Now you may know that I’ve got sensitive teeth and if you do, I feel you cuz sensitivity is painful and it can interrupt your daily life, which means you may not be taking part in National Ice Cream day, because you experience pain while eating ice cream. But with Sensodyne you don’t have to avoid the foods and drinks you love. Yes, since the nine builds a protective layer over sensitive areas for continuous protection from sensitivity with twice daily brushing is the number one dentist recommended brand for sensitivity, relief, relieve tooth sensitivity with Sensodyne and now let’s see whose teeth and tongue are legendary when it comes to Ice cream history it’s time for your eyes, with two straight guys: ice cream! Welcome back to the shuffles! Oh thank you read in each round. We’Re gon na be giving an ice cream, flavor or some sort of ice cream concoction that we’re gon na taste and then we’re gon na shuffle our ice cream cones down our illustrious shuffleboard to indicate our guests of the decade that it originated the decade and whoever’s Closer to the decade that is correct, gets the points for that round and in the end the loser link is going to have to have. That looks really I’m telling you. You know that you’re gon na be the loser. That’S right you’re, not gon na, be the loser. Man I’m, not saying that the loser will have to have ice cold spoons put down his pants – oh goodness, okay, for do that, mmm chocolate, mint chip, or is it mint chocolate chip yeah? No because it’s? One of my favorite ice cream flavors mint chocolate chip was invented in oh, you don’t know it.

I know that I love it. That’S refreshing, it’s, nothing like mouthwash in my ice cream that’s your problem. You think that mint is mouthwash. That’S what’s happening in your mind. Ha ha ha we’ve gotten to the bottom of I don’t know what’s happening in my mind, I’m gon na go first because I won this game last time. So whoever goes first has a slight disadvantage. I’M supposed to ever hand keep eating ice cream because I do love even ice cream that I don’t love first of all ice cream period when was that invented in general in general, but it feels like mint chocolate chip. Wouldn’T have been like that far behind that cuz it’s, not crazy, it’s mint men have been around since before people what’s. Your answer I mean we’ve got 1870 on the board. I mean ice cream couldn’t happen until after ice and when did ice have earlier than 1870 I’m going to say that this is a look at 1900. So right there at the top – oh that’s, not far from 1900, you overshot it a little bit and you also typically the red. Is yours let’s just make a note that you are not answering for me inside your head. Ok, so for this game, are we switching the whole time or just for now just for now? Ok, all right! Ok, so I know that ice cream was invented in the Ming Dynasty. Are you making it up yeah, and I know that meant is.

It was added at the same time that mint was added to appliances all those mint colored appliances in the 1950s. This does not seem like sound logic, so I’m gon na bump you back a little bit and I’m gon na stay close to 1950, come on. Look at that kitties, okay, originally called mint Royale mint chocolate chip ice cream was created by English, culinary student Marilyn Ricketts, who entered it into a competition where the winning ice cream would be served at Princess, Ann’s wedding. She won and the year was 1973 wait. Well, you’re closer to 1970. I get the point we’re both horribly wrong and we got a float of some sort. You know how they call it that, because the ice cream floats notes because people originally I don’t, know well. Actually, this dates back to hmm the Salem witch trials. They put the the ice cream in the soda to see if it floats to see if it was made by witch okay since I’m in the lead I’m gon na go first, oh that’s good! No, I mean I immediately picture two people sitting at a diner they’re sharing a float with two straws: it’s nice and romantic poodle skirts happening we’re. Talking about the fifties, man I’m fixated on the 50s. Until I get it right, fifties now that’s right at the at the precipice of the pyramid here, so I got to go gentle, so gentle. Well, you could be a little bit further away.

You could have either not have done it at all, or maybe he got excited cuz. I knew I was right. Okay, I mean. I completely agree with your logic. I was thinking the same thing. I mean I’m, not a jerk, but I know about soda jerks and they were doing this in the 50s. But when it happened in the 50s, is it because it came from a earlier period like the forties and doesn’t really matter at all, because your answer was so bad? Should I just aim for the middle of the pyramid as a safety shot? If you want to be a Chomp sure, but if you’re confident in your answer go for 1950, I think it’s 1950, but there’s a chance that it could be 1940. Is it chase I’m gon na go with saying you could be wrong I’m, going between 1950, Hey hi corty wrong. You can say it. Oh that’s, going a lot further than you think. No it’s, not oh that’s. What I wanted to do, maybe that’s nice is that 1950 that’s. What I wanted you to do too. Okay, on one especially hot day, Robert McKay Greene of pharmacists in Philadelphia, ran out of ice for the sodas. He was selling and improvised by adding ice cream instead and voila. The first ice cream float was born in 1874. Okay, so, unfortunately, for me, you’re still closer to the 1860s bite of both of our efforts. 1870. We know nothing about ice cream.

