I hope you’re doing well and welcome to the player ratings for Arsenal’s to nil victory over Manchester City in the FA Cup. Final wow, wow, wow. First of all, I’m. Really disappointed in all of you, everyone was currently watching this feeding, who has watched my videos before you’ve, never actually told me that we already bought defenders I’ve been doing video after video of the video talking about who we need to sign next season and after today’s Performance in Liverpool’s performance I’m surprised to actually know that we already bought defenders. None obvious ever told me as no body defenders who was that mal Dini guy playing at the buck. Who was that cover guy playing at the buck? I did see Roberto Carlos running down the left wing. I think his name was something like Roberto Niles or something we actually beat Man, City and Liverpool. In the space of four or five four days, we actually beat the two best teams in England and probably the world in two days, keep in mind if you actually extend it to two weeks. Three weeks, you’ve, actually beaten, shephelah, nated away from home, we’ve, actually beaten, wolves away from home. We were very unlucky to actually consider against Leicester. After we got the red card and Tottenham, I do not understand still how they actually beat us, but we actually beat all those teams, since we came back from lockdown and I really have to give it up to the team today – water performance, if you told me, We were going to beat Liverpool and one city within a couple of days.

No, no none. No one would actually believe you, especially after losing to Tottenham the mood was so down. People are talking about all Luke Collison. I just made a mistake: how can even beat Liverpool they 100 points? City are going for the treble I’ve been doing those previews and from doing those previews of actually starting to to know about the records more and city of actually scored against us 20 goals. In the last seven meetings in the Premier League and we’ve only scored two Liverpool with the last time we beat Liverpool before Wednesday was 2015, so you could clearly see why we were not too confident, but for both of the games I predicted two twos, not. I lost my Tufts I’ve seen other people in the comment section saying: city for Arsenal: zero City 3s, not 0. If you’re one of those guys comment down below and apologize to those boys and less wait for the final Wembley, we have back again to Wembley I’m. So I’m, sorry, I’m, so happy, I’m, so happy and by the way the truth has also emerged. A Teta was actually city’s manager and Pep Guardiola was the assistant. Pep Guardiola was a tetiz assistant at manchester city. The only reason they beat us for weeks, our goals, because Lewis made that mistake and gave away a penalty, but he played very well. He played he was Cannavaro. Today he was kind of our Oh another thing. City actually rested everyone for them time.

They played Bournemouth midweek, the Bruno’s rested, Maris was arrested, sterling was arrested and they Brown actually didn’t even play a minute in that game. They wanted this trophy badly. They wanted a Teta wanted. Guardiola wanted to get another one over Jetta, but he couldn’t manage and we actually kept a clean sheet level on winning the game. We actually kept a clean sheet within the 90 minutes, so very, very good performance that it will show you the player rating. Let me react to the lineup now, obviously Martinez in goal the back 5 Bellary, not right wing back. I expected him to start. I wanted him to start another thing. Cedric wasn’t days, cap tidy played for Southampton in this competition. This is an already see, also your Scapa tied at centre back position. We had Maldini Cannavaro. Yes, we actually did mr. Feliz and Kieran tme expected current inian Lewis to play there, but mustachios and show, especially after holding, played very well against Liverpool surprised to see him getting dropped. Nails as the life left, wingback didn’t expect into that their slack. I didn’t even get a minute thought saccade play that probably everyone shuckin’s the bias, the firm they have been in. Everyone expected them to be there, maybe Toro if we needed to defend paper bombing and lack of that upfront definitely that’s how he wanted it unless tacos to come on for any of those ones on the bench will not hold in colas notorious Aachen else.

On a very young bench, but we managed to cope city’s bench is very, very good. So having a bench like that for us, it was very, very motivating to see us winning such a game very inspiring. Remember everyone! Nothing can ever beat you with hard work with smart rock you’re, going to succeed, that’s a message for the kids out there, yeah I’m, very, very thrilled, as you can tell, but yeah without further ado. Let me get into the player ratings further much as I’ve said. It’S going to be very, very high scores for most of these players – probably the highest scores I’m going to give them this season. Since we study this season Martinez in Google I’m going to give him a 10 at Klayton. After helping us get a victory over Liverpool and today he saved everything everything that he had to save that mary shot from the right wing another shot from I I was it la porte, la patate. We had like three shots. Surprisingly, he also saved from a corner. So Martinez hanging the ball. The wheels kicking the ball perfect, no mistake today, ten out of ten for Martinez, and I actually could say Leno could struggle coming in into the lineup. But that is one position. I definitely don’t. Think we need to improve on both. Goalkeepers are really good, so 10 for Martinez. I tried back Bellary night wing back ballerina, and was he had for at fault for anything, no, actually, the he actually had the assist before they assist the pre assists.

He passed the ball to prepare to pass the ball to by mail. He also had a very, very good run. The first stuff played really well. I could hear that shouting at him in Spanish, at in the second half like around the 60th minute, very, very good performance. Again, people are talking about ting nails on that wing, but he started on the Left. Cedric was actually capped, I’d already played for Southampton in this competition, so Belle Irene had to start I’m going to give ballerina and nine. For today. The next one is oh by the ballerina is yours, a combination of Alexander, an old and who else was a vague and dani alves. Today, so Croydon was stuffy Maldini in the middle in the centre back position. She cried and maddening I’m going to give him I’m going to give him a nine. It could easily be a ten but I’m going to tell you. I gave him a nine in the first half, you made two mistakes and I was like: oh no, my staff has done it again. He actually gave the ball and almost considered so, but just because of that I’m going to be realistic and I’m going to give him a nine, it could easily have been a ten, but for that second half performance they even had to enjoy him and Sterling didn’t. Even get a cut but we’ll get back to that. Scrod and Medini gets a nine for me.

