Now this is cool i’m. Obviously, reading uh questions off a paper because i don’t know how to interview people i’ve, never interviewed anybody, so ashley you’re up for two nominations this year, one night standard scare, but one of them is uh for the performance from last year and it’s, just like crazy To look back on that year, like even us, writing it and whatever and like, and that performance and everything and like now to be nominated for that that’s crazy. It is crazy what that song did i mean we knew you and i and shane knew when we wrote it that we loved it and then, when we cut it in the studio, i knew it was special. I didn’t know it was going to be the lead single, and then i mean that little single has done more for for both of us. I guess than any other song has done so far. I know it’s just crazy to watch the whole journey of our little song, baby, it’s, just wild and now you’re hosting cnc awards, weird so much fun i’m, so excited yeah and we did a couple of script, read throughs and some tweaking here and there because there’s Some words i can’t say like it: just comes off really wrong. You know what i’m like and finally, like i wouldn’t say things like that. That’S, like me, in this interview i’m, like the whole process of reading through the scripts and tweaking it and all that, and i know it’s going to be in a different format than it’s ever been.

But i really think what cmts do with the awards is going to be really cool, so uh you’re performing too yes, so let’s give me a little nugget of what we can all expect from your performance. I’M super excited, but i mean i i was very touched when i got to the stage and the band had been, of course out there for a little while setting up and getting everything right, and i was doing the other stuff. You know with the props and the backdrops and all that and i walked out to the stage and they had it all red, lit and hazed, and there were guitar boats. Of course, you know what a guitar boat is and there’s like four or five guitar boots on stage and they’re full of shovels. You guys you got me shovels Laughter, i’m that’s going to be so awesome. I cannot wait for everybody to see. I actually can’t wait to see it because i didn’t get to see it from from that perspective. Oh man it’s, like i don’t, know it’s so crazy to watch like obviously you and i are so close and such good friends and um it’s. I know it’s easy to get caught up in all the crazy of the awards and it’s like you, guys are, go, go, go, go and i, but i i know that the significance of stuff like this as a writer i mean it’s like these awards, are like Little souvenirs from the journey you know, it’s, like pictures we took on a trip we didn’t even know we were going to take.

You know so it’s um. I know that this all these nominations and everything just mean the world to you. I mean they mean the world to me just to even have anything to do with it so yeah they do. I mean we never do anything to get an award, but when nominations like this happen it just it just feels good, and it just reminds you that you’re you’re doing something right and you’re definitely on the right path and a lot of people think so yeah. I know i just i i don’t know i’m blown away by just uh. You know somebody obviously has watched the whole journey and been on the sidelines of it all it’s like here, we are hosting the cmt awards nominated for two, like still reeling from, like our one little song baby that could and like i don’t know, i know that Uh you’re the opposite of opie’s mood right now on the couch, i’m sure you’re. This is his only mode it’s this or chase the cat which he just got finished doing. I think she’s hiding somewhere miller. It is it’s crazy to go from um breakthrough. Video of the year to hosting i don’t know how it happened. I’M, just glad it happened. This is i i don’t care if it sounds nerdy either. This is like little childhood ashley’s like dream. I know i always wanted. My own radio show and i always wanted to host like an award show or a variety show, or something that had to do with that.

I know i mean that’s, i just can’t even imag i mean i would be a nervous wreck but uh. I know that you’re excited because you just you dreamed a little dream: a big old dream and uh live in it and it’s awesome to watch. What do you uh what’s your little pre awards ritual gon na be um the one thing we always do um when the girls – and i you know, i call them girl crew, but it’s, it’s, danny johnson and blakely collier, and as we get me ready, we take A break and eat chick fil, a it’s like i’m seven years old and i just won a baseball game. We eat our chick fil a at some point during the day and um anytime. Something good happens and i think when we heard about the nominations, i looked at the girls and said: do we get chick fil, a blakely text this morning she said i’m on my way in with the wardrobe, do you want chick fil, a so that’s nice? We did um, we do chick fil, a mimosas, oh man, it’s very, very classy, it’s super classy in a robe on a balcony. Yes, robes mimosas chick fil, a yes! Well, i uh see what else they want me to ask you here. I asked them all. Well, that’s because we’re good at talking to each other. I know oh well, i’m, having a good time. What do you have today? Where are you gon na watch um? Where are you gon na watch the awards from i don’t know i i haven’t even uh.

I don’t know i haven’t really thought about it, but i want to do something. What are you i’ll be there for the library i’ll be out there for the live portions of it? So i won’t get to watch until later, but i’m really excited i’m, really interested to see how this works, because i know that kane and sarah and i like sarah hill, will be in la and i think cain and i will be in different spots too. I don’t think we get to like physically be anywhere near each other, so it’s gon na be really interesting to see how it works. It’Ll be awesome. I i don’t, i mean you’re, i don’t know everybody. I i’m always like. I can’t wait to see what comes out of your mouth it’s, always like awesome and your energy is always just great and uh. You know, i know a lot of people will be making like a kind of a special thing out of watching it um. You know i’ll throw some kind of party or something be there too yeah there’s got to be watch parties and stuff, and you know i am known for saying stuff off the cuff and um it’s, not always a good thing and that’s. Why we’re having script read throughs and they’re, allowing me to change a few things so that i have to read the teleprompter um like if i go off script i’m, not sure what would happen, i don’t think they’d be very happy with it same.

I get it all right, well, i’m gon na um, move along and do my second interview of the day, because i am a journalist now well have fun with kane. Oh well, and i think i think the awards are on his birthday. I am going to try to sneak in a happy birthday at some point during the broadcast. You absolutely should well i’m, just so proud of you and just so stoked to watch it and to just be a very tiny part of it. All just is uh means the world to me. So you know you mean the world to me. I love you.