s elections, president donald trump sought to appeal to rural voters in the state of iowa, where he won four years ago, the president addressed a mostly massless crowd at the des moines international airport for about 90 minutes. His democratic contender, joe biden, has consistently led in national and brattle ground polls, so will donald trump be able to catch up and change. The game let’s find out Music 20 days to go for u.s election after being sidelined from the campaign trail for over a week. U.S president donald trump is holding back to back election rallies to make up for the lost time. Thank you all very much and i’m thrilled to be back in the american heartland with thousands of loyal hard working. Iowa patriots trump took his campaign to iowa a battleground state that he won in 2016 presidential election trump’s 14 year old son. Baron trump recently tested positive for coronavirus, but was asymptomatic during his re election rally in des moines trump said that his son is doing fine and used his recovery as an example of why schools should reopen trump has been convincing states to reopen schools, but teachers unions Have been against the decision, but i said the cure cannot be worse than the problem itself and if you look at what’s happening with these lockdowns to children, get the children back to school. Applause like i’ll, give you an example: the children, 99.9 uh baron trump. You know he had: he had the corona 19.

The china virus it’s got 21 different names, i could go over it, but to me corona means italy. China is china and it came from china, so he had the china virus right and he had it for such a short period of time. I don’t even think he knew he had it because they’re young and their immune systems are strong and they fight it off. 99.9 and baron is beautiful and he’s three three president trump hailed, his supreme court nominee, amy coney barrett, saying she is the right choice to succeed, late, liberal judge, ruth bader ginsburg to defend our rights and our constitution. I nominated judge amy tony barrett to the united states supreme court right and i’ll tell you. You know i don’t mind running against sleepy joe, but i wouldn’t want to run against her right now. She has to promise. Please promise me amy you’ll never run now. She’S been great she’s, so outsmarting these people, these people with bad intention, trump’s eyeover trip, comes at a time when covert 19 cases in the state have surpassed 100 000 mark. The state is witnessing a surge in the number of hospitalizations. More than 400 people were admitted to hospitals on wednesday alone, and the number is expected to rise. An average of all opinion polls shows that joe biden leads in the battleground state of iowa. In the 2016 presidential election trump beat hillary clinton and one iova with a 10 point. Lead trump will now be heading to north carolina and florida.

On friday, he’s expected to address rallies in florida and georgia on saturday trump will hold rallies in michigan and wisconsin. He is expected to spend saturday night in las vegas nevada before heading to the western states. Trump won all these states in 2016 presidential election. However, this time it appears that his chances of making a comeback are slim, as his challenger joe biden, continues to lead 20 days before the big election day. Trump seems determined to change ongoing trends on opinion polls, it’s windy out here. If you can wear the hat, i can wear the hat Applause. Should i take off the tie or not? What do you think i don’t know? Maybe yes, Applause, Music? Oh, that feels so much better Applause that feels better. That feels good. Now we can all just relax and have a good day u.s election desk.