. This video may have team a dream: 11 match arsenal versus liverpool in the fa community shield, so friends, coffee laid a decision and overall i will still take liverpool favorites in this match, because premier league championship overall squad. Definitely liverpool are a better team. It is potentially healthy at this current stage. I would celebrate our favorites but, as i said, a glorified friendly hair and i think managers focus team combinations, but once again i think we can we should be prepared for any result. I will still go for a liverpool of Music last season, but he’s a very good player and i think definitely target hoga is season in terms of overall play with both target hawking goal scoring wise output improved. So i think he will be a very good option for this match most likely friends club and he will play for some other club, apparently uh number one goalkeeper. Obviously, both excited arsenal fans about him he’s, a player joe saint, at the end from the french league. Most likely he will go to real with arsenal. Now let us talk about liverpool, allison hungary, gold, keeper in trent, alexander, arnold, pre, season, friendlies and participants, fitness approach and he will be in the squad, so maximum passing percentage say he should complete. Around 50 60 passes in this match, but friends, we cannot rely on him so much because he shall match. The palestinians is very. Very good. Even salaka is not too is a very important thing, although mane is a great option.

Also in this match obama vice captain captain once again, it is, is another good option because and katya is a decent player. Genki pre season friendly form is good defenseman. I think i would recommend those city in liverpool defender van dyke and robertson. Definitely, i would recommend amazing attacking potential, especially robertson williams, most likely trained kids. I would still call it good possibility, but uh, i think, a proper risky teammate, a very risky team. In fact, no salah. No for me no aubameyang, captain and kettie, and my team saka in my team money. Vice captain vineland, weird combination. Keita, can be an excellent. I think grand league may vice captaincy pick for a team. Defenseman donald wing, backspace, niles, cedric, hilton, cedric and robertson and burnt leno is the goalkeeper, so this is sort of a preview for arsenal versus liverpool um as i’m. Watching. I think coffee interesting matches should be entertaining, but in terms of fantasy i think once again investment, because this is a glorified friendly, so anyways uh. This is um anyways perspective. So once again, i got a preview person make sure you hit the like button subscribe to our channel share it with your friends. Follow us on all our social media, handles twitter telegram website and instagram.