So now the big question: how can dean smith take this balaform into next season and improve on the 35 points they gained in 2019 to 20.? What are their goals for the season and who should they sign in order to achieve them? Music, let’s, firstly, start at this time. Last year, when aston villa had just kicked off their first season back in the premier league and they were beginning the season. After signing 12 new players in the 19 to 20 transfer window a much needed overhaul of the squad, a big one, with many new additions and we’d seen with fulham the season before how it didn’t go well for them. So it was a risk. We’Ll soon discuss how these players have performed throughout the season, but first of all there is something quite significant to cover their sporting director suso. The man in charge of the recruitment who handled the transfers made last summer was sacked only a day after villa secured their place in the premier league. A big statement by the club suggesting that this summer they’ll look differently at the transfer market and be a little more thoughtful in the deals that they complete. We saw that ben romer was linked with villa last year, but no deal agreed, possibly with different people in charge of transfers. This could be one that happens, but before the new additions, let’s look into the season that they’ve just finished and assess the changes that were made to the way that they play come.

The end of 2019 villa were 18th in the league, conceding 36 goals. The third worst in the league, only the freak nine goals southampton conceded in one game, meaning that aston villa weren’t, the second worst. We know how important the december period can be in football and aston villa did have a poor one. Picking up just four points from conceding the most goals that month was 16.. When we look at the 4 1 loss to leicester, we can see how aston villa lacked any kind of defensive structure and made it easy for brendan’s side to pick up. Their eighth consecutive league win this game. They set up in a 4 1 4 1 with nakamba as the defensive midfielder and douglas louise partnering, up with john mcginn in the central midfield roles and with the second goal that vela conceded. We can see how this became an issue when out of possession because of the positioning of the midfield players. It begins with soyuncu at the back and he’s able to spot a pass on the left to chill well, as he makes that pass. It takes wesley, mcginn and elgazi out of the situation for leicester. A pass way too easy for soyunku to make chilwell is in masses of space and when he receives the ball, he’s behind villa’s midfield line and there’s. Only the defensive line left to break down. Tileman comes to the left to support chill, while creating a 3v2 against filler, as madison is also there.

A pass is made to madison and he crosses low into the box. Where ahina nacho can finish a goal too simple for lester, say you were able to pass the teammates in pockets of space into dangerous areas and, as such, create a chance in the box that any striker should be scoring to make this harder for. Leicester villa should be putting a midfielder over in the wide areas in this setup and it should be nakamba. Mcginn has pressed soyunku soon. The camera should be moving on to the right when mcginn has pushed up positioning closer to madison or thielement. So when the pass is made to chill well villa are matching with the number of opposition players in that area covering in that half space area and the camber would be blocking the passing lane for tielemans into madison in giving the leicester creator less time. On the ball, when we look towards the end of the season in the last four games, where aston villa picked up two wins and two draws, we can see the difference in the way that they defend let’s, take the arsenal game where they were able to win. One nil, a fantastic result against a team with a lot of attacking quality. So, of course, aston villa needed to defend with everything that they’d got in the second half aston villa found themselves, one nil up and hanging onto a lead. So the scenario is different: you structure, the team more defensively, sona camber is subbed on alongside louise two defensive midfielders, which isn’t what they’d usually start the game with, but we can see in the positioning of the midfielders and teammates how aston villa are structured, adapt to The game situation and improve from earlier in the season arsenal are attacking on the right attempting to create a chance in the wide areas with caballos nikita pepe and suarez on the side of the pitch.

In contrast to the leicester game in 2019 villa have the right back target nakamba greelish, who has come deep and louise, who makes his way over as he notices the danger that arsenal possess on the right side. A huge difference to before the winger tracking back nakamba is pressing, he’s, probably playing on a left defensive midfield role, instead of a lone defensive midfield role, but that’s the right call from the manager and then douglas louise, who is adding even more pressure. A second midfielder in the equation, therefore, meaning villa – are making it more compact for arsenal and they can’t pass the ball into dangerous areas as easily so it’s nikita. Who has the ball and attempts to play it on the right for suarez? However, it was greatish there to intercept the pass and when he gets the ball, while his first instinct is to attack, he took the ball all the way into arsenal itself and played a brilliant pass for keane and davis to run onto. Unfortunately, for him the shot was just wide of the post and they couldn’t double their lead. In this scenario, it was two major positives from one move: grealish intercepting and removing the danger of an arsenal attack, and then it was him counter attacking creating a chance for the striker moving into next season. Villa need to take this sort of commitment into defending, as it reduces space for the opposition and can potentially result in counter attacking goals for the team.

