Two teams in europe in three days is something that doesn’t happen every day, credit to the players, the way they are standing they are fighting, they are believing and the chemistry that they have generating between them to go through difficult moments in the game, but as well To play some really good stuff and score the goals that we scored today, we’re, not ready enough and semi finals against teams in the level. If you don’t play 90 minutes in a good performance, these kind of things happen. You talk about not being ready enough. Why do you think that was no? We didn’t play good okay. Why do you think that was then human being? Sometimes we don’t play good. The opponent play good and sometimes it happens, two more goals for pierre emerick aubameyang. You said this week, you’re confident they will stay at arsenal. Does games like this results like this getting to finals? Hopefully it will help him to be more convinced that we are going in the right direction. How much we need him, how we believe in him and and as well, how much the people, the fans and our players like him. I think the mind just mentioned before we have to suffer together in times like this and games like this, and when we get the ball we want to play. We want to play well and but we know sometimes well five minutes spells 10 minutes spelled. We won’t have the ball at all and we just need to stick together.

I think tonight, we’ve done that we showed great character and um defensively were very good and we took probably quite a bit of confidence from the liverpool result as well. We know your relationship with pep we’ve spoken to pep and he’s, understandably very disappointed. Have you had a chance to speak to him at all? No, i just high five and mastered the game and wishing that nothing will change i’m trying to win football games. For my club and he’s trying to do the same, we are both very competitive and i love him like yesterday, or this morning same way: yeah they’re friends, they’ve been colleagues for such a long time. It was always going to be an intriguing match up the master against the apprentice, and obviously you know he knows him better than anybody. Doesn’T mean michael arteta knows pep guardiola and he knew exactly the tactics to employ yeah and you can see the lessons learned from the last time they played in their first game. Back from the restart. I want to highlight first of all their front line, because defending does always start from the front and what arsenal did was set traps let’s, force manchester city to play balls where we are gon na be ready. Doubling up you’ve got um maitland niles right there, aubameyang it’s, like they’re, setting traps once again. Okay, we can’t go the other way, let’s force them to play it down this side to sterling and once again, you’ve got hector doubling up pepe doubling up.

Fourth, in the back, if they can’t go wide, we’ll be ready for when they do come through the middle, and we see it again, two players ready to win the ball, and this was arsenal’s pattern throughout the game and it was a game plan executed to perfection And and they were gaining momentum gaining confidence. So when the first goal came, it was a thing of beauty, wasn’t it yeah it was. You know what citizens i mean they defended so well, but when they get the ball into positions, where you think i would possibly hoof it and say get out, but but they they seem like they’ve been told, don’t panic i’m, allowing you to play. You know just pass the ball to each other. Give the person on the ball an option when it’s ready to go forward we’ll go forward. If you watch it the options that the player on the ball has okay, yes, you have to go back to the keeper. The keeper keeps it simple: it’s, a bounce and it’s a bounce out wide there’s, always a spare man doesn’t matter how many people you have squeezing there’s, always a spare man, and then they get up the pitch they get into the final third – and this is where They become pokemon, absolutely beautiful. This whole goal from start to finish it’s, like you just said, dion it’s, that patience waiting, not rushing and obama yang the chance he had before that which he did miss, but to finish this one with the outside of his foot.

So much more difficult than the chance he missed wasn’t it to score to actually get that on target is so difficult to put it away from the goalkeeper and put it off. The post is it’s an amazing finish, but is it a purple patch and so going forwards? Obviously, at that point, they’ve got confidence but actually defensively. You want to have a look at how much they work together, because there are times a season where it would not be an understatement to say: there’s there’s look to be a bit of a soft underbelly yeah. This is going to surprise a lot of people. I’Ve wrote down some words here and i’m talking about arsenal’s defense, organized good positional play bodies on the line, and the last one makes the last one david, louise excellent, now now i’ve, given david, louise, so much rubbish through the whole of a season. You’Re not good enough, you know defender today he was absolutely brilliant. He martialed the defense. They all worked together, aubameyang’s back there, helping out they all defended together. They all attacked together. I think that’s, the thing leon what we saw in this game. It was a pride in their defending if they skipped past one player. There was another arsenal player backing them up. There was this real sense of urgency in their defending today. You know you know what. Today i seen i seen um a professional arsenal, very professional footballing performances, david luiz, diving in mustafi, diving in it’s very much a don’t.

