So happy around that i’ll be giving you my thoughts on that. Also jorday or say tutu, if you don’t, know check out my loan report from last season on him. He has been linked to card if i’ll be giving my thoughts around that, and also following balogan, been linked with southampton and cardiff. This guy’s a wanted man. He really is so many teams want him uh. They wanted for an eight million potential transfer, so i’ll be giving my thoughts on that. But until then do you remember continue supporting the channel really does help continue to like subscribe and remember leave your comments below now. Let’S get started so after getting the deal for gabrielle, unofficially done arsenal going back and forth another little player in bakari, samari, defensive midfielder. If you don’t know, he is an absolute quality player, quality dm uh and i didn’t think that arsenal would be going in for him, because the 21 year old would be quite expensive for arsenal to go about and get just because he’s so highly rated. So talented, uh and he’s up there with the likes of ibrahim sangara as being two good defensively midfield players that has strength the height, the ability to win the ball uh and a decent work rate and for for samara. He would give us something key that we’ve. Never really had that height within the midfield that we haven’t seen through the good old hybrid days, seen with the likes of joe bower and vieira.

He would give us that ability again to have that aerial threat within midfield the ability to hold the ball up and also, more importantly, the defensive ability, the ability to win the ball within that midfield. Now i thought i would just take a bit of uh takes a bit of research into some stats on how he’s performed, and i can see exactly why arsenal are interested in samari. So i i frequently look at arsenal prospects who we could be signing and compared to the likes of all the other defensive midfielders that i had flagged the likes of sanghare, the likes of hoiberg on grillish, uh, tapia and um shikri. I mean this guy when it comes to defensive duels, one 67 of his defensive duels. He wins 67, and this is a player who’s, a regular first team player for lille. So you know this isn’t, a guy that just played and played a handful of games and those are his stats there. But his ability to win those defensive deals, which is where arsenal a lot of times. We either lose or you know we end up just being somewhere in the middle and then the second balls we don’t get. But this is a first step towards arsenal trying to fix this midfield. Now the talks are still pretty early days, but i mean all sources are saying that right now this is probably going to take upwards of about 30 million to get samari out of leo uh.

But you know also i’ve got the right connections. I mean they’re. Looking at at him and he’s only got two years left on his deal, which means this now is either the right time for lille to offer him a new contract or to sell and with arsenal coming in right now. This is a brilliant time for arsenal to go in there and say you know what we got. Gabrielle he’s done great. We got pepe last season, you know, he’s been you know, let’s bring in samara as well. We need you here is 30 mil 30 million pounds. That’S, what 35 million euros? I think that is maybe a good starting point, but that’s around the level that i expect arsenal to maybe try to get this player in you know. Maybe we could do some type of swap deal with guendouzi. I mean it’s still early days. I know there are talks of psg and all these other clubs in regards to grenduczy, but who knows, we have assets that can potentially be sold in order to finance this deal, and this is the type of deal that we want. It really is, i mean, let me just give you a shout out some of his other stats as well, that i took a look on our y scout, so uh ariel’s duels won over the course of the past season, uh 49. So half of the deals that he’s in not almost half the deals that he’s in he’s managing to get loose balls won overall 84 uh and he is what he’s he’s won.

Uh that’s 45 uh that he’s done pretty well and his interceptions are actually pretty good. As well in us interception a lot of times, that’s 60, so um again it’s still early days, but this is the type of signing that we want quality signings to strengthen this midfield. To give us exactly what we need is to provide that fluid flexibility in our midfield, and that is what samara would give, but leave your comments below on that. Next, i got ta talk about my guy jorday or say tutu he’s, a guy that i was following up from last season on loan as lona beauchamp. That came to an end about three four weeks ago now: uh and he had a really good loan and bochum were trying to get him on loan for another season. But unfortunately, arsenal have decided he’s had such a good season that they want to learn about to the championship and cardiff are said to be interested in george ayose, 2. 2. No wonder why i mean he has progressed through leaps and bounds and everything that he’s had to go through with uh the racial abuse that he got last summer, uh in the boat from pre season game – and you know a tearful, i’ll, say tutu. You know managing to overcome all of that being his first loan out uh as a professional as an arsenal, player and thing to go through that to progress to the point where butcher wanted him back, where i i’m loving the progress right now and it’s.

