It is always a real thrill for a promoter like myself to be involved in a fight which has all the earmarks of being historic. Lomachenko has been uh before the boxing public for years. First is the greatest amateur of all time and then with a tremendous professional career lopez has caught the attention of people because of his body of work, destroying practically all of his opponents. So people are eagerly awaiting whether this master, boxer, basira lomachenko, can handle the young powerful lopez. So we will know who is the lightweight champion four belts on the line and what a reward for fight fans not on pay per view on espn? Well, i have to give all the credit in this instance to espn and the fact that people are going to be able to watch this fight without paying a penny. It reminds me of when, in 1986, rue knowledge who was the head of abc sports, came to me and said. Don’T put the second alley springs flight on uh, closed circuit, put it on free television and that’s. What we did and just checked the records uh ali spinks, that second fight on abc was the biggest rated show for, for decades, 90 million people watched that fight on abc and now espn is doing a similar thing. It said to us don’t: do this right on paper, you, let us give you the wherewithal to do it on free television, because in these tough times they don’t have to go into their pocket.

I’Ll make sure you understand and i’m not here, just to talk. My i’m here to actually really do my thing and if they got ta translate that to you just look at my eyes and you understand you ain’t nothing, but to me i never encourage or discourage participants in big fights from talking or not talking to females personality Is such that he is a talker and so far he’s been a doer he’s backed up all this talk lomachenko, on the other hand, is the consummate professional, and while he talks, he talks softly there’s a magic moment when that bell rings and they go after each Other and all the ideas that you have of how the fight is gon na play out and what one guy is going to do, what the other guy is, who can throw out the window because there’s such an excitement with two skilled guys like loma and lopez, That nothing would surprise me of how each of them will attack the fight.