Let them score. They cannot score under any circumstances for us to score a goal as defenders they don’t score. That’S kind of the goal they have to have is the mindset look at this it’s that but it’s that togetherness, which obviously michael arteta, alluded to as well didn’t. He there and the players that he’s obviously had to really kind of put an arm around and get involved, because who knows how much money, if any he’s going to have to spend this summer, so he’s going to have to work with potentially what he’s got and What he’s done with this team in a quick turnaround is make the players believe in his vision, because that’s not easy to do what they did today, pressing from the front defending the way they did and that’s the players, believing in their manager’s vision, 66 goals of Yang has now scored for arsenal in all competitions. He grabbed the second today, but you know highlighting his whole overall performance just how important he is and how they need to get him to resize. Yeah again, you know he’s only he’s, only just making his way forward. Now because he was defending yet again the batman’s there he’s found his way into the middle of the pitch, but then he sees the ball has been rolled back to tierney walker, garcia and rodri have got nowhere near and obviously his pace is is a lot quicker Than they are, but if composure, when you get yourself into positions where you think you can score a goal that’s when you calm down that’s, when you go eyes cool and he does it every single time, he’s one player that michael arteta and arsenal have to keep Hold of keep hold of him, you can draw the players in and there’s a potential, obviously for european football if they win the fa cup, which would be another big factor in in retaining a player like him yeah and the financial implications, what it does for the Club as well – and they know that this is their best route, as well as the history for arsenal that they have and the love affair they have with the fa cup it’s.

Special and arteta knows that, and in terms of man city pep said they just weren’t good enough, you know, is there anything else? Do you think that you could put their performance down to you? No i’m sure i know one shot on top of the city is incredible: lots and lots of the ball again. They probably had more of the ball than arsenal did but it’s just arsenal better simple, as that and it’s, not very not the often you could say that about and city in this period, i’ve actually had moments where they’ve been as brilliant and sublime as they have Been ever yeah and they might be next game, they might be next game, but today they got outplayed out fought and they didn’t win the game they didn’t deserve to win the game. Tough isn’t. It though, an empty wembley’s, tough though yeah, but i think arsenal rose to the occasion and it was arsenal shutting down manchester city today. Thank you very much alex dion as always loved your company redemption, um aubameyang will get the headlines. Aubameyang got the goals. We cannot skirt over the arsenal defensive performance today, because, if there’s, one thing that you and your fellow punders have really criticized heavily – and quite rightly at times over the last few years, it’s arsenal defensively. They were solid today, yeah that’s, with the area where they’ve always let himself down that’s been their achilles hill for many a year, but today against a fantastic manchester city team they performed perfectly.

I think he was a standout performer. You only win a game with a clean sheet if you score goals and did that today, that’s now 66 in 106.. Those are some decent numbers, robin you’d be proud of numbers like that right, uh yeah, just about i don’t think i reached that. I don’t know it took me a bit longer, he’s great though he was especially good today, the goal that he scored in the second half to make it two nil. After the miss in the first half it was a clinical finish yeah. It was a great pass from uh tini um. Let me see i hear so here’s the build up so that’s nice he’s coming back and then the run he spots he sees where the danger is, and then he has the pace but as well. The control here extra touch there just to find the space through the legs yeah. Thank you, it’s a great goal. The composure was fantastic played on there by by mendy, but the young center half garcia’s got to see that you’ve got to know who you’re playing against there’s pace, who are willing to run in behind you’ve, got to try and cover that area, but once he’s in There, i think, martin said it in commentary. He reminds you a little bit of thierry when he’s bearing down on goal like that. He just opens himself up and in the end, places it through the keeper’s leg.

It’S a fantastic finish. I mean mikael arter has to take huge credit. The way you set them up today, you can’t come through the middle go wide and we will hurt you on the counter go on robin rio. What i like as well is that, just before he actually takes his shot, he has a quick look: 9 out of 10 strikers. Don’T really do that so he’s still, even even when he’s under pressure defender is coming in. He still has that look to see. If someone else his colleague is is more open to score the goal, you think he’s.