We also saw a couple of games around mlb tonight being postponed and then coming into this game between orlando city versus nashville sc. There was a lot of question of whether if this one and the rest of the game was going to be postponed well, this game did take place as scheduled, but in the inter miami versus atlanta game. After about a 20 minute deal, delay of the game being kicked off. It was decided that that game of course, was postponed and just like what happened with the nba, where, if one game gets postponed because of the ongoing protest of the police, shooting of jacob blake, every game gets canceled and that the rest of the game tonight and What was supposed to be a very busy night for me and that i was supposed to do a review about four hours from what i am doing right now, has now been postponed to a later day now in this game, i know there’s going to be a Lot of criticism, and rightfully so there’s going to be a lot of criticism of the fact that this this game was scheduled to be played, and especially what happened early in this game because, right as the game was about to start, and you know how every single Mls game we have seen so so far has been players taking a need before a couple of seconds ago or a second later. They, of course, would continue to play well in this game.

That is not what happens. Uh they did play the national anthem and while the nashville player did take a need, i did see a couple of orlando city players decide not to take a knee and then right as we were about to start the game. You were thinking that well, players are just going to take their five second knee to, of course, show solidarity of the black lights matters, movement, and it did not happen, and when the whistle was blown, they were going to do it, but then they kind of hesitate And then just kept playing in the game and that this is the first time we have seen where in a game where players did not take, take a knee before the game, of course or start. And you know that is one of the many criticism of what happened in this game, that a lot of fans are not going to be happy with the way that that this game was actually even being played in the first place, but either way three minutes into This game den lottie almost made it one nothing, but unfortunately he hits it over the board, which kind of just summarized nashville sc in general, in their mls as this season, where they just have been absolutely shocking in terms of going forward on the attack. Now dk did hit the side netting as he went through on goal, and i thought it was really end to end in the first couple of minutes of this game.

But it would be nashville the one that gets the opening goal and it would be dave romney who scores his first ever goal for nashville from honeymookton to give nashville sc a one, nothing lead, and this one was coming from a set piece, and i talked about In that nashville versus atlanta match in the last game, where nashua’s got ta improve their set piece like if this is a team that is gon na score goals, only rely on set piece and try to maybe count. They need to do much better in terms of what i’ve been seeing then for the first couple of games, and that time it was a much better delivery from hani mukhtar, which romney all he had to do was just take a tiny flick into into uh or A tiny flick to redirect the ball into the back of the net and just like that, nashville has a one, nothing lead, although that lead did not last very long, because five minutes later chris mueller would basically hit that one in from the ground from moutinho and Perea, uh willis would then rob matino a chance to take the lead, as orlando city was very hungry, to try to get the second goal uh in the second half uh. I want to kind of mention that the orlando broadcast didn’t acknowledge all of the situation with the the league decided to cancel the rest of the game game. Because of of what happened earlier today and i was shocked, the fact that they did not acknowledge and that it only took until the 55th minute when they acknowledge it, and even so when the main commentator acknowledged the situation, it was kind of a little bit of A half ass with the way that he was trying to acknowledge it and he didn’t even did get the information correctly when he mentioned the fact that that the league is pr is decided to boycott the game because of the protest of the killing of jacob blake.

Even though jacob blake did not get killed in that instant, and that was really one of the biggest misunderstanding in terms of this situation, where, despite the fact that we saw like a police shooting, unlike the whole george floyd situation, where, unfortunately, that that, of course was What was the situation where the police officer eventually killed? George floyd? This was not the case where jacob blake did get paralyzed because of the shooting and it actually took until the 91st minute of this game when he basically just say, oh yeah, my bad in terms of what i just said about the the misinformation but come on. Orlando city broadcasting you’ve got to do better in in terms of that, and especially with with the the ongoing criticism. I know that that this game has been received. The last thing you need to do is just try to make some to talk about misinformation or not even talk about this whole thing until the 55th minute and that yeah it was just kind of insane the fact that it took them that long in terms of Finally, get the the notion of what is actually going on around the lake now in the 52nd minute. Daryl dk would score from perea and mueller, and this dk kit let the hype train start to roll, because this kit, in these first two games, he has been just on fire, with the way that he’s playing like he’s, already got three goals in his first two Game and then as much as it’s very easy to basically hyped up of this kid to become one of the hardest prospect in mls.

It’S also remember easy to remember that it’s only been two games and so far he has had an incredible games with orlando city, but if he can keep this up, this is really really the answer that orlando city has been desperately wanted to know for this team, Which is who’s actually going to be the number nine that’s going to score the goals for them, and i don’t think a lot of people would have thought that daryl dk would be the answer of their their question of who is going to be that number nine Player that will score the goals for them. Now, in the 61st minute, liao hits the post as nashville almost tied the game up, but then it would be dk again that we’re able to score and what a great recognition that was from dk after willis of course made a good save. But unfortunately, he basically basically palmed a juicy rebound right back to dk, who just easily tapped it into the back of the net. To make it 3 1, then willis had to deny urso, as orlando was really hungry for the fourth goal, and then i think, if it wasn’t for joe willis in this game, this could have been at least 5 1 in favor of orlando city. Like this, he basically saved this one to be an utter embarrassment for nashville sc, but other than that you know this was probably the worst performance that nashville sc has done for throughout their entire existing in mls, and that you know, let’s just hope that that this Is just kind of kind of one of those games where nothing kind of went right for them and that this is not really a trend where, where things are going to go bad? Because if this is the case, if they’re all the sudden, their defense cannot cannot defend, and we already know the struggle that they have on the attack.

They are definitely in serious trouble right now and they are staring on the eye of becoming another fc cincinnati and that unfortunately, kind of proves me right of the fact that all these signings that they made this offseason kind of looks very fc. Cincinnati like, and i was really hoping that wasn’t gon na happen. Well, it looks like it has happened again and that they are really gunning for for fc cincinnati’s spot as one of the worst expansion team that we have seen this season now in terms of shots. In this game, 17 shots compare the 16 that nashville has eight shots on goal compared to the four that nashville has five shots off target compared to the seven that nashville has four shots. That was blocked compared to the five that nashville has possession wise 61 possession compared to ‘ possession. Now, tomorrow, i was also planning to do the preview for the weekend game, but because of the uncertainty right now of whether or not if, if the this situation with all these postponement and the boycott that is going going on, is going to be, maybe maybe going To be longer than the one game that we we see today or the one day that we see today, i have no idea if the weekend’s game is even going to play it too. So, tomorrow, i’m gon na have to make a big decision of whether or not, if i’m gon na, do the preview for the weekend scheme or not.

Because if i do the preview for the weekends game and then i later found out that the weekends game have been postponed, i basically just wasted my time doing the preview – and i really don’t want to do so so yeah tomorrow. You pretty much will find out whether or not if i’m gon na do the preview. If i’m not gon na upload a video. That means i have made my decision to not do the preview, but if i did do the preview, then yeah, i made my decision in terms of making the preview and really hoping that the weekends game are not going to be post postponed and all the effort That i made during the preview tomorrow is not going to be wasted, but that being said, let me know in the comments below what do you think of of this game and yeah hope you guys enjoy this video.