The next one is David Cannavaro Louise he his performance to be. That was a captain’s performance. Now that was like Cannavaro in the 2006, the World Cup final very, very good performance headed everything he needed to head out no joking around with passing at the back. In fact, during the first half there’s a couple of minutes, they tried to pass in from the back no mistakes, though so Louise again, for today, I have to give him a 10. It didn’t make any mistake. He cleared everything that came into that box or ten for David Luiz guaranteeing another ten before we started playing centre back the last two games. I never thought Cheney could play centre back. I had that he’s been there for Scotland, people are saying Preem centre back a couple of comments, saying he should play centre back and I was like no. We actually need him in the left wing cause of his crossing. You could actually see that Niles was struggling. A bit with the crossing, if ten years day, I could here could have created a lot more chances. A lot, two more chances. Sorry so Kevin Tina for today did what he had to do cleared everything in it took mayor Karen Roberto Carlos TampE gets attend. The next one is Maitland Niles Maitland nails I’m, going to give him a nine. I didn’t know he was going to play left wing back. I didn’t know he was going to start that game.

The reason I’m going to give you a nine because at the other half when you were tracking the crossing was a bit poor. He reached there lost the ball a couple of times. A couple of times should have brought the ball into the box early on, but he struggled with the left. Foot obviously could see that but I’m going to give Maitland Kafue Niles a nine for today. The next one is granite, Shaka, another faultless performance. If, if shock, I was playing like this every single game since the start of the season, we could have been top of the table right now, it’s, probably 110 points. You shut a place like this. If he stays in place like this next season, there is no team that is going to beat us no fouling, no silly yellow cards, no giving away the ball good passes. Good long passes taking oil pressure from us. We are going to win the title. If you have Chaka playing like that, every single day for today, Chaka I’m, going to give him a 9 for today, the next one is Danny Shaka. Who will I compare Shaka mmm? He was a combination of kunti and McInally in the middle, some some Viera type of play today. The next one is Danny. Santi, Cazorla sub bias water performance. What another great performance, although just went to it in the second half. We give away the balls that very sloppy Lanie almost considered, and I was like oh no.

I did have to do that and just for that – and I know it didn’t stand out as much as the other players I’m going to give some bias and eight the next one is Pepe got the assist. We can clearly see what we bought now I’m sure going to have a very good season season next campaign, Pepe for today, I’m going to give him what am I going to give that I’m going to give him an 8 for today of Bamiyan two goals missed A very good opportunity at first and I was actually checking ftv and I was actually checking Twitter and Facebook and Instagram and people are talking about Obama and all these missing chances in when it matters against Olympiakos against Burnley, never scores against big teams. Why does he always do that and then, after one minute, he gets another chance and his cause? I was actually watching the game with a couple of people and they are talking about. How did he miss that? Why did he miss that and I was like? I was actually also surprised, because I know by man 90 of the times he usually takes those chances and the second chance is got like a t score and in the second half we got a similar chance. One on against the goalkeeper and nine times out of ten is not going to miss that o’banion, always helping us the old season. I really hope he gets the top scorer in the Premier League, so by man for today was another game.

You have to give him a 10, so 10 4 by man, like I said, worked very hard again one of the month. I think one of the match against Liverpool worked very hard. Today had to start this game, we are seeing him coming to form a back again so, like I said I’m going to give him an 8 foot, they didn’t really get a lot of chances from the bench wheelock holding Collison at centre era. We look I’m going to give him I’m going to give them I’m going to give them all a 7. In fact, you can’t give them any I’m not going to give any on a below a 7 no standard fives. Today, everyone played very well. Everyone played the part and, at the end, the joy from the team. The way you can see it, the joy from all the players very very good, like that picture at the end, brought me to tears. In fact, brought me to tears during the game almost had a heart attack, but after the final whistle you could see the energy coming back to the team, so 7 5 run from the bench. Makena tetra gets a straight 10. I know how much he needed that victory of a pep guardiola, especially four weeks ago, cause four weeks ago. He actually beat us three nil, very, very downing that time, but you could clearly see we know. Some of these players are not that good, but they should energy and effort and I’m sure that is definitely coming from a Teta we’ve bitten Liverpool they’re that they’ve beaten, wolves, bitten, Sheffield, almost beat Leicester and lucky to lose at Tottenham, so very, very good results from A Teta he also beat my new ally all this year.

He also drew a chance with 10 men away from home, so you could see the energy from them so I’m really really happy with this performance. We have the final line two weeks time. Chelsea are playing United on Sunday, whichever team bring them on as Kevin Keegan normally says, or usually used to say or one side. I would love it if we beat them love it bring on Manchester United, bring on Chelsea any other team. I repeat of the lasses on 0 Polly lemon in the comment section who your man of the match was. Is there any plowed in trilliant press you, let me know, did they pretty much actually go as you expected it to go lemon everything in the comment section you’re super excited back to Wembley. You can tell I’m super excited. I’Ve actually recorded this like three times, I don’t know why I messed up whichever I’m going to put it out. Let’S celebrate this victory. Let’S wait for Aston Villa on Tuesday let’s wait for what for that there on the weekend we attend now Burnley one. I hope we can get that top seven. The top six let’s end the season. Well, this is pure motivation for ending the season. Let’S see how it goes. The referee gets that to really point is you’re not booking sterling, but yeah. Thank goodness.