There also versus city at wembley stadium for the fa cup semi, and now this is probably gon na, be the best chance for arsenal to get into europa league next season. Uh even doing it through the league stand ins right now is not looking too great. We should do it, but you never know what’s gon na happen in the league um, especially with arsenal’s form, sometimes we’ve been playing good and then um, sometimes obviously really terrible, but we did get the win against liverpool. The other day, which was a nice result for us, especially going into this game against manchester city in this fa cup, tie um. I would say manchester city are the favorites going into this game, but, of course, with arsenal beat in liverpool um the other day and it being the fa court. Anything can happen in the fa cup and regardless of league positions and form um and also obviously do enjoy playing in the fa cup as well. We’Ve won it more than any other team in england, and so we can can we add to that tally this season. Hopefully we can and we, as you can see, on the screen right now on fifa 20. When we played the game, we actually went through and scored an early goal. So if also can get an early goal in this match, that would be absolutely superb. It will set us up nicely and we played well against liverpool. The other day we defended well after going in front two goals to one um.

So hopefully, if we do get another goal, we can do a similar kind of defensive job, as we did against liverpool and get ourselves through for another wembley appearance. This season, which would be nice, wanted two late wembley appearances in this in the season, which has been an absolutely shocking season, not just for arsenal but for the whole league with the coronavirus stuff and all that it’s been a bit of a shocker, but hopefully next Season we can get back to some kind of normality and then hopefully every team can push on and challenge liverpool for the premier league title it’s going to be an interesting summer as well. Of course, the summer transfer window is close to opening and we’ll see. If arsenal are going to be in there with some transfer business there’s been rumors that there’s not going to be a lot so it’s going to be a little bit tricky for the gunners and for mikhail arteta. But of course it does mean that we have william celiba joining us ready for next season, as well, so i’m sure he’s going to be a good addition to our backline. There was a little bit of bad news, though, for arsenal martinelli he’s, going to be out for the rest of the year, um, so that’s a bit of a blow for the gunners, oh no we’re, giving the ball away agrera going through, but david louise. What an absolutely fantastic piece of defending there from here was a great challenge, got in his foot and stopped the shot from sergio aguero.

Who was definitely going to bang that one into the back of neville 25 minutes gone here at wembley stadium, it’s still arsenal who lead they scored 20 minutes ago and we’re looking forward here for another jaco tried to play across the middle of goalkeeper, just paris it Out and thankfully for city, their defenders were there before the arsenal players so moving on. Then 15 minutes remaining in this first half, and it is all city since arsenal have scored we’ve had a couple of decent chances. Uh but really city are looking the most likely to score. The next goal here is raheem sterling, then, for city on this near side plays it back and that’s a nice ball in forward for de bruyne and his teammate. Of course, he’s not gon na miss from there um, just on the edge of the six yard box. Sergio aguero, he ties things up here at wembley, steady, walk straight through the sponsor boards as well. That shows you how powerful the boy is, but there we go we’ve done it again. Great animations! There ea well done uh, but good play there from kevin de bruyne. He totally did the defender wrong. Foot of them played it across the middle of the area, and there is the main man sergio aguero premier league legend. Of course one of my favorite manchester city plays and from totally honest as well um. So i don’t really mind him scoring, but of course, we still have plenty time to try and get ourselves a widow.

What what ten minutes just under in this first half here is aguero, lays that one off for jacques jacket hits it but straight into the path of edison, and it was a simple save there in the end there for the brazilian goalkeeper granit xhaka would probably expect Him to smash that one into the back of the net, but it is going to be an arsenal corner. Then one won. The scoreline corner gets swung in and headed clear there by manchester city and is aguero going to get that no, he isn’t bellarine’s. First, there bellamy plays the one in the middle and lacazette. This time gets past. His marker pulls it back the shot. Is there? Oh, my god. What was that nicholas pepe this time with the effort and again, you would have really expected that one to be flying into the top corner and into the background to give arsenal a 2 1 lead, but it wasn’t to be a simple save. Once again, for the goalkeeper two great chances and for arsenal and we’ll just fluff them both but here’s a good chance end of the start of the second half pepe, again cuts inside shoots and off the line there by finandina. I think that one was flying into the back of the net and maybe one last chance. Another goalkeeper gets down and quickest to it and the score still then, arsenal won manchester city. One arsenal looking a little bit more hungry right now, looking most likely to get this next goal and there is pepe with the inception but loses it to zychenko he’s going to get it back there, no he’s not twisting and turning manchester city keep possession on that.

Far side and pepe there once again but he’s, giving it away this time. What is he doing sterling to phil foden, throwing across the middle mustafi whoa? What are arsenal doing now? This is the typical arsenal defense, which we know just tapping it to each other, giving it away and then obviously almost giving the ball away to uh for an easy chance, but thanks for it, thankfully i will get my words out, thankfully, for us riyad mahrez could Not get his head up on target, so score is still all level 1 1 here at wembley stadium and rob holding this time, giving the ball away to raheem sterling that one’s played through shot. Is there phil foden and he absolutely levels that one into the back of there and manchester city have taken the lead for the first time in today’s, game and phil. Ferdin runs straight up to his manager, guardiola guardiola and just over 20 minutes to play then can manchester city hold on or can also fight their way back into this match. But look at this great finish here from phil ferdin. It was a good ball from aguero. I think he was just laid that one through and then the first time finish for phil photos. Actually the captain today and i don’t think that is the case in real life. But then again i don’t really know um, who is the manchester city um captain now let’s carry on then 15 minutes remaining also running out of time, then here at wembley stadium and as you can see it is manchester, is still in possession and there’s good organ Tried to play that one through gets it back good little play from him.

He’S got aguero in the middle who’s just been marked now, but city being patient. They don’t need to rush they’ve got the goal. They’Ve got the lead here as aguero hits it across the keeper and from out of nowhere. They were playing patiently and a little bit of luck goes their way, but poor defensive positional play there from arsenal and sergio aguero scores his second goal of the match, and that is manchester city’s. Third, which means of course, they have a two goal. Lead arsenal got a lot of work to do not much time remaining on the clock. Maybe martinez should have done better there with the prisoner positioning of himself, but just over 10 minutes ago, then can arsenal find anything and to give themselves a little bit of um. Look into the final 10 minutes come on. Boys we’ve actually got final three minutes now and yet again it is city who are on the attack, but also do have possession, but it’s, not looking good is it for the gunners here is danny. Cebellos plays that one over the top pepe is on side. Does he have support not really just yet now he does what’s pepe going to do plays across the middle lacazette was just behind the defender there and lose control there from cebellos, but somehow um city do get the ball clear. Final few minutes – and here is lacazette lacazette’s – not really had much to say in this game.

If i’m totally honest someone’s playing four there, here’s bellerin, maybe one last chance here for arsenal – played that one back but fernandinho again, good positional play from city and they have just defended really well the whole game. Haven’T they and like that tread lay that one through there for pepe, but it wasn’t feet and the final whistle blows. Then here at wembley stadium, it is arsenal hugo out and manchester city do progress through to the final and another appearance at wembley stadium in the fa cup, so big disappointment here for arsenal. Hopefully this doesn’t happen in the game later on today, in real life, we want the chance to lift a trade, for this season would be a nice way to end the year. Well, there you go city, take it three goals to one leave a like.