They filled their empty seats with photos of people who rely on the affordable care act, brilliant, i think, which could be in jeopardy in the coming days. If she gets confirmed uh but republicans just passed her anyway, you know they have the votes. So if you can’t stop her appointment um can you do anything to stop the aca from being overturned? So i like the way you frame this you’re pointing out exactly what is at stake here, and that is what the republicans are trying to do is get rid of health care, for tens of millions of americans take away protection for people with pre existing conditions, not People who are under 26 off their parents insurance policies and the way they plan to do that. They can’t do this through congress because they can’t get the votes they plan to do it through the courts. So they want to have an extremist justice who is going to give them a majority to do that so the way i see this is look, we fight them every inch of the way. Now we hold them accountable on november 3rd that’s, what elections are about and when we’ve got the white house, when democrats have got a majority in the senate and the house, then we need to work to restore the integrity of our courts, and that means all options Are on the table? Senator um, vice president biden, says he’s going to put a bipartisan commission together on possible scotus reforms and you’ve said that democrats need every option on the table when it comes to the supreme court and you’ve expressed some openness to the idea of adding more judges to The court are you in favor of expanding the court or perhaps an age limit in place instead of a lifetime appointment, look i’ve said everything is on the table.

We need to restore the credibility and the integrity of our courts. What we need is we need to make sure that we have a court system where a working family has as much access to the courts and as much access to justice as a billionaire or a giant corporation. That women’s rights are protected, that the rights of lgbtq individuals are protected, that the rights and communities of color to be able to vote are protected. We need a court and courts throughout supreme court court of appeals, district courts that believe in democracy and believe in protecting the fundamental rights of people. So for me, that’s worth fighting for and that’s worth putting everything on the table for hi senator um. Your colleague senator dianne feinstein is facing some heat. She praised lindsey graham’s handling of the barrett hearings gave him a hug afterwards. Some progressive groups like nerol are even calling for her to step down from her top post uh top democrat of the judiciary committee leader schumer admitted he had a long talk with her it doesn’t sound like you agree with her praise for graham’s fairness. How do you feel about what happened and about her response? Look. I honestly just don’t have much to say about that. I don’t know what she and senator schumer said for me. I am focused right now on the fight that’s, going on in the senate, making sure that everybody in america understands what the republicans are doing, uh to try to steal a second supreme court seat and staying focused on 12 days 12 days.

This is our chance. We need to vote, we need to vote early in person. If we can, we need to vote and we need to get our friends to vote and our families to vote. We need to hold these guys accountable.