The show that keeps you up to date with players that we link with a summer transfer move to arsenal brought to you today by the guys from who to be the guys who make those brilliant awesome. Inspired. T shirts um time to get into the transfers. Now you may have gone under the radar a bit yesterday, but arsenal announced two signings cedric, sores and, of course, pablo murray. Of course, we know they’ve already been at the club, and we knew this was gon na happen, but it was uh officially announced yesterday that both of them have signed for the club. Um marry a 8 million pound deal, of course, from flamingo uh left footed center. Back, we didn’t really get a chance to see a lot of him because he got injured um literally as soon as they. The uh restart um after the covid break. Um looks decent, got a big task ahead of him um in that center back roll, because we’ve been looking for a good center back for ages, but he has officially signed from flamingo and cedric, of course, um officially signed from southampton. He was here on a free transfer again, another guy. We didn’t really get to see a lot of um he’s been injured literally since he came in was kind of used sparingly after the break as well did score. A goal got his first um arsenal goal, but both of them now are fully fledged arsenal players, both of them uh signing on officially uh yesterday.

So those are, in effect, two signings, two more signings. That arsenal have made, although we’ve kind of known about those ones for a little while the one that we all want to see announce and it could be today. Um is the one for gabrielle uh gabrielle. As i said for the past, where how long we’ve been going on that this one now um, but it is done, it is gon na um get announced. Um could be today could be tomorrow um, but it is done, and it was really interesting. Reading some of the quotes from his agent um, who said – and these are his quotes, he said arsenal was nowhere near the best proposal. Money wise gabrielle chose them over more lucrative offers because edu convinced us of the project – it’s 100 edu, gaspar and arteta. So that’s great news when you hear an agent saying that you know um edu who’s looking after all these transfers alongside arteta, of course now is able to convince a player that yo. You know what all right, you might have a bigger offer elsewhere, but arsenal’s project look at the exciting things we’re looking to do. That, for me, is good news when you hear that, of course, he’s having a big influence edu at the moment on any signing of any player that is um, brazilian and uh. You know, i think what’s that going to be about five brazilians at the club and, if you add into it pablo murray he’s, not brazilian but he’s, playing over in brazil there’s a big brazilian influence um coming in at arsenal at the moment, willian david luiz gabrielle.

Now martinelli, you know so um lots and lots of brazilians um at the club and that will help them all to settle in and hopefully they can all have a great season. But the gabrielle won, as i said, a big coup. Uh manchester united fans still raging um at ed woodward for not getting that deal done so that shows you how good a player he is and again another left footed centre back a lot of competition gon na be there in that center back roles and, of course, All of these players coming in means that a lot of players could need to go out it’s funny, um. I was chatting to a friend of mine um a couple of days ago, and it was exactly that i was talking to her about. I was going. You know what we’re all focusing on at the moment on all these players that are coming in or we want to come in. However, there’s going to be a lot of players, um they’re, going to be on the move this summer, a lot of players from arsenal. Surprisingly, one of those link would have moved away yesterday. Um hector bellerin now, reports coming out of france there’s a publication called rmc they’re saying that arsenal are prepared to sell hector bellerin um to psg they’ve, offered him to psg psg at the moment, they’re. Looking for a right back and he’s been offered um hector bellerin to psg. Now whether these stories are true or not, i don’t know um.

