir, no Hogan’s to be seen pretend it’s 2015 all over again and he’s striped from the history books. What is a script mr. America debuted to cause mr. McMahon as much grievance as humanly possible, making his life a living hell and ensuring he would be there around every single corner to get under every single skin cell, as often as he could. Mr. McMahon thought he kind of looked you know, he’s.

He was buried a little bit of resemblance to Hogan, but Hulk insisted, but mr. America insisted that he was no such man on multiple occasions. He even proved it with a lie: detector test which, as the government of the United States knows, is totally legitimate, well, I’m sold mr. naught Hogan America would go on what’s. He doing Applause number, two, the spider, lady here’s, a little history lesson and a fun fact. Folks, the event in question here all took place way back on November 25th, 1985, making it the oldest topic. I think I’ve ever covered on this channel. You might recognize the name. The Fabulous Moolah – and it very likely, is not for great reasons among her many many a wrongdoing was her relentless hold of the women’s championship back during her very elongated era. Still to this day, having by far the longest reign of any championship belt within the WWF, you’ve probably heard a lot about how Bruno Sammartino held that WWE title forever right, moolah had it for five times that length. So, keep that in mind when, in 1985, a young Wendy Richter was finally pushed to be the woman to dethrone this unrivaled queen, but when moolah threatens to tear apart the women’s division to Vince McMahon senior, which given her position in women’s wrestling at the time, she Was fully capable of he relented and let an unknown masked wrestler known as the spider lady wrestle Wendy Richter for her championship and in what’s known as the original screw job that’s right, not Montreal won the championship without pinning or submitting Richter and just moments later.

We all found out who that devious, spider really was Applause, but number one it’s got ta, be cane cane, of course, mr. Glen Jacobs, no one else could sit atop the unmasked mountain, but I have some questions when cane was unmasked. Why was his good friend Rob Van Dam in the ring and not the tormentors evolution, who had forced him into such a scenario and far more importantly, what were they going for here on Jacobs as a man on his own? As the mayor looks imposing his help, but that Krusty, the Klown curly haired, the the black paint scrubbed across his face, where were the scars that Jim Ross had talked about for literally six straight years, what and I’m still not over the the plaque? That, like is that supposed to be ash from the fire ash doesn’t just stay put for 20 plus years, if it rained once he was gon na get cleaned. What is happening? Applause, oh my god, and those are ten times that masked wrestlers were unmasked alive.