The host, listen, i’ve known you for a while you’re a laid back guy, maybe kind of shy. Sometimes yeah. Is there anything that really makes you nervous about hosting this show? Is it how’s, it feel uh? I don’t know because i don’t feel like there’s, not gon na be people in front of me. You know so i can’t really mess it up. I feel like we get a couple retakes. I should be all right. It’S like me on the radio there’s, no one to actually look and see you so it’s a little bit different than doing the tv thing. So can you read a teleprompter? Is that that’s? My only thing no i’m from georgia, no offense to anybody from georgia, but i can’t read very well. I know a couple of my other friends that can’t really either so we’ll see you are up for some uh big awards for the night and actually uh you’re. The only artist to nab two collaborative video of the year nominations uh you’ve teamed up with lots of artists over the years. Why does like a collaboration? And you know that sort of like scene, you know teamwork? Why do you like that so much? I love bringing people together, fans together, i mean there’s a lot of pop people. That knows nothing about country. A lot of country. People know nothing about pop, so why not bring them together, introduce them to different artists, and you know just get this ball rolling of everybody.

Listening to different types of music yeah right on um, you have the ultimate collaboration at home. You and your lovely wife caitlin have little kingsley and by the way, she’s so cute. Thank you that laugh. I mean i can tell you’re like rolling every time she gets going. Huh Applause yeah. I think that video she started clapping at herself and laughing. I don’t know i just love her belly laughs back again with sam hunt getting set for the cmt music awards on october 21st, here on cmt hard to forget one of your nominated videos. Now, besides the clown let’s see, we got a goat in there. The cowboy there’s also like a second sam hunt in that video, so here’s what i want to know if you had actually a clone. What would you try to accomplish with two of you? I don’t know i’m such a workaholic i’d, probably camp one of them. One of myself out at the studio in the other room and see what ideas that you come up with yeah right, i might come out with more records as a sam hunt fan i’ll. Take that um. If you’re wondering where we are. This is the beautiful house once owned by reba mcintyre the estate at cherokee doc, it’s called pretty awesome, uh sam lives here now just kidding um. Actually i want to bring up rio because your cmt artist of the year performance is also nominated for fancy. Of course, oh yeah, now she was sitting there in the audience when you performed that one, and i can only imagine how intimidating that might have been uh.

Did you look at her? Did you avoid eye contact yeah? Does it know zero times? Did i make eye contact with reba during that song? I already have a problem with you know. When we play on the road, some people will bring signs and they’ll write. Things on signs and i’ll be singing songs that i’ve sung a thousand times, and i, if i take a second to look down and read a sign or even just think about anything other than than the song. I can forget the lyrics and i was so horrified that i might forget the lyrics to fancy that night that i made sure not to make too much eye contact with anybody, much less reba in the crowd but um after the performance. I did make eye contact and she was grinning, so hopefully she approved of uh of my version, but that was i mean that was like some. That was something i’ll. Never forget. I mean i’ve been able to have a lot of moments like that now, but that’s that’s towards the top of the list, man that was such a great performance and that’s. Why it’s nominated um? That song also obviously comes from a female’s point of view. Yeah. You are a dude, so with lyrics like uh, let’s, see washed and combed and curled my hair, and please be nice to the gentleman fancy they’ll be nice to you. Is it? Was it awkward at all? No, not for me.

I love that song. I remember singing it in the car growing up as if i was the one who wrote it. I may not can relate to all the aspects of the character in the song, but that is such a well written song that when i was given the opportunity to play at singing, i was not going to worry about um. You know the fact that i was a guy singing from a female perspective. I was like i’m in no matter what yeah it is. Such a great song, Music, kelsey ballerini’s latest hit single hole in the bottle, boasts a flashy and fun music. Video filmed in the midst of quarantine, however, that wasn’t the superstar’s only pandemic project kelsey, has also released a reimagined version of her self titled third studio album, which came out earlier this year. The new strip down take of all 13 tracks on the project is simply titled ballerini, so ballerini was never the plan. You know i put out kelsey march 20th. It was the week really the world kind of shut down and we put it out and then let it be, and didn’t really want to take up any space from everything else going on in the world. This release week is gon na look a lot different than we had planned for and hoped for and dreamed up. I kind of went through this phase of like their circumstances. Other circumstances i can’t change them. I’Ll just make another album Music.

Someone really close to me challenged me to fall back in love with this project that i had worked on for a year and a half, and i loved these songs, and i worked hard on how they sound and every bit of it and ballerini was really the Process of me falling back in love with the album Music, and so the best way i can describe it is like kelsey was made to tour and it sounds. You know bold and glittery and ballerini is the songwriter side of that it’s made for your living room and it’s made to really listen differently. Music. Now, at this week’s cmt music awards, kelsey finds herself nominated in three categories, including the night’s top honor video of the year. Oh my gosh i’m so excited i, you know i’m, a sucker for music videos. I grew up watching music videos and especially with homecoming queen like it was such a vulnerable video to shoot, and i really pushed myself emotionally on it. And so the fact that it’s, that video that’s nominated – and i share a nomination with halsey um, because we got to do cbt crossroads last year. And it was just one of the funnest experiences i’ve gotten to do to be able to share a stage with a really like actual friend of mine, who i respect as an artist as well and then get nominated for it’s. Pretty pretty great hot 20 is back with gabby barrett who’s had a whopper of a year musically, but also personally, too you’ve got some beautiful things going on.

