He looks a very good player to me and this. This is what you can see now in uh, at arsenal mikhail is finding his way he’s. You know uh wembley, but let’s hope the football entertains you at home and a quick reminder that if at any point you have to leave and head out and about, then you can still enjoy the match by the bt sport app. The great thing about that is there’s also an interactive timeline, so any time you can rewind and you can see any moments that you might have missed. You can also pick the camera angle in team which beat arsenal 3 nil on the first day of project restart and nine of this team started the 16th fa cup final win over watford last season. The two from that team who miss out today are bernardo silva and fernandinho 19 year old, eric garcia gets the vote in central defence and kevin de bruyne, who makes a habit of terrorizing arsenal. In recent meetings rested in midweek manchester city. Getting us underway, they’ve won the last seven times. They’Ve played arsenal, Applause, tobias, missed out there. No free kick given sterling cutting that across goal, and a very near thing as david silva de bruyne. Looking to pick the pastor sterling. He is, of course, the assist king. Alongside david silva mahrez to take the corner, kick back by garcia and here’s tobias another player, making his first appearance on the pitch at wembley.

He’S been a sub here for real madrid and spain in the pa. Jesus is waiting in the middle it’s mahrez, looking to create something again arsenal having to defend pretty’s, kyle walker, to play it back again. De bruyne can always put in too well. Applause good sounds this one up to the back post and hooked away by granit. Xhaka Applause and attack them devroena plays that one in garcia got his cagey beginning manchester city corner laporte, couldn’t quite reach it as the messenger. With the ball. Mustafi has made a big mistake. They’Re sterling just seemed in two minds, but it was a hard manchester city bidding to retain the fa cup and wow. Jesus was closing in on that david david luiz does well there cerbaios trying to get bayern in behind the flex up here as lacazette latches on to that one he’s going to put the ball in the back of the net anyway, as modern strikers have learned to This one’s played through and the flag stays down aubameyang massive chance. Edison makes the save arsenal. There could have come up with a smash and grab raid more pepe to play this one in deep to the back Applause yeah. What i would say is that it was brilliant play right from the goalkeeper it’s, a very tight bar look at it. I think he is just on side, but arsenal play the way up. The fields really really well lacazette beautiful chain spreads out.

Why comes to nicholas pepe, you see he looks up across the far post. I think he’s on side isn’t. He and what a finish if we thought he smashed the first one threaded through for david silva still got it from the free kicks, as we’ve been seeing. Lately, monday night is wolves still chasing that european place, of course, they’re already in europe this season. They want to be there again next season against crystal palace and 7 45 bt, sport, 1, hd and all jesus lays it back. Benjamin mend he could cross tierney got it away, though the young scot, improving all the time after an injury riddled first few months with the gunners arrived with a big reputation and dessert Applause wrong way, wrong way had to put in sterling didn’t. He mardes had to put him in and use his pace, but what good defending from this man yeah irene and his de bruyne fantastic block, shacker again through the lines lacazette a good little burst of form at the moment. Is it spreading the play well for bayern, it’s, okay flags up against uh nikola, to play it wide, aubameyang and now pepe with the diagonal running good? Looking ball in and edison claimed that well with lacquers maitland. This is all a bit complicated, jacker he’s done well in the end, but you always feel it’s uh yep dicing with death a bit. They did that for the goal. Experience nice play again, though.

Very nice play there’s. Some good pictures made by sebastian mustafi’s header tipped over the bar by edison good header from the drummer here’s, bayern and again they’re, looking for aubameyang, deep and it’s walker who gets there this time, you’re right, martin, groaning confidence, arsenal, yeah and also Applause de bruyne, and Then headed over the flag was up anyway, passing probing playing their football and believing they’ve only failed to score in five matches out of 54. This season it is jakka. He does have a good shot on him and that’s straight at edison, disappointing from maitland niles. With a lot of red and white shirts in there set up by nicola pepe and arsenal playing very well lead manchester city by a goal to nil in this semi same as they’ve managed in their last three games against manchester city combined. Can they see it through that we’ll find out very shortly a quick reminder that, if you’re out and about you can watch this on the bt sport app there’s, pepe guardiola, though deep better than we have been let’s, see if they do no changes by manchester city And, of course, none by arsenal at halftime there’s, the answer isn’t it mendy awkward, bounce for uh martinez, but no problems for the argentinian. Now de bruyne and he’s styling and he’s Applause couldn’t keep it down not at all Applause, mahrez. Looking to go on that left foot, they know he’s going to do it.

He does it and he nearly sneaked that in on the near post, but martinez stretched out a long arm to do the job. Yeah it’s dangerous that isn’t it martin they needed teeny behind maitland niles beats walker good piece of play, but not the bouncing around dangerously in there david silva trying to thread her way through another corner de bruyne. Here he is again just looking to grind it out. De bruyne, with a king looking to invent something, wouldn’t quite fall for david silva earling, attacking mustafi who’s done very well. Applause, yeah, sterling doesn’t think so ian mount attacks at the other end, it’s been mostly defending though, and they’ve got more of it to do here. David silva trying to thread it through there is gon na, be they believe in him. Oh, my goodness me the net rippered, but it was the outside of the net. Agreeing with what uh peter walton was saying. It goes a long way and how did manchester city not take it back in and there’s some room here for de bruyne and david silva arriving still. Won’T have spoden’s first involvement, all that to come on bt sport, but quite a story unfolding here and i must say, looking at how animated michael arteta is, i mean he’s got a zeus had pulled into a bit of space just flicked away there, bamiyang who’s got Lacazette up there with him, this could be another goal. Could it it is aubameyang and arsenal have done it again, broken out of the defensive shell and scored two, nothing in what is proving to be a remarkable night here at wembley, yeah and it’s, going to stand here just to let all the arsenal fans know because Mendy’S playing him well on side and beth is not happy whatsoever and again really nice goal from arsenal.