A wrestlers visual presentation is still arguably the most important part of their overall package. If someone dresses like an absolute lemon in a way which doesn’t compliment their style or character or simply doesn’t change their getup for years on end fans, either won’t take that wrestler seriously or even worse, they major scroll, tired of seeing them on screen altogether. That is why it is extremely important for stars to consistently move with the times and adapt their attires as they progress through their careers. However, it must be said that a complete and utter change, isn’t, always the best choice and can result in a character either becoming a laughingstock or looking like a cheap replica of their former selves I’m Gareth from what culture Wrestling and here are 10 wrestlers, who desperately Need new gear number 10 schinsky Nakamura. There was a time when the artists schinsky Nakamura was one of the most fabulous new dress, sensations on the WWE main roster, with his pick of reds or black leather, silk or stripy trousers and spectacular matching jacket for his once iconic entrance Nakamura captivated audiences the moment He stepped into an arena yet that majestic a static was stripped away and replaced by an absolutely hideous full body, jumpsuit for a champion versus champion match at Survivor Series 2018 against Intercontinental Champion Seth Rollins. Unfortunately, the then US title holder has stuck with it ever since either completely changing up his choice of clothing or reverting back to is simple, but effective.

Leather trousers of old may help recapture some of the magic wedge Nakamura hasn’t been able to produce for some time now. It does have to be said that wrestling in a full bodysuits, rarely ever looks cool, see, ricochets old, Nightwing attempts or even cody rolled Stardust years. If your name isn’t Goldust chances are you’re gon na look like one big gold, dude, I’m, so sorry, number 9, shorty G, admittedly Chuck Gable didn’t. We have the most eye catching gear in the company when pairing with Bobby root and subsequently competing in the 2019 King of the Ring tournament. But at least he didn’t look like a complete and utter goof. Soon after gable had been dubbed shorty gable by king Baron. Corbin, the former Olympic level athlete was forced to lean into the new moniker and was quickly kitted out in an equally ridiculous, vest and short ensemble, which made him look like the world’s crappiest basketball player, shorty G, as he was eventually shortened to lost any of the Remaining credibility he had as soon as he styling down to the ring dressed like mojo, Rowley, psychic, number, AIDS, Roman reigns, Roman reigns has been strutting around in his old shield, uniform ever since he parted ways with Seth, Rollins and Dean Ambrose way back in 2014 and It’S, fair to say, he’s in need of a serious change up to be fair to him. The Big Dawg has added the odd tinges of color to his attire over the years, but the foundation of the gear has remained very much the same boots: cargo, pants protective vest and a fingerless paddy glove to protect the Superman right hand.

I just that that will never not feel weird, even something as simple as dropping the vest and showing off his impressive Samoan ink would help separate reigns from his years of being a polarizing figure. Oh and he’d look like a complete badass, too. Sadly, it seems as though wbr hell bent on following the same consistently marketable trends set by John Cena as their former top face, meaning that we may be forced to see reigns, defend his yard dressed like someone who can’t let go of the past for the rest Of his days as a WWE, employee, number, 7, Bobby Lashley, Bobby Lashley, short style trunks and strapped boots combination word to traits they made Lashley, look like a legitimate force and helped him stand out from the rest of the WWE heavyweight crowd so that’s. Why? The decision to shift from his perfectly functional gear to the almighty leggings he debuted at WrestleMania 36, was such a perplexing one. The elements of Lashley’s presentation which actually did need altering was the fact that he was being booked to look like nothing more than an irritating piece of arm candy for his wife Lana. Instead of a formidable former MMA fighter cos, you know that’s what he is. If you really want to change things up ethically, then, why not head down the Lesnar route and just throw on some MMA shorts and some fingerless gloves and stop smacking people in the face Lashley should strike fear into his opponent’s heart from the very first second delays.

His eyes on him, yet all this current log does is make them question whether or not he left his wrestling kit at home and opted to throw on the worst pair of skinny jeans ever conceived as a makeshift replacement number six. Mr. Brodie Lee. It is worth noting that mr. Brodie Lee’s latest aw gear is definitely an improvement on his various lackluster choices of clothing that he sported during his WWE career, Luke, Harper’s, old assaulted, sweaty, vest and jeans combination made him look like a pumped up version of Jon Moxley In his Dean Ambrose days, thankfully, his sudden arrival on aew television gave Lee the chance to leave the stale getup behind and put his own stamp on the highly anticipated exalted one character. So what did the former Wyatt family member land on for his debut appearance? A vest and trousers number yeah, yes, the costume was different enough to set Lee apart from his Harper past, but the all powerful leader of the dark order. Didn’T really give off an aura of invincibility wearing an ensemble decorated with what appeared to be stitch marks and random stripes of gold and black. It must be said that Lee has also been seen walking around in a few other versions of his aew attire, with his most recent double or nothing uniform. Combining his outside of the ring suited look and previous gear to produce an overall appearance which definitely felt better suited to the calculating character we’ve been treated to on dynamite, let’s hope that version stays put and we’ve seen the last of Lee’s jarring stitched up garments.

