Now I actually filmed this video a few days ago before Arsenal play Liverpool before City play bomber. So some context there, and also before some of the stuff that’s am gon na – have been involved around Arsenal fan TV over the last few days. I had no idea about that. To start, but Robbie’s, a good guy forward, see what you fought about a gaben gays opinions but it’s wise to put that disclaimer in there. This was filmed a few days ago anyway. Enjoy the preview. Hey guys welcome back to another video know where I am I’m at Don Robbie’s mansion, basically and asked a fan TV studio or do some shoots for air someone else bought before would use his chance to essentially talk about the big FA Cup. Semi final see I’ve got Arsenal again. He feels like we play them all the time at the moment and I’m hoping it’s gon na be as fun there’s a last time. You played I’m, not quite as fun for this guy. Next to me, of course, but – and we want to talk about that a little bit today and get Robbie’s view on this game, I’ll start with a simple question: Robbie: how are you feeling about this game? Given previous encounters it’s, not the game, I was like when the draw was coming out. I was like I don’t want to get seen because I was like if we are gon na get siggy let’s get him in the final I mean my hope was that you guys would get men United because, mainly not you know our team, that sort of had A bit yeah number on you this season and that we get Chelsea right and I was I we’re capable of beating Chelsea right, yeah yeah, you know, even with 10 min, when we put the two games, we played against Chelsea this season.

One game we lost, which we shouldn’t really have lost the other game with 10 min was to two and really they were tight. Close games, couldn’t win anyway yeah the games we played against Manchester United. We drew them at their place. We beat them very easily at our place right. The one team out are those free that we just have not been able to get a bit off as men. You guys, as a matter of fact, you guys have found it very easy against us. I was like you know it could do a number on you guys we could get United in the final yeah, so it is not worked out. The way in which I wanted um it’s the worst possible game. What do you think that, as I’m causing this, I guess I mean this – is a modulus pairs of quality difference as well bought right, it seems I’ve seed just enjoy playing against Arsenal even like in the rough past couple years as well. We’Ve done pretty well from as M. Remember like that sensational performance and we’re sorry scored that goal after so, you know passing out from the back and diamonds over a masterclass last season we give before, but every way City do tend to play well against Arsenal like why. Why did you think that? Is it there’s a particular? Is it a style thing that’s? Not that I think you spin, I think, has been a difference in quality.

I think you know you know in a lot of ember when we played you in that in that League Cup final. You know – and there was I just looked at as a huge golf in quality in that game, and I was and that’s why I was really looking forward to when we played you just after the break yeah yeah, because I was thinking to myself for every level. There’S some car that maybe as well necessary level about I was like McConnell taters first game. You know against pip what’s. He gon na bring this and different to what fingers bought in a pass or emery and with what happened you know with straight away. We’Ve got an injury to Greenwich shocker. Then you know Louise comes on and you know remember we were. I thought we was doing. Okay, we will you say alright, but I’ve been towards half time. It was Neil Neil when you speaking to yourself right. We get in you, you know that’s a lot of encouragement, we’re, not getting battered it’s, a very even game and in the Debbie Louise show. You know some make God blessed. He makes that massive error. You get 1 mil ahead and then in the second half he goes and stupidly gets himself sent off again. He was daydreaming, got caught out and then that was it was done, free, nil, again and I’m, just hoping that when it comes to this game there’s some discipline showed in that team and some fight we have seen better performances under michiel are tighter um.

You know leading up to the rate we haven’t lost a game. You know in the Premier League, after the break. Yes we’ve, we have lost a few games, but there’s been some improving in performances. Yeah I mean going away to wolves and getting at we are keeping a clean sheet going away to Southampton a place where it’s a bit of a bogey team. For us we never seem to win they’re getting a win they’re. You know going to Sheffield United, a very difficult team to beat getting a win there as well, so there’s been some encouraging signs, but the problem with our team is that we can’t do it consistently yeah. This is what I’m hoping with its FA Cup. This really is all we’ve got to play for this season: I’m, hoping that those guys go out there and put in a performance which is disciplined where the players are concentrating right throughout. If we do that, we have a chance, but if you drop any level, I feel against City which we’ve done in all our recent games. You’Ll take us apart. This is really one of you feel, like particular for us, and it could be a bit of a difference. Make you you know: okay. Well, you don’t stress, I mean. Obviously you miss your Bamiyan, maybe because he’s obviously stuck. We saw a man because he’s top quality. If you give him a chance and score luck as it’s it, a bit of form as well I’m scored that cracking goal against Tottenham he’s, a quality player as well he’ll play cause alien kitty is still out yeah after he got arms suspended for that red cards.

