Oh, my god, is it a big one? Um, of course, arsenal are playing in the fa cup semi final against manchester city it’s, a game which is going to ask a lot of questions and answer some plenty of them too, and could even end up asking even more questions by the end of it. But ultimately, arsenal go into this game as massive massive underdogs. There is not really anyone on this earth uh that is really giving arsenal too much of a chance against the biggest arguably, the best side in the country. Right now, with the way liverpool are playing. Of course, arsenal did get that win against them. Batman city have definitely got a lot more strength in depth, and that meant they can rest plenty of players ahead of this game and arsenal were able to rest a few, but still did not look like uh. They were going to be offering too much against a man city side that is expected to dominate so we’re, going to take a look at that get some of your comments and how i would like to also see us lining up so before we do let’s jump Into our live chat, we’ve got gsga football. We got the real janice one of our members, harry robinson carter stage. Thank you so much guys for tuning in so far. We’Ve got obviously plenty more of you as the show rumbles on, and people get notified that we are live um.

So, thank you ever so much for tuning in and uh it’s gon na be an interesting fixture, but i thought the best thing to do today is probably to kick straight off with the lineup that i would like us to see. So you’ve got there on your screen. The info, the information, but the lineup that i’d, like us to use martin is obviously in goal. I think that he has been an absolutely brilliant player ever since then, every time we do these previews, i have to put martinez in because you can’t pick anyone else, and i always go on about how good he has been since that i’m sticking with the back Five but there’s a couple of changes in there for me, mustafi has to come out and still be taken out fast, um it’s the way that he sort of collapsed against tottenham in the light in the sort of last 30, 40 minutes of the game, because his Head just went, i don’t want that kind of mental fragility in such a big game so soon i’m. I’M. Definitely not saying i don’t want mustafi to leave at this point. I still think he’s someone that will improve under arteta a lot but holding for me is someone that i want to play all people in here. The chat are saying that cedric can’t play david’s, saying i don’t think cedric can play that’s really interesting. So maybe we’ll have to go with ainsley, mainly uh, or we i mean let’s, be honest.

We know it’s going to be bellaring. I have interested because he’s cup side, i assume he is he’s cup toys played for uh for um southampton. Already this season interesting, you told me something that i didn’t know interesting stuff um. But for me that probably means that that mainstream is going to come into the lineup or most likely bellarine, and we know it’s going to be better and don’t. We let’s be real um, so holding at the back replaces mustafi um, and i thought that holding has had his last two games has been brilliant and between those two games. He was left out for a significant amount of time with mustafi, louise and kalashnatch, and you see louise is still in there, but kolasinac isn’t. He was rested against liverpool, which is a worrying sign that he could come into the team to face manchester city, but i’m. Really liking the idea of seeing saka in that left wing back roll with tienie playing left centre back. That was really really good against against liverpool, and i was more than happy to see those three continue in their roles. I thought they did really really well in the midfield. We go to jacqueline sebastian easily. Our best midfield combination right now, really solid from them and then into our front three over mia and lacazette and pepe um taylor reckons that pepe won’t start interesting stuff. Who do you think he’s going to start? Do you think that sack is going to be on the right wing with class snatch at left center back and teeny at left wing back interesting stuff, those that are people that are joining late? We have.

They have told me the chat box has told me that cedric cannot play and that’s why it’s most likely gon na be bellarin in there matt gray says the couple of goals lacazette has scored, will give his confidence a huge boost, expecting a big performance from him. The real janice says: please, god help me: i don’t want to see kolasinac, louise and mustafi at the back against manchester city. The real janice also points out and says: maybe nelson would be better than pepe that’s interesting. Let me know who would be your front three, that you would be starting in the game against manchester city, matt gray. One of our members says a couple of girls like us that have scored. Obviously, we’ve already talked about this partly, but i want to go back to it in terms of the huge confidence boost that he’s got scoring in these games against spurs against against liverpool and against wolves as well three big teams that he scored against. Now. Two of those being away from home as well that is really important to someone like lacazette, who needs that confidence to grow and improve and keep him ticking over into these games, so that when he is in the mood that we seemingly see him in right now That is where he’s going to be most deadly freddie mac. Now he says, having saka and left wing back continue at left center back gives us a 4 3 3 option.

