We find out a lot of funny and interesting things about us and today, we’re gon na ask each other three sets of questions divided into three parts relating to our professions: our lives about each other and we’ll, see who knows who better to begin with let’s see Whatever knows about today and let’s see what gerard knows about the hindi film industry, also popularly known as let’s, do it. So what was the name of the first hindi feature? Film come on Music prepared as the theme or based on it. You get five seconds now. My turn so i’m gon na start with an easy one. Let’S see if you know this name, three basic rules of things name, three basic rules, number one turn it up: that’s, not a rule. That’S Music in play. Only two feeders are allowed to be up in the outside circle: yeah, very good yeah. Yes, then, you cannot pull the ball outside of the crease yeah and the third one is: if you hit the ball uh beyond the boundary, and it does not touch the ground. It’S a six and if it touches the ground, it’s a four it’s, an easy one, but it’s like out obviously i’m giving these rules for people who just don’t know anything about it. Music, which player has the highest od evidence Music um, which ground is referred to as the home of training Music round. Two basically is a rapid fire where we pick five questions to ask each other.

So are you ready, yeah, okay, cool question? One is mountain or beach person, mountain, correct, you’re mounted. So yes, one thing that makes me happy being around animals. Yes, but it’s! You you make me happy, oh okay. What makes you happy? I think it’s me you can’t even sing. Of course, it’s right come on. Question is what were you doing in august 2019? What were you doing in 2018 right? I have to say that there was a touring, india, no, no. What is it? No? We were investing these. Yes, i got that one. What is the first thing i do in the morning? Music is round three uh, okay, who is most likely to be a terrible photographer me? Yes, i’m, not even challenging that who’s most likely to eat pizza in the next 24 hours. You me who’s more likely to go on a space mission, him who’s more likely to hold their breath the longest. Oh we’ve actually tried this. I didn’t know that anymore. No, you didn’t! Yes, yes, i did. Who is more likely to talk to plants? Music there’s? Not even a question fall asleep during a movie so i’m, actually watching a movie and turning to see whether he’s still awake. That makes me more sleepy, like this film who’s, more likely to get into trouble me who is more likely to change the world. I would say you’re very clear in what you want to do, who is most likely to say sorry.

First after a fight me fancy immediately who’s more likely to win at chess. None of us. I have no interest who’s more likely to be a sole loser. So we hope you had fun guys uh. We had a lot of fun having this little competition between us, although we have no idea who won, i think i think i might have but i’m just gon na take two steps back and then just declare a draw. I think that’s the best thing to do. I hope you guys had fun taking a break with us. We just wan na tell you all stay safe, stay, healthy and work with us and please don’t forget Music, foreign, Music, Music, foreign, Music, Music, Music, Music, Music updates, like my life, totally changed when i played my first year with rcb when i come to bangalore or Something i feel like it’s, my second home, the way that people love me here. They care me like, if you’re, losing or winning, but still there with you so that’s, an amazing Music i’ve thing said it. I i honestly don’t give a rat, so i don’t give a damn about any stat. I don’t care about hundreds fifties. Averages uh tonight is special for me to cross the line for the team that’s. Why i play this game just feel like coming back to this team every year and that’s been the case since inception. I have grown with this team over the last 10 years and so there’s a sense of a really strong attachment.