That name has not been officially released. Now, maxie he’ll take a shot. This pantomiss makes a little touch and puts it up over the ball strike. This is from maxi at the top of the box, but this is a brilliant, save yeah the opportunity to speak to one yama this week interesting career he’s. Had here we go nicely done gary mackay steven, intercepting the ball, a big shot, pantomist diving down, knocks it away; quarter, kick for new york city off the top corner from maxie, and how about this? First davis left footed guy makai steven strike that oh trying to drop it into the path of makai, steve and now medina outside charging forward anton tenerholm cuts it across medina chip. Pantomis makes the save another quarter for new york city now, ibiaga pleased for a handball and now turning shots saved by johnson on romo kyoto. What a blast coming from the left hand side from montreal going past the midway point of the second half tenor hole: nice maxi slips it ahead. This is laura! Oh now, medina puts it in maxine matarito jesus medina, and it is one nil, new york, city, Music Applause. The passport was brilliant morales. Does the business here tomata? Initially i thought the chance is gone, but here’s this medina picks. His setup has aruti running right down the middle right hand, side kyoto, edge of the area; he’ll drive it across there’s the little flick on by aruti, but right at sean johnson.

Well, she was a nice player now tanner holmcut there’s max, and it is two nil. What a feed by tanner holm and maxi makes no mistake, and new york city has the insurance goal exactly what i want to see. The little genius takes his time to pick his pass dinner home excellent, get him forward and the back pass to morales is inch perfect. Let’S play medina he’s, going to tee it up. Instead touches to maxi back to the right foot, shoots what a stop by james pensimus, what a stop! This is from the goalkeeper Applause, what wow delivers trying to attack and there it is Music it’s, tony rocho and his goal for new york, city, Music Applause and his first mls goal. Tenacity. Didn’T quite know he had this type of finish in him on the volley. Goalkeeper has got absolutely no chance. What a nice finish that is from tony rocha three now his point: nice goal, oh stuck in right by montreal in front sean johnson, all tied up with a player as banks landed on top of him. Well, you see all the scraps in the afterwards, and this is just determination from marshall trying to get back into the scale, but just watch this new york switch off. I got ta give so much credit to toy kept himself onside.