It does. We talked about that on the last show the fluidity that this team sort of moves about in its shape when we play with a four three three and a three five uh, three, two uh three, two three four three is what i’m going for, so many numbers, Um but yes, i agree with you. The fluidity needs to be there harry robinson, another one of our members says: is it worth playing albert on the left? Should we play somebody like saka in albert’s position, lacrosse more of a big game player now, but does not really show up in these sort of games he’s. Just you can’t leave aubameyang out it’s as simple as that i get where you’re coming from. I know that he’s not performed and he’s missed quite a few high profile chances, but it only takes one for him to actually get that and and for me, you can’t leave this guy out it’s as simple as that euros. Josech says i think pepe should play because he is good at the counter. I agree with you and if we’re gon na hit, if we’re gon na try and get any attacks on man, city it’s, not gon na be from possession based attacks. It’S, certainly gon na be from those counter attacking positions. T song says: do you think if alba stays he’ll be playing at left wing next season? I think it would completely depend on what happens with lacazette if lacazette is sold.

I think we might see aubameyang more in a striking position if he isn’t sold. I think you’ll see aubameyang continue in that left wing position. Taylor says, i think, it’ll be nelson lacquer albert nelson high on the confidence, whereas that can’t be said for pepe it’s, a good point. Nelson did look okay against liverpool, but again it’s, i kind of like what pepe gives you defensively. I think that he’s really improved that part of his game. I think, if you look at what he did against leicester, what he did against liverpool, i think he defensively he really kind of sorted himself out in that area too. Uh gsga jsga sorry says i think pepe will play this game. I don’t see whether cedric will play on. I don’t want to see how about striker, obviously cedric can’t play uh we’ve now found that out um, but obviously that who knows in terms of who will partner pep, i mean the thing with pepe is that if he’s playing with bellarin it’s not really worked, all That well so that’s the sort of lineup sort of thing we’re. Looking at. If we look at manchester city, we know that the biggest danger is aguero, not being there is definitely a plus. He has a habit of scoring against us every single time he plays and as far as i’m aware, he’s still injured and out for the rest of the season, which means jesus will continue. Sterling is obviously going to play kevin de bruyne.

Uh you’d expect david silva to play too, with the way that he has been performing absolutely brilliantly towards the end of his final season with manchester city, so there’s so much creativity there. We need – and we know that there is vulnerabilities there. We know that teams have scored against manchester city. You know that southampton performed a really good game against them. We know that bournemouth, even though they lost managed to get a goal against him. They are not invulnerable and there is possibilities for this arsenal site to get at a manchester city team. That is not perfect defensively. If, for me, the biggest thing for man city in the summer is bringing in someone to obviously replace the void, i say that replace the void left by david silva, but phil foden’s coming and done a really good job. But you look at the back line. There’S a done this question is being asked of mandy there’s questions always going to be talking about the center back situation with otamendi laporte is the only real sort of stronghold they’ve got there with fernandinho, often deputising garcia. The youngster has come into and done a fairly good job, but i think they definitely need to address that area in the summer and that could bring them forward to the top table in terms of competing with liverpool for the premier league and a lot more uh. Like a realistic challenge that, unlike they did this season of course, arsenal on the other hand – and there was a question in the chat that janice says – is pate signing a new contract – i don’t know at this stage we really thought this was sort of a done Deal about a week or so ago, and it still might be and there’s a lot of football changes all the time.

But ultimately there have been reports coming out from ghana, specifically that he could be signing a new contract. If he does do that, it would be massively damaging, i think, to what arteta wants to do in the transfer window. This summer, i think pate was, was an absolute sort of key player, a cornerstone of his transfer dealings to someone. If he loses him, he’s got to somehow come back and and sort that out, which is going to be really really tough for sure. Really really tough harry robinson says i’m confident of this game. There is something about us and this cup again. Last time we played an fa cup semi final. We beat manchester city who were way above us in terms of being favourites for that game too. So there is always always hope. Carter stage says: ainsley needs to play, not bella in a lot of you, not wanting bellarmine to be in this side. Omar says sit up what city will batter us? Well, we said the sound about liverpool. So who knows uh omar? You never know, and he says i can’t see us winning this game. To be honest, but i am – and i hope i am wrong – i i really hope you’re wrong as well. Mate jsga says tom. What do you think about shaka this season? I think he’s played really well after lockdown i mean you put out, i put out a tweet on twitter, you can go follow us at laguna.

