But who is going to lift the community shield here? We go then chris sutton, annie and dark for the first time in the new season: Applause: Music. 50 times, but only five times ever in this stadium, first we’ll have the national anthem sung by emily hague. Music, not yet match fit not available for this game, including alex lacazette. Both are carrying short term injuries so 19 year old nico will, if, in unprecedented circumstances, liverpool kick off andy robertson waiting to back to the end struggling to get it already. We’Ve seen nico williams, backed up by robertson because of delicious ball towards salah tierney just as well. He was in the way yeah transformino another movement by liverpool. Why? Nothing is the player brought down Applause robertson to curl it in and liverpool have the lead, but the flag is up. It will not count well just another check on the the goal decision said no to that so it’ll be just as last season van dyk’s got a bit of work to do with previous to him, we’re just a little bit too soft. It keeps it an able deputy williams to get the cross in and milner with the header. That was a pretty good chance. In fact, big chance should score james milner or to obama young looking one and scoring again at wembley, pierre aubameyang Applause, absolutely magnificent! You’D back him every time in that sort of situation to hit the target – and he has well arsenal – need to get this guy tied down and tied down quickly brilliant goal.

Just wonder: nico williams, Music! You don’t want him coming on his annie tierney there bursting to get forward the age of 43 it’s been announced in the last uh, which may have just caught niko williams eye to play today, but in the end, they’ve decided not to risk him gomez holding ground. Holding it’s uh rumor that newcastle wouldn’t mind taking him bring it forward. He’S got sucker to his outside arsenal, looking dangerous again here and then katie was arriving and he’s a real talent. This led bukai wasaka, taking the corner kick now to wine. Album Applause and ketia didn’t have to break stride, Music, allowed him to Applause towards williams and then good movement here mion are trying to burst salah milner good stuff back from the long period where he was playing at celtic when he was injured, sideway now them and Ketty is on the chase and i think he’s from gomez sloppy from liverpool again middle of the park, looking to call one in behind here for sally o’mani, as williams, picks it up aubameyang, getting back and even find out his sucker and ketiah another chance arsenal of The team carrying the threat at the moment here, yeah to money, getting picked for big games, though milner lovely ball here. Some work to do lovely touch from him money. Little flick well found by firmino robertson little give and go there yeah, not enough for him to the give and go got the other side of bellarin robertson won the heck salah start to kick in money.

Curling it louise oh touch and go that good ball in the knee roberts. Another lovely ball andrew robertson, dundee united, but too long for man. I might see him later today as well joe gomez trying his luck he’s with his new haircut robertson with another attempted assist, and he is the main source of today. Arsenal i’ve only had two proper training sessions, as firmino tries maitland, niles, hey robertson with another cross. How many have there been and van dyke was on the back post just caught on the back foot as it came through to him you’re right, he was on his back, might be a better idea. Teeny gets it back again bouncing it took a deflection on the way through and will be a corner. Applause sucker good early ball, didn’t quite work for end. In this first half he has no right to win that duel.