We’Ve got more Green ice cream. What is this? Is it pistachios mm? Hmm mm, hmm pistachio nuts. I love it. I never get all it’s a stashing, oh, not ice cream. I just caught pistachio ice cream. I don’t ever get me need to ever order it, but it’s good. I get the samples yeah just to try it I’m, not gon na get it, but after that I kind of feel like I need to get it. Oh. This is a good one too, but when did it get gotten for the first time this feels old nuts in general feel old. You know you don’t ever hear about people putting new nuts in things. Do you hear about that new nut that just came out, so I think pistachio is an old nut and I think they figured out they could put it in ice cream pretty early, so I’m thinking. This is like 1890 1900 mmm, which are right next to each other at the top of the pyramid so I’m, going to Nestle myself CIL’s right in there now we’ll point out that that’s that says 1980, Oh 1790 is way down here: okay! Well, it was upside down for me I screwed up, I mean I just don’t know I don’t know about your logic. It’S good though it not the logic, the ice cream yeah, the ice cream is good. I got your logic, probably faulty. I think it might be very early I’m going against my nut instinct mm, hmm, so I’m gon na knock you out.

Well, you gon na knock me out man cuz that’s, how this game works. Well, hopefully, it’s nineteen thirty, because that’s Stevie making sure no 98 of all pistachios in the United States come from right here in California. This ice cream flavor was actually invented in Philadelphia by Chef, James Wood Parkinson. In the 1940s I nailed it by accident yep. Congratulations! I see a brown thing. Peeking at me is this: could this be Oh chocolate chip, cookie, dough, ice cream, mmm I like to suck down the ice cream, leave the cookie dough my mouth and then just choose a cookie dough, but when is it from wouldn’t? You like to know huh, Oh what what what you’re in the lead you were blocking me. Okay, now puddin cookie dough in something is a wild idea like when wild things are happening like wild fonts. Wild colors well futuristic things that never come to pass. Like 80s I’m talking about, I think this is the most recent invention that we’re gon na deal with today, and that is the most recent date. 1980. Oh too hard. Oh, stop! Oh it’s! So slick 1898, well, here’s. What I thought was right happen. I thought that you were gon na land on 1980 because I believe that that is most appropriate answer and I thought it’s got to knock you out of the way, but now I’m just gon na try to land on it. I would have thought this was even more recent than 1980 because I don’t remember seeing it until I was a teenager mm.

Hmm, we lived through the eighties so think on that all right, I was gon na try to land on 1980, okay well, I’m, feeling it today it’s the ice cream. Chocolate chip, cookie dough ice cream was actually created after an anonymous fan suggestion by Ben amp Jerry’s in one of the most tubular decades of all time, the 1980s yeah got a hand to you, Rhett. I was right. You were banana split. You know why they call it a banana split because they split the banana Goodin. This has chocolate ice cream that’s a twist. No, you can get him that way. She’S got it’s got vanilla on one side. Mm hmm got some pineapples in there man. I love it. No, we are tied up, so I think that means you’re going first again, cuz we’re, alternating in that way. Well because I won last time. So if we have a tie, I have to go first now, but which enemies agreement yep, no bumping, no bumping! No grinding! No touching each other’s pucks are flying around all right again. If I just let my belly do the thinking for me, which I do most of the time 1950, is what comes to belly cuz. I see those same two people that you were seeing earlier: they’re sitting together, yeah, they just finished their floats and now they’ve moved on to their bananas. What they’re splitting a banana split and they’re going to the Hawks op? What do they call it sock, hop tonight and then somebody’s getting pregnant? We are once again talking about the 50s, but things that are in the 50s could be from before the 50s.

In fact, they could be from 1890 or whatever that was 1870 yeah. I don’t think so much Rhett just be. I believe that it’s 1950. I believe that 1940 is not a bad guess. So, I’m gon na try to land on 1980 cut split the difference. Okay, oh that’s, he went with the gusto dang. You got some good aim. Man yeah: I got that what’s it. What is the secret? You know you just you again. You have to let your arm do the thinking. If we can, your brain tries to take over your arm. It screws you up I’m going for the gusto here. I think the answer is 1930 people. I just feel like it was a big banana craze in the 30s. I remember once they came in the mainland it’s like let’s put bananas on everything upside down, cakes split him eat him squeezed him. Mash him put him in a stew. Here we go banana stew. I was nineteen thirties. I don’t want to hit you because that would disqualified me right. No come on. Gentlemen. No contact come on nineteen. Thirty bounce back bounce back bounce back; okay, all right! I could have, I should have gone on the other side, but I tried to bounce back in nineteen. Seventy just didn’t work for me Stevie. As you may recall, from earlier rounds, pharmacies used to have soda fountains and ice cream, and the pharmacists were really competitive with their concoctions David Strickler, a 23 year old apprentice at Tassel pharmacy in Latrobe, Pennsylvania out scoop them all when he split a banana from stem To stern place, three scoops of ice cream between the haves and topped it with marshmallow, pineapple nuts, cherries and syrup, and called it a banana split Bay in 1904, 1804.

Well, maybe the 1900s. So, in spite of all of our best guesses, you backed into a win I’m gon na open up my pants and you’re gon na throw where, where the Colts boots they’re hidden in the cold, roar aah all right yeah, I tried my best. Are we going over the underwear? Do you really want to see down into that I’m? Not gon na look how’s that feel thanks to Sensodyne for sponsoring today’s episode. Remember you can relieve tooth sensitivity with sensitive experience in another type of sensitivity right now, thanks for subscribing and clicking that Bell, you know what time it is: North Carolina, the veal, Hey, a chicken sound like he was laughing at her yeah who’s laughing at us click. The top link to watch us guess the flavor of ice cream by smelling it ain’t good, mythical more and if I don’t wear the will of mythicality is gon na land.