I saw some people suggesting the fact that the other day when hector bellerin was away. He was pictured smoking that hasn’t helped him. I mean again uh um. I spoke about this the other day in the podcast with dt. If our guys on holiday listen i’m, not a smoker, but if somebody’s away on holiday he’s, not at arsenal when he puts a in his mouth, he wants to have a fact. So what i mean it’s, not the greatest thing to do. As a footballer, we know it’s not great for your health but it’s not illegal, and that wouldn’t be the reason why you’re gon na sell a player so that’s absolutely ridiculous, but he has been linked with a move away. Will arsenal try and cash in on bellerin bellerin’s? Still only 25 he’s got a long contract, he’s still a big name in football in terms. Would they cash in on him that’s going to be an interesting one to see um what happens? Ainsley maitland niles yesterday move link with a move away to wolverhampton wanderers. I even had the guys from talking wolves getting in contact with me very excited, saying robbie tell us what he’s like, because you know. Basically, if you see the stories out yesterday on sky news, virtually saying that he’s going to wolves from what i understand, that is not a done deal yet, but again it does look like he is on his way out: um ainsley, making the knives they are going To cash in on him and again, i’m, quite sad about this one because, as i said, it’s taken him time to get up to the level where he is to me now he is that level.

Why are we selling him? I just don’t understand this one, but it is going to happen. It looks like arsenal, you know where they’re buying players, but they need to raise funds they’re, not flush with cash we’ve, seen it with their making, um staff, redundant, etc. They’Re, obviously not flash with cash. So they’re looking to make sales to bring players in um, and this is all part of the transition process – i’m, just a bit sad. That ainsley is one of those because to me i would have liked to have seen arsenal hold on to ainsley um, but it does look like uh ainsley’s on his way out and, as i said, wolves seem to be at the moment the favorites to sign him. Although i’m hearing i’m for a source that’s not only wolves, there are a lot of other clubs interested in him and that’s not a done deal yet. But i think if he did go to wolves they’d be getting himself a good player who would suit the system in which they play syed kolasinac again, another player linked with a move away. He’S not had a great time of it. Um under arteta tetra was playing him sort of tried him at left back. It hasn’t really worked out. We all remember that game against tottenham, where he was playing in the left of a free where he gave the ball away. You know he he’s he’s. A really strange player this guy and i mean at times he can be really good, because a really strong, um physical player brings a lot of physicality to that arsenal team, but other times defensively can be quite poor and he came in with quite a big reputation.

Um from shoukra over there in germany – and he hasn’t really fulfilled it. We, you know we got him in on a free but he’s on very high wages, also looking to get him off the wage bill and the rumors are that shalka want to bring him back. Um to germany to the bundesliga and have made an inquiry about him, and there was a lot of rumors going around that he’s on his way to schalke. Now. I think we’re gon na have to wait and see on this deal, because our schalke gon na be able to afford his wages he’s on a lot of money, even paying half his wages on. You know, looking at the sort of wages that shall pay, even their highest earner is on nowhere near the sort of money that kolasinac is on. So for a player to accept a loan deal. You know he’s going to want to get paid, so it’s going to be interesting to see if that one does actually go through, but the 27 year old link would have moved back to schalke the club um in which we got him from and uh we’ll have To see how that one turns out yet another person link with a move away is sam greenwood, really promising youngster uh for arsenal can play as a striker anywhere across the forward line out wide good player, uh 15 goals and six assists in ‘ games in arsenal’s. Under 18s 12 goes 12 goals in 14 caps for england under 17.

. So you can see a very talented player, um manchester united interested in him. You know they want another greenwood and also leeds united, very interested in him, as well. Arsenal said to want about 1.5 million to get that deal done, um again, it’s a bit sad that a lot of uh the sort of arsenal promising youngsters um could be on their way out even before they’re, given a chance to really have a crack at it. In the first thing, we know that arsenal have been pretty good at fast tracking through players into the first team, but it looks like some of those players sort of in the youth squads growing a bit impatient. They want to play florian balogans, another one you know wants to play, but just not getting that chance to play at the moment been linked with a move to uh stuttgart um over there in germany, of course, uh that’s, where sven mislintat is he’s already taken the Rapidness on loan mislintat for the season, he’s interested southampton, also interested as well arsenal said to one about eight million pounds for him um. So they want to get money in as much as possible as they can um. But is it worrying that so many of these young players are looking to go it’s, not just a problem for us we’ve seen arsenal take a couple of young players um recently from other clubs, but is it a problem that some you know it looks like we’re Going to be losing some of these very talented young players, even before they really get a chance to blossom, we all saw serge canavery, the other night right and we’re thinking to ourselves.