Talk tv um. It was a bit tongue in cheek, but there’s, a compilation of the game that he played against liverpool and the biggest criticisms i always get of zakar is that he can’t tackle. He can’t turn very well because he’s slow, he only passes back sideways, and if you watch the game against liverpool, he was a fulcrum of that midfield turned players really quickly with in terms of agility. It was great, really good forward, passing setting up chances great, tackling great blocking great clearance. He had everything in that game and if he can continue this still, a young age of mid 20s we’ve still got a player there. That can perform for us in the long term and be really important player for our tester, and i think arteta knows that and he’s trying to get the best from him too. Jacker is important to this club and, if, if you can’t get on board and support him, instead of just criticizing him weak upon weak and just throwing abuse his way and saying he’s rubbish rubbish, this rubbish that you’re just first of all you’re wrong, and secondly, you Need to get behind these players because they need our support and i know it’s tricky right now not being in the ground, but these players need to be when they’re posting on social media. I know it seems completely minimal, but seeing people just constantly abusing players on social media, it’s, childish, it’s, immature and you need to grow up and for me, jacker, is a key important player for this squad now, and he needs to be given all the support possible To continue this brilliant form, yorosh yasich says i think rocker should replace shaka.

He is a lot quicker and has good passing rocket plays a different role to jacques. Whilst i would think he would, if he were to come in, he would place that position. Rocker is a lot more of a cdm than than jackery jack is more of a deep lion. Playmaker rocker is definitely a destroyer at the back, even though he’s still got a technical ability to him, i wouldn’t bring him into replacement. I think a midfield of jacka, thomas party and rocker would be really solid, and then you can focus your creativity in the wide areas as well, and thomas partey would be a creative force as well, with the way that he transforms the team from being pressed to. Take the ball and turn it on the opposition he’s transformative in that midfield, so that mid three midfield, three, i think, would be really strong. I’M. Also, really keen to see if arsenal can get a deal done for danny ceballos next season, he’s not going to be wanted by real madrid. We know that we talked to kieran quay on the tactical breakdown podcast. We now know that for sure. So for me, i think personally that we’ve got a real good chance of signing the spaniard, and if we do, i think it would add some quality and strength and depth to a side that is crying out to keep its best players at the club. Big up tom, thank you ever so much mate.

Thanks for tuning in uh khalid says tom, a villa are being relegated. Would i take greelish? Would i take grillage? Well, the greatest has been playing in a couple of positions. He’S obviously been playing on left wing, which we know is a very well stocked area with alba and martinelli and saka that can play there. Nelson can play there. Um, even ceballos has played there for spain, but that’s that’s, obviously not where we would see him play for arsenal. He’S also played an attack in midfield in in sort of an attacking number, 10 role, uh and a number eight role as well, and whilst i think we’re moving away from a number 10 position creatively as a number eight, i think greece could work quite well. But the problem with the gorillas do is even though villa looked very likely to go down a deal for him would still be expensive. He’S, english, he’s, homegrown, he’s, young and he’s done a lot this season to command a decent figure. So i still think that he would be priced out of a move to arsenal and i still think that there’s other players that arsenal could go for a dominic jober slayer, for instance, would be someone i’d rather go for than than a grealish harry robinson says. Mainsley has to start if pepe starts omar, says what’s. Your prediction for the game take bias to one side. Well, i can’t predict one nil, cedric um, my if i’m speaking with my head, i honestly think it’s probably going to be a 3 1 to city um but i’m hopeful.

That arsenal could maybe come through and hit 2 1. I just can’t see us not conceding. I mean, even in the liverpool game, where we defended, i could be the best we’ve defended all season. We still conceded, so i can’t see it’s not conceding. I think we’re, probably gon na come away second best in this game. I fingers crossed. We can nick something but it’s gon na be really really really tough. Alfred says: uh isn’t it ironic how we criticize jose for playing dead football when peps uh cone boy copies him weak cone boy. I don’t know what that means. Oh combo handing out the codes. We all hail it like it’s magic. I don’t think i don’t think at all. The game was comparable to that arsenal. Weren’T parking, the bus against liverpool, it’s it’s, not it’s, not like that arsenal were forced into playing that one. I heard our speak after the game as well that that wasn’t, the game plan arsenal were forced into being so pressed so far back into her own half that we were forced into a defensive display and i don’t think it’s anything about copying. Jose’S tactics. Jose is notorious for playing that way consistently, whereas arteta wants to play a much more high pressing game which they did against spurs in fairness and then, if they were to take their chances, they would have come out on top in that game, but they didn’t, and We were punished, but i don’t think it’s comparable to jose mourinho in the slightest anonymous says who partners saliva, and would you go for a back four back three next season? I think it completely depends upon who comes in if we bring in someone on top of celiba or marie, really shows that he is a really really good centre back.

