Do john cena may dress like he’s a background extra in an all divorced dad production of bugsy malone but he’s one of the greatest success stories in wrestling john cena t shirts, john cena wristbands john cena home pregnancy test. The man is still one of the biggest draws and merch shifters, even in the twilight of his tusling tenure, with an alarming percentage of the world’s population owning and proudly wearing in public. This, the worst t shirt since the invention of the loom cena is a hot commodity for a lot of reasons, his charisma, his look, his work ethic, but a lot of it is down to how wwe has handled him always presenting him as a number one guy. Even if it sometimes wasn’t the right thing to do, despite emerging from vince’s igloo of big dudes and sinews as a mega star, sometimes the big dub, really screwed up with big match john buckle up here are the 10 worst mistakes. Wwe made with john cena number 10 brock blockers after wrestlemania 28 john cena was coming off a huge loss to the rock outplayed by a former icon who didn’t clap, even clap, go clap here, clap still reeling brock returns. Another megastar from yesterday who proceeds to hand john cena, his own arse, on a platter made of deer bones. However, john cena then beat brock clean at extreme rules. It was so weird wwe chose to immediately beat their new monster instead of both establishing brock as unstoppable and extending cena’s downward spiral, which also makes no sense, considered they’d later paint 2012 as a write off year for big jon at the end of the match.

After cena’s victory, they were supposed to have him stretched to the back to give brock at least some heat, but that plan changed to cena cutting a weird. I may not come back from this promo before he went on to fight john laurenitis at the next fucking pay per view, it’s. One of the clearest examples of wwe’s commitment to their big star’s win loss record and the nebulous theory of wins being intrinsically linked to that star’s. Drawing power overruling a better, more compelling story. Number nine embrace the hate irl john cena is probably a good dude. He dresses like the battleground of the great fabric wars, but he seems like he has a fairly rigid set of principles. John cena’s wwe character is an incomparable wang. His alignment is chaotic, neutral with pretensions of lawful good. He is loyal until he’s frenching, zack ryder’s girl. He has respect until he’s, pushing over comically, injured, zack, ryder and i’m, not really sure what hustle is. But john cena is a bad friend. The embrace the hate angle saw kane return and try to make john cena compromise his character, using zack ryder as hapless collateral damage virtuous characters having their virtue, challenged or re. Contextualized is interesting, it’s. What makes superman and captain america endure like they have, but this angle was a toilet salad. Not only did it make kane look like an ineffectual, dumb ass. Not only did it completely crush all the hard work zach ryder had done to make him a relatable underdog hero instead relegating him to a comedy proper, tiny, tim style, orphan to be ping.

Pong between two quotes actual stars, but even the guy who won the feud, ended up. Looking worse, cena acted like a dick didn’t, suffer for it and came off looking dismissive about ryder’s newfound popularity, both in kfape and worse in real life. Number. Eight. Your time is up, oh man that last ride documentary long story, short it’s, brokeback mountain, but between a wrestler and the industry. He can’t quit what should have been a simple behind the scenes. Dock on undertaker’s final match at mania 33 turned into one of the most sobering and bleak psychological studies of a wrestler’s ego with undertaker, putting himself to unimaginable physical and mental pain, chasing the illusory dream of a perfect goodbye. What makes it sadder is, it could have happened at mania 34. cena versus taker at mania was a dream match set up, cena could definitely go, and even though taker claims in that documentary that he could go too wwe, perhaps burned by the underwhelming match the year Before decided to cap it at five minutes, turning what could have been a great match into merely a great angle, we’ll, never really know if undertaker did have that 20 minute classic in him and it’s not like. I don’t understand why wwe made that call, but it could have been his perfect last ride and we could have avoided tarnishing hbk’s retirement in saudi later that year and goldberg almost killing death valley mini driver in 2019. number seven twice in a lifetime.

