I think if we get a nice, sharp, quick tempo to begin with we’re in for a real treat here, because we’ve got a couple of entertaining sides that love to go forward Music. Well, there are players here who stand out a bit. These two in particular. I think today ellen well two excellent attacking players. We are treated to seeing i’m really enjoying good seasons and i’m expecting a bit more of the same today. Music Applause lining up like this today, atlanta, united and it’s, interesting they’ve got three at the back and three up front it’s. Quite an unusual formation isn’t it you don’t, often see it it’s, going to be interesting to see how it pans out here but uh. I think the manager has got an option to switch, maybe go back to uh for the back if he wants to. Thank you. This is the starting lineup for orlando city, but they do like to play on the counter attack this team. Looking at the lineup alan do you think that’s the way they’re going to address the problems today. That is the way it looks at the moment. We’Ll find out soon enough, but they are perfectly set up for the counter. They’Ve got lots of pace on the break. I think we’ll see that Applause today here they are still probing away. They’Ve seen the shot needed to be brave, but he was that’s relieved some of the pressure, as the defender clears his lines out of play little piece of interplay between the two start really well.

He got to the position of maximum opportunity. It was an impossible opportunity to squander yeah. We often say it was an easy chance, but you have got to be there and this lad has got the knack of doing Applause that Applause, another turnover in play here with that interception. Well look at the room in which to attack and it’s a shot. Now, no difficulties for brad guzen this time to really get at the opposition here chance for a break in numbers. Keeping the ball is one thing, but they’ve got to try and open up the opposition. Martinez really at the extent of his reach, to make that very fine stop. Well, they are in the lead and they are on the ball, but in their own half. At the moment, martinez over to length here’s, gonzalo martinez, gonzalo martinez, now lennon difficult for the defender against the player. Who wants to take him on like this? Oh time to get the cross? Now, Applause that’s, the shooting Applause – he saw the gap down in the bottom corner. Why did he find it well? Well, that is the sign of a clinical finisher somebody that knows where the goals are. They don’t have to look up Applause, probing away working away at the opposition with these passes Applause now they’re looking to get forward from this position and the referee is blown for half time. It’S. Two nil. Here, Applause, not quite good enough. So far, alan the defenders at the moment will feel they’ve got the upper hand.

They really have restricted him to very few chances, and here we go the referee’s blown his whistle and we’re off for the second half martinez. This does look promising back to him again. Now it’s offside, and it looks as though they might be into score Applause. One or two players are warming up for the home team. We’Ll see who comes on that’s, good, passing probing martinez, not troubled by that effort. Now. Can he cross it? Well, that’s, a wonderful save, oh! That was a goal of the way wasn’t it until the keeper intervened. Applause; Applause, not troubled by that effort. Applause closed him down. Well, the cross doesn’t come in good, defending done well to protect possession for his team it’s a real opportunity to get it into the middle. Well, here it is he’s really connected well done the keeper they line up for the corner. Well, given this historical rivalry here, it’s uh a bad defeat to take, they are on the wrong end of the result where they so much wanted to be on the right side of it. Yeah never great, losing any game but to lose in this fashion.