You know pepe as well. You know me needs a guy that, could you know their quality, those guys they can step up and do something sucker as well, but beyond. My problem is defensively. That is where the problem sits with Arsenal. Can we and – and I think, when you played Man City, you have to be concentrating for all 90 plus minutes, yes totally switched on, and even if you are, you can get destroyed but totally switched on. Can our players do that that’s, the one who is your best defense? Would you say everyone’s fair every once in mean because it seems like I mean I struggles of England because such so many changes and it’s obviously I’m missing a couple of layers. There I’d say still defensively: oh yeah, listen, we meet, we need defenders. I don’t think our tech has been playing this back for you. I don’t think that’s his preferred finger. I don’t think that’s what he wants to do. He knows he has to do that with the amount plays that are out and just to make it a bit stronger. I think this back for, for me would be probably suppose you have to go better in yeah tourney on the left. Is it clearly on the attorney on the left billion on the right Pablo Mary who’s coming is looked after financially he looks okay and in any of the others, men are so cool. You know every Landsman, you know I mean that you see all of them on a given days, where I mean Louie’s on a given day, his distribution for a centre back is unreal on a given day, then, on another day, you’ll keep passing it to the sailing.

You never know if she’ll make stupid mistakes is too slow. Must a fee on a given day can put in a really competitive performance. Win every header yeah make great tackles then the next week he makes pure errors. The last thing that seems on any day seems to me, so you know Rob holding before he got injured was starting to look like a real quality centre back there’s, not look the same since so it’s, just the area it’s, a big big problem for us right Now, who do you fear from? Is there any one? Particular is that bro night for me to me, the two guys are always turn up against us: Dubrow and sterling yeah he’s. Nearly two best players right and both for those players have a field day against Ozzy. Stopping those but that’s the problem. I think it’s almost like that in a moment, we’ve got a fear factor now of those two players, because they’ve done it so many times again. Yeah it’s understandable, but they’ve got ta, get rid of that fear factor now: I’m hoping that with Shaka. As I said, he came off early in that game. Yeah it’s been quite a very important player for us. You know I mean you know you get a lot of speak that’s, improving their assess, improved a lot under our tear is an important player, but is stopping the interchanging players that you have and sterling? I think sterling and de Bruyne are.

Those are the two jack? Is gon na have to try and stop and cut off the supply from de bruyne, ER and somebody’s gon na have to pay on sterling? I don’t know that is. I made got a tough job Daenerys following old games any really, and so the prediction bit. Obviously, you see your favorites, I mean that’s, not that’s, just a common sense give everything’s going on the moment, but I’m gon na ask you anyway. Semi final man. Miracles do happen. You know, I mean there’s lots of uh. You know if it’s a league game it’s over and done with if a Cup game you know what you’ve got to lose just have a go to one awesome. You stop you about settle by the way in general. That I mean obviously is a recent. You know. Darby TV and all that kind of stuff you like, is it what’s the feeling amongst Arsenal fans is at this, though pretty Biden I’m happy with or tell when I looked at that game last weekend with awesome playing Tottenham. I was really really disappointed with the game but yeah after the game. If I was, if you’re a fan of Eva Club for me, I would still much rather have michelotto yeah yeah, Jose Mourinho because Mourinho I just look at and say. Well, you know yeah. I I see with our tech, I see progress. I can definitely see progress with this team and I think if he gets the right tools, he can succeed at Arsenal.

I like him all right well, I’m, going obviously for a month, City Beach. We probably see one as well he’s a video over myself chatting to Robbie on their channels. Well guys make sure you’re gon na subscribe to us a fan to you. Haven’T already probably definitely have subscribe to my channel as well. Let us know down the comments.