I need to do one important thing and that is pressing go on the ipad, so i’ve got five minutes on the clock, so aston villa now last season we all know a scramble for survival, but they managed to do it now. They finished 17th in the league. Last season now, you might argue, sheffield united should have scored in the game. They played obviously against aston villa goal line technology was having a holiday which has never been seen before never happened before, but it just so happened. It helped villa um, secure that vital point. As we see it now, obviously i can’t see that happening next season, so fortune certainly did favor them there, but you know you deserve to finish where you finish, as they say so, 17th was where they finished now looking into next season. I think, sadly, aston villa are going to finish 18th, so one position below and i’m gon na go through the reasons why so, sadly, i think you’re gon na get relegated now. Do you agree with that? Do you not agree with that? You might not looking at the stats of last season of the 38 games that you played, you only won nine, you drew eight, but the big alarming stat was you lost 21., so you lost a lot more games and you didn’t, which is obviously not a very Good sign at all now the reason that this happened when we’re just looking at the stats there’s.

Obviously a variety of reasons, but why this potentially could have happened is the goals four column. Doesn’T look very pretty now. It says that you scored 41 goals in 38 games. Now that is just over a goal of games. You’Re then, relying on your defense to hold really steady and keep the ball out of the back of the net, which is something they couldn’t do last season, because you conceded 67 goals against that goal. Difference is 26 goals, which is two thirds of a premier league campaign, so you’ve got to think about. That is an astronomical figure to try and change, and how do you do it well, the one way you could do it is have players that get you a lot of goals and assists. Who is the number one man aston villa? I hear you cry, or we all know who it is: jack, big carves gruelish. He scored eight goals and he got six assists, so he contributed on his own 14 goals to aston villa’s cause in the premier league. When you consider they only scored 41. If he wasn’t there and someone wasn’t doing the job instead of him, then i would see you be relegated probably at the bottom of the table. So he is a massively important player for you now he’s still at the club and as we stand, i’ve got to judge them with him still there, but i think we can all agree it’s, looking more likely that he will leave unless aston villa really do price.

Other teams out which, of course they are more than welcome to do and they’re more than able to do because you know following the pandemic, each club really holds finance in high regard. So you have to say they shouldn’t be at liberty to sell anyone, but there certainly will be a lot of pressure now. The one thing looking here is aston villa’s away record was particularly poor. You only scored 11. What scored you only accrued 11 points away from home? It was your home record with 24 points that got you most of your your points to obviously stay in the division, which obviously is a really really big problem, because you’re relying on keeping that home ground. Your fortress now, if you lose players like tyrone minks, who’s, been a stronger player for you. Scott mcginn who’s been a stronger player for you and jack grealish and i think you’re running into a bit of a problem when we look at stats in particular. So looking below, who are the number two players that play for you? We’Ve got jack grealish, who started 36 games of 38 and then number two is tyrone ming’s who started 33., so that’s really really important. Yes, douglas luis played 36 times as well, but he wasn’t as effective as those two above now i can’t see jack greulish staying at aston villa, but if he does, he won’t have as prolific a season. I don’t think because i can’t see you have you been able to rely on one player so often um, and it really does come down to him if jack isn’t, very you know prolific at scoring or provide a lot of assists, then, where did aston villa go When you look further down in their squad, their highest scorer from there was trezogay with six goals.

He then got more ice with five and el gazi with four, so there’s, not a lot of contribution. There is there.