On Applause still looking for space now, the attack fizzled out here’s the initial 11 4. Bayern manuel neuer begins in goal: lucas hernandez plays alongside nicholas and he’s made headway. Well, how on earth did manuel neuer get there? Well, they won’t get too many opportunities today they have to capitalize from set pieces like this struggling to get it away, and i think the threat has been aversed. This might have potential and options in the center lewandowski and a fine tackle cordova close on the ball. Rita, can they forge ahead? Keeper did his job to begin with Applause. Well, no damage done well derek. I think that should have been the first goal of the game. Great goalkeeping wasn’t. It might take the lead pivotal moment defensively. I think the referee was spot on there. A free kick takes the shot, oh that’s, an awful finish, and the goalkeeper could do nothing but hang on to it. Easy save for the keeper absolutely terrible finishing from the attacker over the middle in the direction of leroy zane Applause to attack, using which opportunity it is Applause. Oh, it might be splendid. Save from the keeper danger averted yeah. He didn’t have long to react to that, but you have to praise his reflexes there and fist it away Applause. So a throw in here, Applause, pavar alfonso davies, difficult to stop him. Can i well kept out and the referee has given them a corner and played in by kenny well that was quality last ditch defending that is top notch goalkeeping he had to reach in with his hand, yeah it’s, all about reading the pace of the ball and The player’s feet: when do i go down when do i strip the ball? Did a brilliant job then still pushing for that girl? That would see them forge ahead.

Well, that’s how to break the spirit of the attacker Applause, they’ve regained possession it’s opening up for them. Wonderful chance might still be able to do a bit of damage. He’Ll be breathing a sigh of relief for one well, i can’t believe it’s still level. Well, i saved that was from the keeper thomas. They do pass the ball with authority. Can he put them in front? The keeper was never likely to be in trouble, then Applause, sunny, good technique, displayed Applause, thomas well, not covering himself in glory defensively and possession given away Applause. Good thing from his point of view, he’s found a pocket of space. Oh he’s, through here, and that is defending of the highest order. Fabian claus, rietel, britsu, dawan Applause kondova. He made it look simple, really: Applause, an unforced arrow you’ve got to say Applause, high quality, defending this looks promising Applause in behind for him to chase and the challenge crisp and clean lewandowski. Goretzka. Has it now Applause, serge cannabini, now veering in field now, keeper in control and an opportunity here for them to get their noses in front from the corner and the first goal? Always important lewandowski has bagged it well, here’s the replay and it’s a decent set piece and then it’s a good heady finish to be fair keeper. No chance lovely goal: Music Applause so back in business underway again, bayern with the advantage, but certainly no room for complacency and unable to keep the ball lewandowski and a good looking ball.

Applause. Cordova Applause still trailing but they’re upping the pressure and zula acquitted himself superbly to win it back Applause. This could be the equalizer and blocking from zulu Applause. Well, nothing comes of the attack when all is said and done, maya crisp tackling this might be ideal for the counter illuminating. In the first half of this game, robert lewandowski, lee well, his manager will be delighted with him. He’S been spot on in this game hasn’t. He energy imagination desire and a steely determination opportunity. Oh good, save well another corner following on from the last one and played in by kenny outrageously good piece of defending on the line. Oh he’s, given us away inexplicably lewandowski and it’s a double for him in this game, no way for the opposition to contain him and no wonder he’s off celebrating well here’s the replay and derek. If you get caught on the ball there, you should be fine, a week’s wages, it’s terrible and he’s punished some explaining to be done to his coach. I feel a second goal for them here. Well, no, stopping him really vital interception amber inside the final 30 minutes. Applause lewandowski, here’s govetska opportunity for mueller, very alert and the penalty has been given here and opting for the lenient approach. The referee rather than cautioning him and the spot kick is converted as coolly as you like. Well here it is again derrick the keeper’s already on his way. He just waits for him to move and then struts it down the middle.

Now they get the ball moving once more and bayern munich really cantering to victory now: Applause and bayern, the recipients of the free kick here buying up in control in possession and what that does it just relaxes the team? If you’ve got the ball, you enjoy the ball. Oh yes, it’s gone in and now a chance for them to revel in the moment. Well, as we see here when the defenders close in on you, you’ve got to keep your cool, keep your head down strike. The ball brilliantly done fall in the back of the net, and this is turning into something of a rate lewandowski. Promising looking ball well, showing excellent jump. Can they come around? Oh brilliant, goalkeeping foul play says the referee. Well, let’s come down to the final 20 minutes here: Applause lewandowski, well, possession seeded! Have they given him too much space? Well, that is how to play advantage. Magnificent. Defending and the counter looks on here. Options available, Applause lewandowski nicely cut out and it might be douglas costa able to clear the danger, at least for now mark rocca Applause, coleman, quite possibly a yellow card, as the flow was stopped and the referee decided that intervention was illegal and cautionable. Oh without question. It was not the best of challenges, he’ll try his luck here and danger still and in the end, no damage done well, if you’re getting thumbs up all around for the goalkeeping performance, but especially for that save absolutely brilliant, derrick wasn’t it and dispossessed lukoki tremendous intuition To win it back in a position from which they could potentially do a bit of damage here, Applause keeper, getting the touch he’s, having quite the game for himself save after save after save, oh they’ve, lost it lewandowski and that pass could be troublesome.

A goal. We’Re really being spoiled. This is attacking football at its finest Applause. Obviously it’s a tapping derrick but it’s the patience in the box. I, like the predators instinct, just waiting for the ball to come to him it’s a massive lead and it’s very hard to imagine them losing it now. Applause tremendously, strong in the tackle lewandowski: oh he’s, given the ball away; Applause; no luck! Keeping possession Applause! Well! Let’S! See what they have in store for them on the break. They need to get bodies back Applause, but it can’t get through and there it is the referee’s whistle it goes into the books as a win for bayern lee. What did you think of that performance? Well, it was a very assured performance wasn’t.