Wrestlemania 28 was great, but in order to get that we lost wrestlemania, 27 and 29, whether that’s a fair trade is up to you, but yeah. The rock scene or wrestlemania trilogy certainly had unintended consequences. The rock hosted mania 27, potentially the worst of all time. In order to restart a count out no contest between cena and miz in the main yeah, those words really paint an edvard munch picture don’t. They then rock and cena were announced for mania 28 a year in advance, which is an efficient way of telling your locker room yeah. This next 12 months of brass ring grabbing won’t amount to shit cowboy. The once in a lifetime match was good. Don’T. Get me wrong so good that they did a much worse version of it a year later for the big belt, but the reason this makes the list isn’t the marketing lie. That was once in a lifetime. It wasn’t that the mania 29 match was so bad. The rock’s pelvis exploded in protest. It was that this three year plan effectively sidelined the inconvenient rise of other stars, most notably cm punk and was the backbone of his eventual departure from the company. Punk rosa superstardom in 2011 was wwe champion for the entirety of 20. Fucking 12 and didn’t get a wrestlemania main event out of it and like yeah, that kind of makes you question, throwing yourself at the ground for a living if that’s, what you get out of it number six eating the eater of worlds.

Wwe has this peculiar habit of deliberately presenting you with two options, one of which is an interesting narrative shift and the other is a status quo. Surely you think, by presenting us with this choice by introducing that interesting element that means you’re taking that route right then wwe turns around and slowly so slowly that you don’t see it happening until it’s happened. Flips you two monstrous birds. They offer up an interesting act. One bottle it then give us two more act: ones and that’s. The feud bray wyatt was at the height of his career, going into mania 30. he’d, beaten, kane, daniel bryan and the shield, and had his sights set on john cena’s legacy. Exposing john cena as the dog ass bull artist, that you know he was it – was embrace the hate, but with nuance and a serious upside in the form of potentially cementing white as the hottest new gimmick of the decade, someone who could actually bring about a character Change in big match, jon, but cena’s character is like a magic. Eight ball. You can shake it all. You want, but all you’re gon na get are platitudes and disappointments. Seeing a conquered wyatt then lost at extreme rules by a weak child magic, then conquered wyatt definitively at payback literally burying him under a flight crate sure this loss would eventually give us the firefly funhouse, but was that one beautiful match worth so many years of hurt? Number five all vanilla, no ice wwe have a phd in propaganda and a doctorate in gaslighting, no matter how many times wwe roll out the gobbledygooka or one of their officially sanctioned amusing gaffs and have the miz or renee young comedically roll their eyes.

In the name of corporate relatability, wwe rewrite its history with the grace and sheer balls of the i didn’t. Do it guy one of its favorite tall tales to tell is of john cena exploding onto the scene in the ruthless aggression era, taking down kurt angle, receiving respect from the undertaker, then the u.s title, the wwe title and merch forever. The story that’s so often left out until the ruthless aggression documentary series from this year, ironically accused by many of being shameless company propaganda, is that cena was almost fired in 2002, a few months after his iconic debut john cena himself, spins, that as his fault. But in fact the company didn’t give him anything to do the only actual bit of character. He had other than riding that one ruthless aggression moment into the ground was occasionally changing the color of his shorts it’s pretty hard to get over when you’re not working with anything, and he was only saved from that year’s round of cuts. After stephanie mcmahon heard him freestyle, rapping it’s truly frightening to consider how many potential john cena’s wwe might have had slipped through their fingers through the lack of patience, imagination or both number four, the three burials of melchiartas next trader yeah. We got your tommy lee jones western, deep cuts. We got them all day. There are lots of people who could and should have beaten cena when it counted umaga and rusev spring to mind, but undoubtedly the biggest and most egregious case is the nexus back in 2010.

