No doubt the fans feel much the same way too rushed towards the front line and it’s like a set like as it spreads it wide Applause, Applause, silver, sterling Applause Arsenal, get it back again, stuffy credit, checkup Faline. The defense can get it clear picture. Barron bring up some magic on the right hand. Side keeps everyone guessing turns and goes back. Don’T forget. The early signs are very encouraging. Now, Applause, good challenge, he just stood firm, teddie, finish he’s gone away with one Applause. Silver arsenal have had plenty of possession but few if any genuine chances and it’s silver silver with a ball through and the finish Applause David Luiz, Mustafi Applause driving on now. What can I country from here it’s nice, to loot? One option play for a throw Applause away from immediate danger: he’s good for it it’s broken loose big relief in silver sterling well position to make that interception. He acknowledges that he should have come up with something better there. The idea was good, though Peter, and I liked the run that triggered the past, but the quality was the problem. Baris gets into the right position to intercept Applause: fifteen minutes till halftime, Lauren hi towards the flank this moon, flag; Applause picture; baron Pop’s it up field; Applause, timely intervention, Applause, Kyle Walker, nice to get it forward quickly tries a through ball. These cutter shots Applause, David Luiz, it’s, an entertaining game. This teams have had chances but it’s still nil, nil, except I read, like I said sterling sterling Applause.

Brother Chuck up whistle goes for halftime. He calls at this stage for certainly not devoid of action. It is bill lil here at halftime. Here we go again, then Ashville can feel really happy with themselves the scoreline doesn’t back it oh, but they played with urgency and purpose and can’t afford to lose patience in this second half they’ve got a persevere, Hector berry, stuffy except I read and it’s like a Set Applause de Bruyne Applause looks to flip it through the referee has bought that I’m, not sure. I have Troy your own conclusions. I’Ve told mine arsenal have conceded a penalty here, players to testing 1931 Dale or dispatched waves. Certain things you could feel the tension as he stepped up to take that, but it didn’t bother him and he tucked it away perfectly deadlock, broken it’s, one mill or whatever the manager said in that dressing. Room at halftime it’s worked a treat now. The pass Applause David Luiz, Oh stuffy, it’s, not about singling someone else yeah and, if they’re, going to try and stop them in this fashion, Peter they’re gon na really test the referees patience from him. Applause, Shh Applause, we rounded shucker with the short one trusses live in low Applause, silver Arsenal chasing a one goal deficit here: Applause low forward pass Greenwich occur your impression so far. Jim arsenal are now matching their opponents blow for blow, despite the scoreline, no shrinking violets out there well to step in that was old and necessary sterling during full steam ahead down the left flank he’s, offering an apology for that.

He needed to deliver a better ball. Hector buried, looks like a good ball through Applause or well defended that had to be done. Get that clear Applause. This is going that’s, a foul Applause since we’re talking to, I think. Yes, it is Applause say that shot was traveling sterling Applause now working very hard to get it wide. Now, Jim yeah, that’s, that’s, true and it’s, not how you’re saying it. I think they’ve decided to concentrate Applause, looks to slip it through managed to get it away. Applause shaaka, aimed forward Applause, passes it through sterling looking to get on the end of this, and that should have been too Applause. Direct Applause and it’s like a zit he’s pulled him up for that challenge. That’S gon na be a booking flocking around their fallen colleague and they look worried bell, ring Applause, Peoria’s foot, look it sucker that’s, it no way back, but they are level and that is about as cool as they come. He picked his spot expertly. Well, I think two keepers would have had a hard time, keeping that one out never mind one. It was real venom in the strikin and clear composure for the play, and that has added a whole new complexion to the game. Well, without doubt, that’s, given the coach food for thought, does he settle for extra time or tried to go for a winner before then decision time granite, shocker that’s, not gon na make it silver and it’s silver out wide to the right Applause gets it upfield Applause? Could have been a and just needed a better final ball yeah.

I think the problem there was that the pass was was telegraphed and easy read for the defense Applause Sylva to foul to find its target that’s a foul free kicks been given. You sit out of hogs, wait nicely controlled that’s. One way of trying to make things happen, there’s a few who could follow that example Hector Baran, making a foray down the right Applause, who’s gon na make this fast Applause. Good intervention things could have got far worse than that 90 minutes up and we will be back for extra time, but I don’t think either manager can have any complaints really because nobody quite pushed for the winning goal, and it always lacked that spark so to clarify Into extra time we go Arsenal defense, untidy challenge, free, kick given that’s a booking, always looked danger averted for now. Applause keith has got good distance on that Walker. Applause left it into the middle. But what was required then was a little more patience. He didn’t have to cross it. So early tries a through ball now here’s, the through ball. They put it back as soon as they gave it away. Silver Applause. Bravo gets it. Upfield Applause, this defense, just doesn’t trust itself to play a higher line, frightened of people getting it behind yeah. Absolutely it just opens up the opportunity of not only strikers getting behind, but the runners for a midfielder Hector, Perry, stuffy woman, you felt that was going somewhere, but they’ll have to go again block ports, Applause and that’s it for the first half of extra time.

Well, there’s plenty of potential is there to be drama in these final 15 minutes. This really has been thrilling. Both sides going at it and now for the final act deployed now the pass and out to safety, what’s, more and we’re. Throwing Applause just got rid of that he’s going out of play, there’s a long pass towards the front. Well, read he sorted that out deployed reports so much to recommend it fabulous contest. It’S not played the ball that’s, a foul Applause that could be trouble here. Now the referee is keeping his car to his pocket Applause and out to safety. We set high away from immediate danger played out to the wig. Now here’s, the frugal that’ll be a goal. Kick stuffy except Irene, it’s loose who’s, getting that is it through Applause and it’s, Shaka and he’s shown in the clean pair of heels. Kindly parrots, the comeback is complete. Bravo did well the first time nothing he could do about a follow up. His instinct told him that the people would struggle to cope with that, so top marks for him following up. I think it’s really sharp play well read and he was a little quicker than everybody else, and the referee brings it to a close well somehow they turned it round. Every ounce of energy, emotional, physical, mental is spent.