Now chris, the transfer window is shut for now. Let’S talk about the best moves. The defending champions have made. Are they done shopping yeah? Bayern munich are the only team with some silverware to lose. You know, uh no they’re gon na have to do some more. I think they might need to uh tighten up their defense. You know come the winter transfer window, but right now i like cameroonia and eric chippamoting, you know and douglas costa those players have maturity and it i like the moves. The free transfer from uh moteing chopu moting, i think, is brilliant because robert lewandowski and a lot of other bayern players will be exhausted in this particular month and they’re going to need as many players they can rotate as possible on that roster. We have to wait and see you know what happens with other clubs. Uh such as hoffenheim hoffenheim made a move. Hoffenheim, you know, gave byron defeat earlier on this season. You know they did sign 20 year old from tottenham on alone ryan sessenyon. We have to see how he factors in that equation, but um. I think the bundesliga teams will have make more moves, come the winter transfer window. Nevertheless, chris there are some big matches coming up in the punas liga, which one should we keep an eye out for? Well, you know the table is so tight right now, a lot of big matches, the number one uh team, arby leipzig in augsburg, you know face off this match.

You know uh should be one to watch augsburg, didn’t score in their last timeout in uh, rb leipzig. You know arby leipzig’s been doing wonders without team alvana and julian agusman seems to have the pieces. He needs to see success and uh there at the top of the mountain right now, and i think they’re going to want to hold on to that and uh get some distance because they are level on points right now and a draw just won’t do another match. In a similar situation is hoffenheim and dortmund, you know uh. I do like that match i’m. Looking forward to see you know how often uh andre camarge can score and i’m sure the dortmund defense is a bit concerned about that as well. All right so chris, a bayern head to armenia, bella field as well. You know, bellafield is a south african connection. Do you see an upset on the horizon? Well, in terms of an upset armenia bella failed. You know they’ve only been scoring one goal: they’ve only scored one goal in a couple of their outings. You know they’re going to have to really punch above their weight to see an upset they could catch. You know a bayern uh, a fatigue, buyer and uh hand them defeat, but in terms of the south africa connection yeah armenia, bella fell is very interesting. You know uh ernst uh mittendorp, you know he went to university in bellafield, you know and he spent uh coaching uh at both clubs, armenia bellafield and the number one club in south africa, the kaiser chiefs.

You know so that’s always an interesting relationship and south africans have also been part of armenia. Bellafield’S history. We have delran buckley delron buckley had the most successful without question. He helped him prevent relegation back in 2005. He had 15 goals, you know to boot and then they had zuma the puma. He also contributed eight goals. You know uh in this particular year 2005.. He spent a few years at the club. You know armenia, bella fell, did see some success. You know in 2005 they reached the semifinal in the german cup uh. I don’t know if they’ll repeat that uh success uh this go round. You know we have to wait and see if that does happen, but the connection is steady and strong. It has been between you know the number one team in south africa, some south africans and armenia bellafield. Chris, a former player knowledge. The smiling assassin had an unfulfilling stint in germany yeah. He did it, didn’t really work out for him and um. Why is that a lot of people wonder i? I think the narrative uh speaks truth. The narrative is, you know he was punching above his weight that’s. What his former coach zimbabwe had to say. You know about that experience. The reality is the bundesliga doesn’t have the best history in terms of developing uh talent. That is not european, sometimes homesickness issues you know are part of the reason too. You have to put that in play culture, shocks as well.

You know he spent time in hoffenheim. In augsburg, you know between 2011 2014 having been in both of those cities. I think culture shock would have uh played a huge part into why he didn’t produce those are the only two teams? He’S, never scored a goal. You know which begs the question and also the competition was a factor. You know, uh roberto, firmino came six months after to hoffenheim and we all know where firmino is now. You know and uh in terms of germany not working out. He was loaned back to the chiefs in this period and he scored eight goals so opportunity punching above your weight and uh, giving yourself time to develop. The bundesliga was very competitive during this period of time in this window, that’s, when we saw bayern and dortmund compete for the champions league, so that speaks to the competitiveness that was in the bundesliga other leagues like uh, france and the league. You know in the netherlands, they have a better history of developing young african talent, the bundesliga isn’t quite there. Yet. Thank you very much for the bundesliga update sports correspondent. Chris harrington from deutsche weller in berlin have a great day.