Nxt was less the mecca of indie wrestling and more of a really sh game, show the degeneration game, russian leg, supermarket sweep or the catcher’s catch game. I could go on and i will. The price is fight full sale of the century. The weakest think that’s enough. Anyway, in june 2010, all eight members of the first season of nxt debuted on raw as a mercenary team of adorable thugs who terrorized the show in revenge for the whole being forced to compete like animals for a contract while being condescended to by matt fucking. Striker thing they didn’t wrestle, they just turned up destroyed the show and left. It was wonderful, a few months later at summerslam, the nexus competed for the very first time and lost to team wwe or, as he was known at the time, john cena again. Instead of doing act, one then two, then three wwe vanquished the villains and then just started act. One again, john cena was forced to join the nexus, then got fired exciting, but then he just started turning up for work. The next week, like nothing, happened. So again, the team accomplished nothing and saw more of their precious momentum. Fritted away. The third and final burial came at tlc when a thoroughly neutered nexus leader wade, barrett lost once and for all, to cena, before being again literally buried beneath an avalanche of chairs. Number. Three welcome to monday night raw in 2005, john cena was popular.

He ended the internal jbl wwe title reign at mania 21 and looks set to rule the blue brand as its champion after being a fixture of its mid card for the past two years. However, in a shock, swerve cena was drafted to raw a few months later fun fact, john cena didn’t tell his smackdown colleagues about the move and they were pissed, because raw had always been seen as the flagship show and everyone on smackdown had worked their asses off To try and make smackdown the a show instead so cena, quacked, smackers and started laying waste to everyone on raw. Only problem was, unlike some of the smackdown main event heels. All of the guys at cena, worked with on raw were smart mark, respected, workhorses, cena supermanned. His way through chris jericho, kurt angle, kurt angle and shawn michaels. At the same time, kurt angle again, he lost the title to edge before immediately smashing in weeks later, to win it back like yeah murdered jbl. All you want, but by the time mania 22 rolled around cena still a little loosey goosey in the ring. Remember had five moves of doomed, a pantheon of talent and fans were sick of it, beginning the decade of quotes. Polarizing reactions it’s true that smackdown didn’t have a good crop of main event, talent in 2005, but raw’s was actually too good, and the fan consensus is that cena wasn’t ready for them that move to raw ended up being bad for cena, both behind the scenes and In front of the camera number two, not turning heel in 2012, cut to 2006 and fresh off being booed against triple h mania, let’s go cena, cena sucks truly took off throughout that year.

At one night stand, he received the kind of welcome, usually reserved for nazi war criminals and rode that way for backlash for much of the next few years. Should john cena have turned heel back, then most fans say yes, but 2005 and 6 had been such a bad two years for wwe talent, jericho was gone, angle was gone, eddie had died, triple h and shawn michaels were busy drawing cocks on vince’s forehead with sharpie Who’S going to replace john cena’s top face bobby lashley survey says despite the reactions from hardcore fans, cena was proven cash money and stayed face. However, fast forward to 2012 and the closest scene actually came to officially turning the plans were set. His heel slogan fear my name had been copyrighted, a new theme tune had been recorded and he was going to turn against. The rock cena himself was aching to do it. We could have had face punk versus heel cena during the summer of 2012 and a number of other faces. You could have seen their stocked lightning charge by working against the most shocking villain of the decade. Alas, it was not to be cold, feet prevailed and it remains one of the greatest. What, if moments in modern wrestling number 1.5, those fucking belts, fuck them fuck, both of them and number one. Thank you. I’M here all week, the cena problem has been boiled down by many to cena wins lol, but ultimately it’s more than that.

The biggest mistake that wwe ever made with john cena and still makes with a number of its baby faces. Is it doesn’t really get? What a baby face is john cena was born into the wwe universe via ruthless aggression and he never really lost that cruel edge. He beat up opponents after they quit and i quit matches. He dropped poo on people. He was homophobic. He wrestled mysterio for the wwe title the same night. He fucking won it in real life. John cena’s, public persona is kind self, effacing and professional, but wwe’s john cena gimmick is a jackass comedian who blows off defeats by making fun of his opponent’s fat nips. People complain that cena didn’t lose enough, but ultimately wwe didn’t, let his rare losses affect his storylines anyway, because there were more platitudes to spill more mean jokes. To tell and more t shirts to hawk cena is one of the best promos of all time, but also weirdly, one of the worst characters, which feels like an unforgivable crime. Credit where it’s, due seen as part time status, has been a godsend he finally gets to take losses, treat them with gravity and take some time away and talk about himself with humility as he does it now.