This video is also super special because I am partnering with a brand that I use every day of my life, not only every day but twice a day, a big thank you to Sensodyne for sponsoring this video. I don’t know if this happens to you, but my teeth get really sensitive to the cold and it can be really painful to eat yummy cold things that I enjoy like ice cream on National Ice Cream day. Sensodyne helps build a protective layer over the sensitive areas for continuous protection from tooth sensitivity, and is the number one dentist recommended brand for sensitivity, relief, that’s, actually how I started using Sensodyne years ago. My dentist recommended it to me. I can even bite into ice cream. Now I don’t always love it, but I can do it, which I don’t think I’d be able to do before. So, if you have any tooth sensitivity, I would highly recommend Sensodyne I’ve been using it for years. It is my daily toothpaste and I absolutely love it. Also, the ice cream that we’re making today I like to call nice cream because they are all dairy free. So without further ado, let’s make three nice cream recipes for a National Ice Cream day. Let’S get started the first dairy free ice cream recipe that we’re making is a strawberry ice cream with bananas for the base. This is so delicious. It tastes like a strawberry banana smoothie but creamier. If you’re craving strawberry ice cream it’s a good fix I’ll be posting.

All of the ingredients and their measurements in the description down below. So, if you’d like to make this at home, you can we’ve got four bananas, one and a half cup of strawberries which we’re going to freeze both of these and then a few extra strawberries today. So we’re gon na leave these off to the side at room temperature. Two tablespoons of agave 34 cup of coconut milk, we’re gon na set the GAVI and coconut milk off to the side. The first step is we’ve, got to cut up our bananas and prepare our strawberries to freeze now. If you already have frozen strawberries or frozen bananas, you can just start by using those, but I didn’t so I’m gon na be doing this right now to cut up your bananas, it’s easy you just make some banana pennies and if that’s, not a term that your Mom used banana pennies are just little slices of bananas. I just realized that probably not everybody calls them banana pennies. What else do people call him banana slices? Okay, so here’s how you make banana pennies? You just open your banana, then on the cutting board, using a sharp cutting knife. You’Re just gon na cut doot doot doot little slices and look at that don’t. They look like coins. These are much bigger than pennies, though I don’t know why you’d call them pennies. These are like silver dollars or something I don’t know they don’t need to be perfect in size.

We’Re, just gon na be blending these up after they’ve freeze, so just cut up all of your bananas, I’m gon na put them in this bowl over here and get them ready to pop into the freezer. All of our banana pennies are ready and chopped they’re ready to freeze, but before we do we’re gon na cut off the greens off of our strawberries, it always looks like hair to me like strawberries, have green hair doesn’t. It look like a cool hairdo. So all you need to do is chop off their little green tops again using a sharp cutting knife, so be careful don’t get your fingers just go like that. That’S! All you got ta do do this to the rest of your strawberries, but remember leave a few out at room temperature, so that’s a little separate, the separate bowl of strawberries, all right, we’re gon na take all your strawberries place them in the bowl now pop. Both the strawberries and the bananas in the freezer, while those are chilling in the freezer we’re gon na dice up the rest of our strawberries. You just need a few and enough for half a cup. Oh right, let’s dump these out on the cutting board and again you’re gon na cut off the little green tops OOP and then dice into little squares. Doo doo doo. These strawberries are gon na give the ice cream just a little bit of texture so that when you’re eating your strawberry ice cream, you’ll get fresh chunks.

Mmm do this to the rest of the strawberries to get half a cup. Our strawberries and bananas are frozen and now we’re gon na toss them and everything else into a blender. You can also use a food processor if you’d like, but a blender will work just fine and that’s. Why I like these recipes, they’re really easy. All you need is a blender sort of pop off the lid and your strawberries. Add your nanners! Oh coconut, milk. The coconut melt makes it so creamy it’s, so good and look Ave. Every blender is a little bit different. So if it ends up being too thick, you can have a little bit more coconut melt or, if you need to use a spatula to scrape down the sides in between a few mixings feel free let’s put this lid on and mix it up. Let’S see what we got now right here, you could serve this up and enjoy it right now for more of a soft serve vibe, but I like to freeze it for an additional 4 hours minimum to get more of a solid ice cream. Texture pop the lid off and before you freeze, you’re gon na fold in the diced strawberries, those fresh strawberries that we kept off to the side, we’re just gon na – add them in then using a spatula fold together. Folding is a little bit different than mixing we’re. Being gentle, so they don’t break apart. You can do this in a big bowl that makes it easier, but I don’t want to dirty another dish.

Oh, my goodness, this looks delicious now pop your strawberry nice cream into the freezer, and again I like to let it sit in there for four hours minimum to get a more firmer ice cream texture, and I like to do so in a little loaf. Pan is really would I make banana bread in there, something I think, it’s a cute little storage for ice cream. I even stacked them get your spatula and for men: Oh yum, yum, yum, yum, yum, yum yum, but here’s the aesthetic part it’s totally optional. You don’t need to, but once you’ve got your ice cream in the pan. Take your spatula and you can give it a little slight make it look pretty and smooth you do a little swirl and even place some fresh strawberries on the top. So it looks like ice cream if you walked into an ice cream shop. Yes, now pop your strawberry ice cream into the freezer, our second ice cream recipe is super simple and yummy. Look how simple these ingredients are. Are you kidding me six bananas, a little bit of vanilla, extract and some dark chocolate mini chips to make banana chocolate chip ice cream mmm. The first thing that we’re gon na do is chop up our bananas into pennies, like we did before and for reason. When’S. Your banana pennies are frozen to pour them into a blender. Here we go, then add your vanilla extract place on the lid and mix it up again.