Of course, you are expecting. Congratulations. Look at that cute little bum. I know it’s starting to come out now. It’S still tiny before it just kind of looks like i over ate and wasn’t pregnant, but now i think we’re getting there and it’s a baby girl right. It is a girl. Are you excited? Oh absolutely, i’m nesting like crazy already so and due in january. Yes, so how you been feeling overall, i’m good i’m in that kind of middle stage, that’s very it has been very kind to me. The first trimester was okay and then now it’s been nice. So we’ll see what the third one brings. What about crazy, cravings or anything like that? You know what i was into um like milky ways for a while there and now i’m into cherry pop tarts a lot i don’t eat good at all, so it’s not like i’m into green beans like it’s cherry pop tarts and it’s bad. I know oh but there’s they’re, so good, they’re, good, so good. Your baby likes cherry pop tarts. Now you also just celebrated your first year of marriage with your husband kade. Yes, first year of marriage on lockdown, that’s kind of like trial by fire, how’s, it been going it’s been really good, believe it or not. He’S, like my best friend in the whole entire world and he’s, made this quarantine actually easier for me. I’Ve even gotten to know bits and pieces of him that i didn’t even know from two years of knowing him prior and so it’s been really good.

He’S been just my help and guide through everything, so it’s been good and we’re back with ashley mcbride, getting ready to host the cmt music awards on october 21st and also nominated uh let’s, see performance female video video of the year one night standards, of course love The song huge hit, so why do you think that song sort of resonated with people um, i think i think honesty is attractive and to almost everybody, even if you’re, like you, shouldn’t, have said that you should have said that in a song you still kind of Find some value in it, so i think for the most part that’s why it resonates, because people are like yeah right, she’s, just being honest Music, it happens. The best country songs are from real situations right in real life. Uh tell me about the story of writing that song, because i love the back story on how it all came together. Yeah we had started writing it as a different entire song. It was going to be called airport hotel, but somehow all those words we had together. We couldn’t get to airport hotel at the end of the chorus the way we wanted it to so nicolette and i took what we had of the song to shane mcnally and said what’s wrong with this song. He said nothing was wrong with it and uh. We sat there and talked for a little while and the phrase one night standards came out because i said hotel rooms have two beds, but only one night stand because they’re one night, standers, oh right, right and shane – said standards it’s, so brilliant it’s like.

Why has no one thought of this before it’s, so perfect yeah, you, actually, i had to google it to make sure no one knows by the way i should mention uh, you wore the breakthrough, a video of the year winner last year at the cmd music awards And the winner is ashley mcbride, so yeah will you if you win this year, do you feel, like your acceptance speech, you’re a little more prepared for sort of the moment i mean i can at least guarantee you i’m, not gon na walk down a flight of Stairs steal, luke, combs this drink and trip on the way to the platform. It was maybe the best part of last year’s show. I was panicking and i looked and i saw a little big town and they drink wine, and so i was like i don’t need that and then the next thing down was um was midland. Their drinks are probably empty, true and then i saw kane and i thought i bet he doesn’t drink at award shows and then i saw luke comes and the red solo cup, and i thought at the very least there is an amber colored liquid in there whatever’s In there i need it right now and he’s such a nice guy. He would share it, he did oh, can you imagine doing that now i can yeah that’s gross yeah. I could not imagine doing that these days. What was that time like before all this? I don’t remember good to see you right right.

We are back this weekend on hot 20 countdown getting set for the cmt music awards with jimmy allen and noah cyrus. This dynamic duo will perform on the show. This is us so tell us. How did it come together? I am, i got, sent the song. Uh noah wrote it with tyler hubbard d mile, and i said her name elsie drew versus and they they they sent it over, and i was in l.a at the time and i recorded it. I didn’t nail the first vocal my voice was a little gone uh. Then i went back to nashville and i feel like i did all right and then i was like did all right. Can i use it like as like a single and then we met at stagecoach and we met a stage coach and we were like this is a vibe. We were like we’re doing this song together and it was nice to like finally meet it’s like so weird that you can like just do features and not even know one another yeah. Your vocals are literally seconds away from each other and you’re singing together and, like never mind, never met. So it was nice that by the time we filmed our music video that we had met each other and you know, even though the water was cold, it free. You had to get in it yeah i don’t want to hear you complain. I cheated i kind of put wrap my feet in plastic bags and i put them in my boots.

Boots rain boots. I didn’t even know that was an option, and so we were halfway through the video and i was just freezing. Will there be rain boots in the actual performance we see on the show wednesday night or man? I didn’t bring mine. What about you yeah? No. I left my extra tough boots at the house. Those are for fishing, you know those are.