Once we get underway, his opponent, uh he’s he’s fast he’s, going to track balls down himself. Doesn’T have a player, but this guy can play. He knows what he’s doing well, this yeah tennis today, oh i’m, just i’m, just so happy for andy. You know a few vip guests checking this one out. All that it took is is extremely admirable. Uh it’s, not gon na be easy for him. No he’s gon na have to do some running that’s for sure louise that’s made it good use of the forehands foreign hello yeah a little bit deeper. However, it’s going to be really hard for nishika to continue to hit those types watching this tennis it’s a it’s a. I think an interesting use exit Applause Applause these days, one of the first things you look forward. Oh that’s, very nicely done nice move forward in the day, stevie johnson 7, 6 in the fifth there’s that’s a big return. There Applause he killed him that’s good. I think her points actually has gone towards ishioka. Surprising again is so happy Applause rally with a bit of everything that the move forward was good, initially got a little bit. Applause is one of those players. That’S, just really wear you out nice a little bit too much ground to cover yeah. I just picked him off nothing to set. I don’t consider that last one forced here, nice return there andy kind of come in there under the radar a little bit his fans there, of course he’s the first to admit: foreign Music.