You might have to use a spatula to scrape down the sides in between blending and, if you need to blend it a couple times, that’s. Okay, bananas are a mix, that’s open and up and last step before we freeze we’re gon na fold in some mini dark chocolate chips. Oh the suction is real. Look at how smooth and creamy this is perfect. This is also a good recipe for kids, because the ingredients are so simple. My little nephew loves this all right, so you’re, just gon na sprinkle, these in doo doo, doo, cute and again using a spatula or a big wooden spoon, anything that’s long enough. So it can reach the bottom you’re gon na fold in those mini chocolate chips. So when you’re eating your ice cream you’ll come across little a yummy chunks of chocolate, it’s also optional. If you’d like to add more, you can once again pour your nice cream into a little loaf. Pan! Oh this is nice and creamy, and if you don’t have a loaf pan, you can really use any container you’d like you could use Tupperware. Whatever you got around the house, I just love loaf pans. I have a bunch of them again. I’M gon na be using my spatula to make the top look really smooth, so it freezes really pretty oh dude, you two I’m just doing a little zig zag action. Oh gorge and I’m gon na top it off with some more mini chips and a little taste test over her perfect all done ready to pop in the freezer for about four hours.

Lifts third recipe that we’re gon na be making is a pineapple nice scream again. The ingredients you’re gon na love, this super simple one, pineapple and 34 cup of cream of coconut and don’t be confused. This is not coconut milk or coconut water. This is cream of coconut and again, when you’re making this every blender is a little bit different. Some are high powered low powered. Some are more wide, some are more narrow. So if you’re an ice cream is a little too thick, you can add a little bit more of cream of coconut or a splash of water, even just to help it get moving, and it will still freeze all the same. But the cream of coconut off to the side again be careful. We’Re gon na cut up the pineapple there’s, a bunch of different ways to cut a pineapple and I’ve actually done it a few different ways, but today boom. Let me show you one of the ways to cut a pineapple first you’re going to cut off the crown, and that is the big green stone. I think, of little strawberry greens or little carrot stems. This is just a beautiful, huge stem and it’s a little pokey. Alright, so I turn it on the side and just cut it off again be careful of your fingers. Don’T want to get them. You do to teach you perfect and now it’s a hat, Oh fine, Apple and now spin it around and cut the bottom.

Now. There’S. Two options: you can either cut off the sides or cut them into fours and then cut off the sides – I’m gon na start by cutting it into fours, because if he’s a little bit easier for me to manage, somebody has been skipping arm day. I don’t know who that I’d know who would ever do that. Bitto here, mm: hmm hmm cut straight down the middle, like so turn on the side and cut one more time, next, very carefully cut off the skin it’s very thick and the pineapples a little slippery. So, just be really really really careful and it’s okay to make a few cuts. You don’t need to all do it in one cut I like to take my time. I’Ll just get it started at the top. It’S very thick then work your way down. Then you’re gon na do this to the rest of your slices. You can cut off the center if you’d like, but for this cuz we’re just blending it up. I just leave it. Okay, so we’re gon na cut one more time down the middle hotdog way. The long way now cut slices here we go then do this to the rest of your pineapple. Pineapples are chopped up and now you’re gon na put them in the freezer once frozen, pour your pineapple into a blender and add your cream of coconut. Oh here we go, we almost made it one chunk, dvdcd nope, Nana, crema coconut.

This recipe is so delicious it’s like if a pineapple whip and a pia colada had a baby, it’s, so good and tropical and perfect for summer and again the pineapple is really thick. So if you have to mix it a few times, please do feel free, that’s, great and don’t forget to use a spatula to scrape down the sides in between mixes, okay, that’s. Looking really good, I had to mix it a couple of times to get it. This smooth, this is about the texture. You want I’m really tempted to eat this right now, right here, but I’m gon na freeze it for just a little longer, so it’s gon na have an even better texture if your pineapple nice cream into a little loaf pan one of my favorite desserts when I Visited Hawaii was getting a pineapple whip and it tastes just like this it’s so good, and it just reminds me of summertime of being on a beach and yummy yummy yummy, I don’t know we don’t know we always go got ta get all of it. Move out. The way little blade yeah to last but not least, I’m gon na give a little swirl using my spatula to make the ice cream pretty and sprinkle a few chunks of fresh pineapple on top and all done pop it in the freezer. For about four hours to chill and then you’ll have some delicious nice creams to enjoy, and the doll here are the three nice creme recipes that we made today in honor of National Ice Cream day, we made a delicious strawberry, nice cream, chocolate chip, banana ice cream And a tropical pineapple an ice cream.

Let me know the comments below which flavor would be your favorite I’ve had all of these they’re all delicious, but you know me I like tropical, so I would say out of all of them. My favorite go to is always the pineapple but they’re all really really good again, I’ll be taking pictures posting them all over social media and my website, you can check it out there and I’ll be posting all the ingredients and the recipes in the description and also On my websites, you could check them out. I hope you guys enjoyed the video if you like recipe, videos and especially simple, easy recipe. Videos give this video a thumbs up. Click Subscribe and ring the bell to receive notifications. Every time I post a new video, because I am at home – and I am baking a lot this year and again, a big THANK YOU to Sensodyne for sponsoring this video. It is because of you. I can enjoy cool, treats like this.