It was played on to him in the tackle by dean, austin and it’s. A goal kick, but it very nearly was a goal for aston villa letting atkinson turn get out the defenders, but to run with the ball and play the pass, as he did that time. Gazelle Music, using the space himself, three top topping players in the center essentially still said it’s a corner. A week ago he got the winner against manchester city, but a driving run from jury Applause and that’s up field again essentially takes the corner and that’s sharing it. Three tottenham away goals this season, all down to sharing and cedric, was looking for one here and it nearly broke. His way did well coping so far fell. Applause, Music Applause, richardson Applause, certainly favors the right footed approach, but this might just be deception. Steve dalton is there to take a different angle. Staying pretty much in the center of the goal is saunders. It really was thundered and if anything, the ball just started to veer away from towards fed at the last, but he moved quickly enough to hug it to his chest and that’s in keeping with the way he started the season, Applause, saunders Applause richardson quickly on the Scene chasing in Music wondering for a second where the goalkeeper was coming and then deciding to take decisive action himself, but it was just as well for tottenham that he did. Aston villa had a corner 17 minutes didn’t get there may well have been found.

Applause threw himself at the ball as it came past. Eric Applause now is this a foul here, Applause certainly thought it was we’re halfway through the first half tottenham Applause. Trying to make it happen. Look at that well, saul campbell will tell you that he likes playing as an attacker. He did score on his premier league debut last season when he came on as a substitute against chelsea Applause it’s worth chasing in by sharing them, because the ball came to spin. On the bounce jury, no flag from the linesman sure gets his cross in sharing, but gazelle. Oh it needed just a touch. Gazelle felt there was a touch on him in the shape of a push but they’re all really coming from nigel sphinx. Miss kick in the first place, Applause daley, but when gordon jury crossed deep from the far side, sheringham took charge with the header and desell very nearly connecting Applause, good defensive header by colin calderwood, a jury austin that’s encouraged to get forward in the shape of the Tottenham style but jury using him as a decoy to start with Music Applause too much cover if dean austin could have got to work now spurs need to fill in in that right back position. Remember he was doubtful for this game Applause. Well, this was the chance. Came topping his way, not quite for jason giselle. Well, it was an opportunity it needed to be expertly guided on here over sphinx.

That was what sharing was trying to do, but he didn’t quite connect, as he would have liked. Barrett hits sexually from call to his head up, not the stuffing out of him for a moment, parker or richardson’s in the clear well. The ball is put in by hatton, but i think the whistle has gone for the penalty. Applause with 20 minutes to go. Keith cooper has given a penalty for aston villa tottenham, just regrouping slightly. Having made a substitution richardson brought down staunton with the opportunity here. To put filler in front and he’s done just that well that’s, what spurs must have feared? They still seemed in reasonable control. But in the second half hadn’t relieved the pressure regularly enough – and this is what happened – dean austin coming across – and i think the referee absolutely right in giving the penalty had he delayed a second while would have had the goal in any case, but Applause spreading the Play beautifully for campbell prepared to line it up for himself and another terrific example of the promise of this england, youth international against the senior international and old barrett, and he moved him this way and not to get his shot. In and my word, it was close. A nasty moment for aston villa the frustrating moment for seoul campbell and spurs Applause, and there are nine minutes to go Applause daily. Four up, pavillo fall back for spurs. Bailey takes them on Applause.

He like darling atkinson, thanks to score goals that live long in the memory. He was looking for another one here, campbell losing out barrett howton there’s guy whittingham, trying to make it absolutely sure i’m very into doing so in the last minute, with a striker’s instinct and a torso showing off all his agility, here’s parker, a bounding run from barrett, But the game is over and aston villa bounced back from monday night’s misery against manchester united to take three very hard. One points for tottenham’s expense: the penalty 18 minutes from the end slotted home by steven staunton, steve three points, but very hard work for aston villa today. Yeah uh spurs got behind the ball very well and made life difficult for us, but we, i think in the first half we struggled a bit and then in the second we closed up a bit tighter and forced to go really, and i thought we deserved it. What did ron atkinson say at halftime, because really it was most untypical. Aston villa for 45 minutes yeah! Well, the sports play most unusual formation and we couldn’t come to terms with it. I don’t think the gaffer was too happy and he had to go up one or two. It seemed to work in the second half. As i said, we closed up tighter and got in around the ball and made a few chances 18 minutes to go. Kevin. Richardson goes down. The ball rolls on ray houghton puts it in the net.

Had you heard the whistle you were pretty quickly across to the penalty spot yeah? I knew it was a pen before it went in the back of the net but uh.