This game was a positive for multiple other reasons too. Pressing from the front was right, winger treasure gate and he was able to do this very effectively. He attempted the most pressures in this game with 18 and was able to successfully win the ball six times when doing this, he won the most tackles of anyone on the pitch that day, winning five of the six that he attempted a player that aston villa are Able to utilize in their attack to press the opposition when they have the ball in deep areas. Trezege attempted four tackles in arsenal’s half and won three of them, proving that there is a clear instruction here for the attackers to press the opposition and be more relentless than they were previously plus, most importantly, for the team. He was the goal scorer of that game. So it went alongside an overall top performance. Mings and conso were both great this game at clearing the danger in the box, making a combined 17 clearances and 15 of them being in the box as well as douglas louise, who found himself dropping into the box, making three clearances, and he also made the most Ball: recoveries for aston villa with eight a player gaining possession and making passes all over the pitch he’s going to be an important player for them next season and i’m interested to see what he can become. He seems to have got better throughout his first season. At the club and then no surprise, jack grealish, showing his attacking qualities, creating the most chances in the game with three successfully completing three from three attempted dribbles and, as usual, being fouled a lot five times in this game.

Now, at the moment, we’re not sure whether he’s staying at the club, but his importance to the team goes without saying: greelish is their attack. Everything goes through him to create chances to take on the opposition and to score goals. Eight goals and six assists for him. The premier league 2.5 key passes per 90, puts him first for villa, and two dribbles per 90 puts him third among the squad. The decision to sell him would be huge and they’d have to replace him quickly, we’ll be getting on to signing soon, but we’ll. Look at who could come in for him as without grealish. Their whole game plan goes missing and in attack there isn’t too much for the opposition to be worried about. For now, though, let’s look into the team as a whole. The transfers that we discussed at the start and who is good enough to take into next season from last season’s transfers the definites into the squad for me – are mings. Louise concert and heaton target will probably be in the team, but i think a left back could be a position to improve this window. Wesley will still be around and i’d definitely give him another chance in the team, and he will get that chance. After an injury and a first season, which is always difficult, he needs to find his fee in his second season. The camber has a solid part to play in the team, but just not as a starter.

The same goes with treasure, gay house and elgazi otherwise, i’m. Not sure on samata’s position, if a new striker comes in with davis playing towards the end of the season, engels will be a backup and have not seen enough to give a strong opinion on him and then jotter, while they can improve. So with that being said, let’s look at a lineup that i’ve put together and decide on new signings from there tom heaton in goal with a backline of target mings concert and will bear who’s been impressive for them. Louise is a defensive midfielder with mcginn, alongside a new signing greelish on the left and two new signings in the front three beginning at strike. There seems to be two options for villa ollie watkins in austin, edward two prolific goal: scorers exactly what aston villa are looking for and they’d get that with these two in all competitions, edward scored 27 and watkins 26, but edward also assisting 19 and watkins. Just the three now the difference in the quality of the league they play in is different, but you don’t just get 46 gold contributions in 45 games without possessing some great qualities. The celtic striker is physically flat with a strong build, meaning that he can hold the ball up and with his 19 assists. This is why the hold up play is a good quality of hits. He can take the ball and make the right pass. So, with more attacking quality around him, this is where he can thrive.

Watkins is another fast striker who gets goals through finding good spaces in the box, even though he didn’t have too many assists. He does have good passing ability. He made the second most key passes for brentford last season with 72, only behind benrama, with 97. he’d, provide good link up play with the front three making him a good addition to the squad. Either of these would be good. I wouldn’t like to make the call on who i think they will get if any, but possibly because of watkins playing in the championship and playing in a very competitive league, i’d say him at right wing, a name they are currently linked to is milo rashika, who, Since his time at virgo, bremen has played on the left and attacking midfield, but before his move to the bundesliga, he did play on the right last season. He had 11 goals and 8 assists in 34 games and he was doing this in a team that finished 16th in the league playing in a relegation, playoff he’s, a player that would add a threat to aston villa causing problems for the opposition, defense being able to Cut inside and take on whoever is standing in his way. He successfully completed 2.2 dribbles per 90 last year, proving that he likes to do this a lot and the eye for making the right pass with 1.6 key passes per 90.. His quick feet and close ball control make it hard for defenders when he’s running at them.

Being able to change direction very quickly, a brilliant addition, rashika would be on the right side, let’s see if they can get this one over the line, then at central midfield, someone who hasn’t actually been linked to aston villa instead to west ham, but i think he’s, The type of player they should be looking at jean rickner belgaard is the type of central midfielder that wants to be involved in all the play, and he does it very well defensively. He was solid in the french first division, winning 2.4 tackles and making 1.3 interceptions per 90.. This would be brilliant in the middle of the pitch for villa working with luis to press the opposition and do what i discussed earlier in terms of pressing. He was in a team doing this very well. Last year he had 6.2 successful pressures per 90 last season compared to the villa team. Only in the camber has more. But in this position i was looking for a play to do more than just defensive work as they’re playing a little higher than louise in this formation, jean richard belgaard. Does this brilliantly he’s, confident with the ball at his feet, with two successful dribbles per 90 and he’s able to make passes into dangerous areas, he had 1.3 key passes per 90., a midfielder that can do it all and he’s only 22, with plenty of time to Develop he’d be a great signing for aston villa it does seem like there is competition to sign him.

This window fiorentina reported to be leading the race for him. Whoever picks him up has a quality young player in their midfield.