So are you seeing this tournament as a way to really kind of get yourself back on track with that show a different face to the public uh did that play in part in your decision to come here? Instead of staying back and playing the french open uh, no, i don’t, i don’t see it that way. I don’t think that i’m gon na show a different face, because the people know my face mostly from the tennis court, so obviously i’m going back to kind of a the environment that i’m most comfortable with. Obviously i i don’t enjoy anything that i do off the court that is related to tennis as much as i do the things that i do on the court. So i love competing and uh. I think, in the end of the day, we all are professional tennis players and we all want to be here and and and our season to restart so um. No, that was also not the deciding factor of why i came to to new york. I first of all i miss i miss tennis, i miss competition, you know and uh. I also worked closely in the council with uh atp and obviously atp management and board has worked closely with usda. To make this happen, and obviously the bubble environment and circumstances are obviously different from what we are used to uh. Are you know, but at the same time uh i think the bottom line is that it’s positive that uh that we are here and i congratulate the usda atp everyone who has been involved to to make this happen.

It’S not easy. I mean we’re, one of the the few global sports that have not found a way to to keep going and uh, but it’s all understandable, uh. I think, especially when you see things from a perspective of our sport being played worldwide week after week with every country and every continent going through a different circums, different, uh, sorry, restrictions and different regulations. Well, i was honestly very close to not come. I mean until probably a week before i i landed in new york. I didn’t know whether i’m going to be playing or not because the things were so unpredictable. I mean there were so many different points that were discussed and uh for me, the the crucial so to say the most fundamental um point that had to be confirmed. I think for for us, players is uh the special exemption of coming back to europe without being quarantined, so that we can actually be able to compete in the european tournaments like roma, for example, or kids bill for that matter, or any other. That is on the provisionary calendar, so uh that that was that was the key, the the key issue that wasn’t confirmed until quite late. Well, i mean obviously uh look, you know uh, i i did not make my decision because uh rafa pulled out. I mean, if that’s, if that’s, what people want to hear – or i i made my decision already months ago, to come to us open and play here, because i really wanted to restart on the hardcore where i feel the most comfortable that’s that’s.

The surface that i have more success on, i love playing in ears open, so i i did make my call to come, but i wasn’t 100 sure whether that’s going to happen or not until certain points were defined and clarified before before coming here, which was as I mentioned before the special exemption and coming without quarantine back to europe and so forth and etc. A few other few other details, but uh once that was checked, and you know i i flew over that’s it and and uh every grand slam that i play is an opportunity to get the title. I know that but i’m, not the only one. Any other player who is playing here has a chance to win it uh whether i have a bigger chance to win it, because rafa and roger are not here. I really don’t know i mean i, i think it’s unfair for me to talk about uh uh talk about that in a way that uh, that is kind of disrespectful towards uh. Other players who are here – i mean dominic teams, vero tzitzi, pass medvedev. These guys i mean they are as good as all of the top three guys that are you know they’re, here myself, roger and rafa i mean they. You know anybody can take it to be honest and and and especially now after six months of absence from the tour, we don’t really know how we’re going to feel on the court.

You know we’re going to have cincinnati, which is great to have a tournament before us, open uh, but it’s still six months without competition best of five uh, you can’t get your towel from the to the from the ball kit. Uh. You know that’s gon na extend the time between the points. It’S gon na extend the time of the of the matches. Yeah i don’t, i don’t know there it’s just it’s just one of these things that you have to experience in order to really know how it’s going to feel when we talked on that zoom call uh. We got an information from the gentleman that that, if a player is not sharing a room in the hotel with his coach or physio or anyone from his team that is infected, that is positive and his results are showing that he’s negative. He can still compete in the tournament and we’ve asked that question a couple of times on the call and uh that’s what was communicated to us, and so we thought that is the way and that’s why a lot of players were upset when they they were, and They still are upset, including myself, when i, when i see that uh, delia and and uh peya are, you know, treated in this way, but again it’s it’s hard it’s. Really i you know, i can’t point figures in anybody. You know it’s it’s, just these kind of circumstances are are very tricky. Things are changing so rapidly and uh.