No wonder why cardiff are interested in him and it said that the cardiff manager is looking at him because he’s looking for that attacking fullback someone, that’s versatile as well, and if you don’t know in that, not only does he play right back in that he also Can play as a right midfield player, which is how beautiful a lot of the times is using him, and this is a good opportunity for him to learn uh continuing his progress, continue learning the defensive side of the game, and who knows you know he could come Back to arsenal, and maybe be able similar to soccer and be able to play, left back and uh left wing uh what likes what on the but on the right side. So this is a good opportunity for assay tutu to progress in that way, and also with the championship. We, as fans will then have a better idea on how he’s doing how does he stack up to a premier league level because it’s one thing seeing him at beauchamp? You know him progressing as he has been, but how would he then do where playing in england it’s going to be a lot more familiar to him, which i think is a good thing? How is he going to be able to promote being in the championship, which is a hard, a hard league to be in um, and who knows, you know um i’m, not familiar what cardiff has done previously, but maybe i’ll say tutus what cardiff needs in order to Progress, uh and potentially get promoted, uh next season to the premier league, and i will be definitely starting up my loan reports again uh and keeping you guys, uh really informed on how he’s going to be doing.

But this. This is great news for jorday or so tutu, so um yeah good for him. If this goes through and finally let’s talk about following balogan, he has been linked now with southampton uh as well as brentford in the championship. It is said that the young man is hot prospect and i can understand why. Uh there has been rumors, obviously within the uh arsenal, uh academy set up that he wanted to leave. This was kind of confirmed and at the end of june um and it’s understandable – and i talked about this briefly before in some of my previous videos. Obviously, he knows that there are many different players ahead of him and he’s not going to get that much game. Time and now said the southampton are looking at him, along with brentford i’m surprised to see southampton. Just because when you look at the amount of attacking players that southampton have – and i have a list of them here – you’ve got the likes of michael obafemi, you got che adams and you got danny ings um and yes, i guess balogan would make the fourth. But you really expect danny ings and obafemi to be like the main guys and che who couple seasons ago was lighting it up on fire. I think against birmingham city um in the championship and he’s come to southampton and hasn’t really kicked on as much as i think. A lot of people would have thought arsenal were also interested in him at one point, but i expect jay adams to get more chances at southampton and it looks like they’re going off to baligan, probably not to be obviously in the first team, but probably be more As a rotational player for southampton i’d be quite surprised if he gets game time, but when you think of they’ve only got three kind of strikers, you probably have to expect that baligan, for the most part, is going to be a rotational player and it will probably Give him good experience so, if you’re a southampton fan watching this, this is probably a good deal.

Uh same thing with brentford i mean brentford. They’Ve got they’ve lost a lot of good players in recent years, and i know that their striker has been linked away from brentford, so having a guy like balogan to come in, uh would be for them really good. Um and chances are he’d, probably get more. First team minutes playing at brentford rather than southampton. However, you’ve got to think about it, who’s the one that’s going to be paying his wages there’s stories that he’s had interest from lots of other clubs. I believe wolfsburg are interested in him as well, and i think juventus are also interested in as as well and you just got ta. He just got ta ask himself like what’s the best thing for him. You know um. Is it all about the money? Is it all about the game time, and i mean a young player i’ve heard his camp talking about money and yeah, i mean either way. I think that he’s going to be talented, i think whatever the case is he’s going to be at least a good player at the very least so it’d be interesting to see him at southampton’s because he might see them in the premier league against arsenal. But if i’m baligan you go to brentford mate, you know they’re going to give you the game time you want and it’s uh brentford are probably going to get promoted next season. So again, he’ll get a good.

First team set up good opportunity to play. First team minutes, which i think will be it’ll, be good for him, but who knows what’s going on with these young players now it’s all about money, so i wouldn’t be surprised to see him go to one of the giants like um, like juventus or maybe even Like a bayern munich and go within their academy set up just because the money is better but let’s see what really happens around that, but guys. Thank you very much for watching the video right now. Please do continue to leave your comments below and i love all the support. That’S been happening over the last couple of videos.