Oh, we don’t want balogan, or this sam green would have to be another search. Can every you know um, but at the end of the day, these players, when they’re in the youth, setups they’re on quite short contracts and if they want to play and they don’t, want to sign new deals. Then you’re kind of forced to sell him it’s that it’s that’s the case of balogun he’s got about a year left. But if he’s saying he wants to leave, you’ve got to cash in on him right now and try and get that eight million. Rather than see him leave for nothing um to go anywhere, he wants to go so it’s a balancing act for arsenal um when doozy. We all know that he’s on his way out um. We all know that arteta doesn’t fancy him um there’s been big problems with gwen doozy, but where is he gon na end up again psg linked with a move for gwen doozy um they’re, very interested in him? According to l’keep um, the french publication and they’re keeping tabs on him arsenal would love to sell doozy for as much as possible, really try and cash in on him so that they can use that money to possibly um try and get the thomas party deal done. Um at the moment, there’s no sort of obvious team that’s coming for gwen doozy, but psg are said to be interested. Obviously, clubs like us would like it to hear that psg are interested because psg do have money um, but we’re gon na have to wait and see how that one works out it doesn’t look like gwen doozy would be on the move out and i’ll still in For another player from lille, already got nicola, pepe got um and now we’ve got uh gabrielle now we’re looking for another player from lille, this guy here bubakari sameer of lille he’s a 21 year old midfielder um defensive midfielder, now they’re looking on him as an alternative Of course, to party party, as we know, is a very expensive deal: 45 million release clause which arsenal do not want to pay.

Will they move for this guy samir as an alternative um paid 30 times for lille last season played at the weekend against uh renz came off. Actually, he doesn’t seem to get on very well with the management over there. Um, the 21 year old and he’s said to be keen on a move nearly moved to newcastle in the january transfer window, but it didn’t quite come off. Uh currently valued around about 20 to 25 million pounds. Arsenal said to be interested in him. Could they go back in for another little player, who’s, getting it by all the players from lille at the moment, um i’ll tell you what that club little right. If you look at some of the money that they’ve made on players over the past couple of seasons – pepe 75 million – is it that on ocean if they sold to napoli that’s about another 70 million gabrielle, you know going up to 25 odd million jeez. They are made of some serious profit, this guy sameer. Here he does look like if it’s not arsenal, it’s going to be on the move. This summer i mean these clubs make some serious money. Look at borussia dortmund, some of the money that they’ve made over the years. You know so you know, buying players, you’ve got to be shrewd. You’Ve got to know what you’re doing in buying players. You know what i mean, and i think also trying to adopt that as well they’re trying, if you notice the type of player they’re trying to get at the moment if you kind of take the loan deals and the free transfer deals out of it.

You know where they’ve gone, for free transfers of guys like cedric and william um. Look at the other deals that they’ve done. You know saliva very young gabrielle, very young players, that if it doesn’t work out, they can sell them on and try and retrieve that their money. If it does work out great for the club and if they do have to sell them, you can sell them for a king’s ransom. That seems to me the policy that also trying to um adopt at the moment and looking for players of the future, and i think that’s the right way to go. You know i mean we’ve had so many signings that we’ve made over the years that have just not made sense um, both on the pitch and economically so looks like arsenal sort of getting their act together. Um on the transfers and good to know that edu seems to be out there and seems to be talking a good game when it comes to getting some of these transfers over the line. So who’s coming in and who’s going out, it’s going to be what’s going to be interesting to see, and will we hear anything more about gabrielle today, let’s wait and see, but thanks for watching the show today, i will be back tomorrow robbie here from aftv. We just want to say a big thank you to everybody who follows us across our various channels. Over a million followers on youtube, don’t forget you can now also catch us on reddit we’re on reddit, so get involved with us on reddit and also on tick.