Number 5 Sonya Deville Sonya Deville, has been one of the breakout stars during this surreal crowd ‘less era, and she now appears to finally be understanding who she is as a character, yet there’s still one little tiny thing which developer improve on in the near future and It’S, actually, a relatively quick fix. One of the Vil’s biggest selling points was always the fact that she had a legitimate background and it would be even lent into this during her early days as a performer. The Vil’s decision to tape her hands and we’re a battle skirt of sorts used to help separate her from the rest of the women’s division and there’s. No reason why the cold smackdown star couldn’t just offer old fighting gear, going forward it without fuel to DeVilles claims of being supremely skilled in the ring and being a higher caliber performer than her old pal Mandy rose, whilst also giving her a more interesting a stetic Than the simplistic black pants and vest slashed leotard, ensemble she’s been donning in recent times number four Randy Orton settling on a trunks kneepads and standard black boots. Look early in his WWE career, Randy Orton has changed his color scheme and added the odd bits of detail to his attire from time to time. But overall he’s been quite happy to keep things slick and simple. Then, a few years back, Austin decided to change things up a little bit, he’s been known to wear his own merch to the ring if he was in the mood, but he then went one step further when he chose to waltz out in a sleeveless hoodie with His trademark serpentine emblem slapped on it.

Orton went from looking like a lethal Viper to an in denial, dad who still thinks he looks hip in a matter of seconds and he’s struggled to shake off. The stench of I think, a lot cool ever since getting rid of the worst garment in modern day WB could help make Orton feel a tad less cringy from here on out. But I doubt the apex predator gives it down what I think number three, the fiend Bray Wyatt there’s, no denying that when Bray Wyatt’s the fiend first reared his head on WB programming in 2019, fans were instantly hypnotized by the beings, choice of clothing, Wyatt, circus style. Almost clown pants and jet black vest, coupled with the terrifying visual of the fiends grotesque, face, mask and hurt, and heel gloves made for one of the most chilling get ups in all of wrestling. Yet here we are a year or so later and unfortunately not much has changed why it looks pretty much identical to. I did when he first popped up and started adding innocent faces to his wall of name now. That is not to say that the fee needs to completely shift up his age, that it can start sporting brand new merchandise. Every time he makes an appearance on Derby programming. However, a slight progression of evolution of the characters look could be a compare new detail to lace into his ever growing mythology. For example, Wyatt could add the names of his victims to his clothing or even change up his fiendish mask by adding battle scars or mysterious markings fans have grown used to seeing the once terrifying face of fear burnt by subtly.

Changing things up, wine can continue to offer new reasons to be creeped out by his creature. Number two Dolph Ziggler former Intercontinental Champion Dolph Ziggler, may never get the chance to main event WrestleMania or win the Royal Rumble match, but he’ll always have a meaningful place on the roster and he’ll get a decent March out of just about anyone. Yet Ziggler does still have one glaring issue that he needs to sort out before he calls time on his quietly excellent WWE career. He needs to stop dressing like Shawn, bloody Michaels. Ziggler clearly respected the Heartbreak Kid and wanted to pay homage to one of the all time greats man it’s now got to the point where Ziggler’s entire presentation feels like nothing more than a tribute act to the showstopper, perhaps to jump back to his old show off Trunks or maybe even a full time, choice of a singlet similar to what he wore at vengeance in 2011 could help define Ziggler as more than a knockoff. Mr. WrestleMania just stay away from the cowboy hats and broken hearts Dolph. Please we’ve had enough on Rey Mysterio. Throughout his stellar 30 plus year wrestling career, Rey Mysterio has routinely flaunted some of the most outstanding in ring gears we’ve ever seen in the history of the business yeah. It hasn’t all been visually plain sailing for the masked sensation, and in recent times you could argue that mysterious choice of outfit has become a little bizarre aside from his latest Joker tribute at Survivor, Series 2019 Mysterio’s decision to opt for an overalls combination.

Hasn’T been a strong look for the master of the six one nine over the last year, or so also his choice to drop the old school baggy. Six one nine trousers in favor of tights has been very hit and miss. Sometimes we get an excellent Royal Rumble. 2018 variation of the leggings, but then we’ve had those nude colored. Atrocities on an episode of SmackDown in March 2019, which I still have nightmares about Mysterio will always be a legend. There is no even now, but his current choice of clothing hasn’t been anywhere near as consistently awesome as it was back in the day, bring back the old dogs and burn the disturbing thong over the top overalls. There is a sentence I never thought. I’D have to say and that’s our list know of any other wrestlers who desperately need new gear. Let us know all about them in the comment section right down there and do not forget to Like share click on that subscribe button and ring the bell, while you’re there also be sure to head on over to wat culture, comm and click on some more brilliant Articles just like the one this video is based on, I have been Gareth from what culture Wrestling. Thank you very much for watching today and I’m.