I think you can go to a back four uh, because the libra is really top class and i’m right now, i’ve written an article on him and it’s coming out, hopefully towards the end of this month, started next month in the football the modern footballer magazine issue. Two, so if you want to get involved with that and get some really really top quality stuff from me from drew from richard hall from kieran quail loads of the fantastic guys over at the get spanish german italian french football news sites, an amazing magazine is coming Out next month, with some stuff from me on celiba and on martin odergaard as well, which i’m excited to finish that piece. So if you want to get information on celiba, you need to pick up that magazine because it’s going to be fantastic i’m, not getting paid for it, it’s it’s, not a ad or anything like that i’m – not getting paid for writing it, but it’s a really really Good piece of of quality journalism from loads of amazing writers, much better than me, um and there’s. Some amazing stuff that’s going to be in there so make sure you check it out. Um iron cub says, might not be the worst to start next season. There’S, a back three until celiba settles in better that better sort of transition into the prem and then switch to a back four yep. I would buy into that for sure euros says what about emile smith rowe.

For me he is a lot better than willock and he’s shown that he’s done really well at huddersfield and he’s kept him in the contention for staying up the season to the annoyance of my behalf as a child fan um. But uh huddersfield have looked a lot better when esr is definitely in the side, so yeah, i think he’s definitely got a shot of coming in and competing with the likes of bullock and we we’re going to need squad depth next season. Five substitutes is probably going to continue. I know they announced it, but it could still change, but it’s likely the five subs will remain and that’s going to benefit the sides with the deepest squads so having him in the squad. Next season, i think, is really really important: let’s go for a couple, more uh messages and then we’ll wrap things up. Luke jackson says people hating on louise all the time people don’t realize he’s one major trophies in his career he’s 34., nearly so uh he’s 34. Nearly so obviously he’s not the quickest but he’s a good leader. I can help younger defenders uh. I think that the impact in the dressing room is isn’t, something that you can’t, really discredit it’s. Clearly there it’s just the consistency, it’s, just the big errors that sometimes come up in games, but hopefully long term next season. We won’t be seeing him too much playing in the first team and we will be switching to a back four that’s going to support the likes of celiba and marie and maybe even another center back if we can bring one in also the real genesis, melang tsar In kalashnash out makes perfect sense.

Malang melancholis played at left back a lot for nice this season, but is mainly a left, footed centre back clearly someone that could perform a really good competitive role with marie and that’s squad, depth and he’s still very young as well, and i talked about him in A video a while back and now somehow looked like an amazing scale but uh. I i personally don’t think we’re going to sign him. I think he’s going to go to the likes of rb, leipzig or torino, possibly so, who knows at this stage star and saliva? I, like it says javier iron cub says, will be interesting to see how chambers comes back from his injury. He looks like a capable player before it, uh aren’t you what tom? What are your thoughts on fans back in october? I mean i don’t know i don’t really like looking back. I like looking forward and thinking this is where we are now. This is the situation. We’Ve got. Why linga? I think we need to move forward. Uh alfred says: louise is great in the dressing room. So keep him in the dressing room. That’S, probably a nice place to finish things uh. Thank you all so much for tuning in people. I hope you’ve enjoyed it. If you have please drop a like on the video, please make sure you hit that subscribe new and hit that notification bell. So you get told when we drop our shows and you can get involved with our live chats like the fantastic people that you saw getting involved with the show today.

Thank you to our members for continuously supporting the channel. The new logo is, is looking fire i’m really i’m really excited about it, i’m, not going to reveal it until the end of the season, because i feel like it’s, going to begin sort of a rebrand in a small way. We’Ve had the new introductions they’re going to get tweaked with the new logo and everything so tgt will be going for a hole and it is sort of turning into more tgt than laguna talk and uh. It just rolls off the tongue. A lot nicer. Trust me. This is still going to be laguna tour, but tgt uh is hoping where the the marketing side of things is going to go so i’m, really looking forward um to things and and seeing how things turn out. But next season is going to be a big one for the channel and definitely the part in between as well looking at transfers tactical breakdowns interviews. Continuing on this journey with everyone, that’s got involved and helped support the channel as a helicopter goes past.