Committee.. Please welcome back to the show Senator Amy Klobuchar. Nice to see you Senator.. How are you I’m great Seth., Good, to see you. Welcome to my office. It’s lovely, to be in your office.. Thank you for finally inviting me. Of course.. I want to talk about the Senate Judiciary Committee and before I actually get to the job at hand that you had in front of you. What was it like being in the same room with senators who had recently tested positive for COVID as well as ones who just refused to get tested? Well, not a major party there.. You know for me, it’s, really personal Seth ’cause. My husband got really sick with COVID early on.. He was in the hospital for a week.. He had severe pneumonia on oxygen and I just think you can’t mess around with this stuff. And, at the same time Mitch McConnell closed down the Senate. They went forward with this hearing. And so that again just gets to the whole point.. This just hasn’t been normal. It’s, not normal. To do this in the middle of a pandemic. When the Senate’s closed down., It wasn’t normal to do it when you’ve got a president. That’S tweeting out quotI want nine justices, so they can count my ballot.quot. That was the situation that we were in in that hearing, and But you got to do your job and that’s what I did. Well, you did refer to it as a sham, and yet you also refer to the fact that you have to do your job.

. How do you sort of approach preparing for a hearing like this that you know, obviously has a different precedent than what we’ve seen in the past? Well, I think we knew that it wasn’t going to be some big procedural trick.. We didn’t have those to use. We’re trying our best, and we also knew it might not be a cross examination that would matter here.. What mattered is that they had plopped this down in the middle of a presidential election, and so the case we had the platform to be made. This matters to you. People out there in America. This matters in a big way. There’s, going to be a case about the Affordable Care Act that could strip you of your insurance. If you have a preexisting condition., The Supreme Court decisions aren’t just some as my colleagues on the Republican side were trying to say, are like some dormant harmless clause and all we’re going to be thinking about is some strange. Procedural issues. No. Supreme Court has decided who you can marry and if you can use contraception and where your kids can go to school. Their decisions matter., It seemed as though you know, undeniably an intelligent person, Amy Coney Barrett and seemed to be the way she used. Her intelligence, the most, was by failing to answer any questions that would pin her down, but it was surprising that she wouldn’t even take a position on something you asked her about voter intimidation.

. Is it frustrating in the asking of that question to know that she’s probably not going to answer it? Well, actually, I wasn’t sure that she wasn’t, because it was not about a court decision. It’s, actually a law on the books, a federal law on the books that says that you can’t, intimidate or attempt to intimidate voters.. That makes sense., And so I was simply asking her about that in an initial question. Saying quotOkay you can’t, intimidate votersquot and she said quotI can’t answer that.quot And it’s very scary, given that we have a president that won’t agree that we should have a peaceful transition of power and it’s undermining our democracy by going after mail in ballots. Like you pointed out earlier in the show. And that’s, why this matters so much to have a justice that understands how fundamental voting is to our democracy. You. Obviously, I would imagine put a lot of preparation into the questions that you want to ask someone who is up for a job this important, but you also more often than not follow Senator Ted Cruz, and I would imagine how he uses his time then affects how You have to use yours, Yes, this is my lot in life on that committee and how many times I listen to him. And at first you have the panic. I had such a nice thing. I was going to say about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and now I have to throw all it out.

, But then you always think right before it starts. Quoti got this.quot Because he says so many outrageous things.. Just a few weeks ago, he said that it was Joe Biden who didn’t respect our democracy and wasn’t going to respect the results of the election. When Donald Trump says that nearly every single day., And so it makes it sort of a nice setup. And I can make the case for not just democracy but also for reason and for getting things done and everything else.. But yes, I do come right after him. On the committee., It doesn’t seem like there’s any reason to think that Amy Coney Barrett is not going to be a Supreme Court justice at this point.. If that comes to pass, as I think we all expect it will now, what role does the Senate play? Moving forward in so far as putting in place protections for things that might now be challenged legally, with a 6 3 conservative majority in the court. Well, first of all, Seth we have a whole another week in front of us and I really do recommend people who don’t think we should be replacing Justice Ginsburg with this conservative conservative justice to call their Republican senators and tell them.. But then, after that, if that does happen, there’s an election in front of us and every single person should have a plan to vote. And no matter how much they try to not get you to vote like having one ballot box in Texas in every county and All of those things they’re trying to do find a way to vote.

And then, when we, if we win and if we cannot just win the White House but also the Senate, we are going to be able to put some of these things into law, which was Your question protecting women’s rights, making sure that campaign finance law works better doing something to protect your healthcare.. But we can’t do that if we don’t win this election so that’s, why? I think there is a major major connection between their decision to ram through a justice right now and the fact that we have an election just a few weeks away..