On the exact same day, it seems impossible that two human bodies can age so differently, but it’s. True, I checked and it’s important. You do that so before you gon na believe any theory about the pandemic or share any information about the pandemic. It’S good to know where that information is coming yeah both of those things he said all true. You should check information, you see online and we are the exact same age it’s, a thing that I think about every birthday and it’s, not just Alex Trebek and John Cena. We have an assortment of truly beloved figures from Paul Rudd to Catherine O’Hara to Billy Porter. Each of whom made messages urge people to think more critically. Here is just a taste what’s going on my people. It’S me Billy Porter, hello. There I’m Catherine O’Hara I’m Paul Rudd, Alex Trebek John Cena here, WWE Superstar after internet meme, dessert lover and number three in your markets. Free pass list; I’m literally superhero, the smallest one, given the current state of things, you’re searching for answers about the global health crisis. I think that’s awesome that’s good I’m curious. If nobody never has questions, jeopardy would be a very, very weird show wouldn’t it, but you have to be careful because there’s a lot of convincing looking on the in it and most of it is true. You know I once thought I was dead because hashtag r.

i.p paul run who’s spending so before you go off and share something with your friends and family it’s good to know where that informations coming.

Is it a trusted news source if you’re, not sure, love to see the experts are saying a good way to know if an idea or story that you’ve read about holds water is that a majority of trusted sources agree on it and fine think critically, you’re smart You’Re, smart you’re, a smart cookie. I know I know you are. We have the look of a scholar and the pissed on that home y’all got brains user I broke it down, for me was just amazing. You know Johnson yeah. I think it. You know it’s true like where these conspiracy theories coming from it’s from your leader, who was president Rob, and what do you believe it and it’s so interesting, because my friend and I were talking, we sound obsessed with the news right now now watch certain outlets and She watches certain outlets and she says, sit down and watch Fox News and watch CNN the same night and see how the news is delivered. It is so different and the way people take in news is so fascinating. It is true, you are absorbing only certain things from certain stations, so it is interesting how its proceeded – and I almost don’t blame certain people because you’re like oh that’s, not true that’s, not true, it depends what you’re taking in so it’s something I’m gon na continue Doing and kind of watching both news outlets and see how they actually put the news out there, but it at Fox News when I watched, I don’t really put the real numbers out there in terms of how many people were tested positive with you see CNN it’s.

They have a whole section where they just put the numbers up so it’s, interesting, it’s, so weird in America, whereas, like I think everyone thought everyone thought we’re like a pandemic or like a global virus, hit a zombie like you know the whole zombie outbreak, oh it’s, Gon na be like Walking Dead, I’ll have my Jones or whatever survival of the fittest, no an actual pandemic. All it takes is just you being kind and wearing a mask, so you can protect other people. What I got a wait, I got do them well boy. I got a actually kindness is what will get it? I can’t do that I can’t do. I did all this training like it’s it’s, just so weird we’re, like hey just the suggestion of yellow, gets where math you’re trying to control or freak like this? Is not taxation without representation, yeah and nothing’s a perfect knot? The Canadians are perfect, nothing we’re doing it perfectly, but it is funny of that. In that add two to the five celebrities are Canadian to try to park. John Oliver has an amazing show. I never miss a Dana says that was great Jim says. An important PSA tools of discernment need to be taught lisa, says, love these messages, hope it makes people think twice about believing or spreading lies. I mean I don’t think that PSA is gon na. Have any impact whatsoever because I think the people that often believe in conspiracy theories are also the ones that completely dismiss celebrity opinions.

I’M, not saying celebrity pants. You should hold to higher in opinion, but I think they’re so against a lot of making a general statement. But a lot of us pool you know don’t want to listen, do well, they won’t listen to any kind of voices. So I think rowdy is yeah. Like you said, sing me the song, like trumpets, promoting every single conspiracy theory, but he’s absolutely set this world up. That to just you know, fake news and don’t believe anything. You read and yeah don’t worry masks. You know the keys definitely said that world up. So no, I don’t think some few celebrities are gon na move the dial anyway, you just hope along the way. Then yeah people slowly realize like you’re, saying Omar, you just need to wear a mask and once again it’s down to platforms like Facebook, your Twitter to start yeah. The calling out these conspiracies calling out this fake news, which they are slowly starting to do, seems like Facebook now that companies the boycott of Facebook that face and it’s finally, coming around to that idea, but yeah like that’s that’s. What needs to happen? I don’t think celebrities saying this is gon na, have any kind of impact and grand you’re right like imagine it that we had a visual of Trump actually wearing a mask like I did once yeah. That would be okay, yeah yeah. Four months later, my goodness but yeah it’s a it’s, a it’s, an interesting time to see how people are, but you know what maybe it will help, maybe at all, maybe we need to have a little fun with it.

Maybe people don’t need to take too serious.