Torres fruitful, looking attack Applause well, this could pose problems for the defenders and the ball is loose into the goalkeepers grateful grasp. But the second time of asking, but first time around it, was a good deal more complicated. Oh it’s, a fabulous save initially, he gets the ball in the end with great relief. Well, the crowd sends a bit of good fortune. No kidding players have to be brave. Now got ta use that energy don’t waste, it Applause nanny. Well, you know, most teams have a preferred way of playing. The visitors do like to press high. They try to force errors lee. Do you anticipate seeing that from them in this game? Yeah? I do derek. I really do it’s a brave way of playing, though away from home. It just shows the confidence the coach has in this group of players, but i may be jeff lorentowicz, well a classic example of how to intercept carlos jansson. Oh he’s, given the ball away, jeff, lorentowicz Applause, just the challenge that was required and unable to keep possession ezekiel barco eric remedy, looks promising base patient build up at the moment. Applause laurentites remedy well read to put an end to that attack Applause, an attacking possibilities, junior orso Applause and nanny, with eight they could nudge in front and somehow he prevents a goal. Well, it looks a certain goal: derrick the agility. The reflex is unbelievable. The crowd haven’t had too much to cheer about for a while.

Have they derek? They need a goal here, so the corner played into the box and still dangerous Applause, it’s opening up for them Applause? Well, it was fired straight at the keeper, no real difficulties for him. No decent positioning from the goalkeeper poor shot to be honest with you. Well, we can see the stats they don’t lie. They haven’t created enough chances today, but the quality in the end should pull them through in this game, been frustrating for the fans, though eddie torres still on level terms. Moving the ball nicely. Jeff, lorentowitz, remedy Applause, lorenzowitz! Well, just couldn’t keep the ball losing possession torres. Creative look about this and dispossessed, so the whistle then we’re up the halfway stage in this match has anticipated plenty of talking points so far and now the second half is underway: remedy Applause on the ball with barco eric remady. Well, they keep passing away jeff lorenzowitz remedy lorenzowitz. Well, probably a fair assessment of his first half’s work would be a mixed bag. Well, no goals for him, no real chances either. He needs to help his team a little bit more just to get involved in the game. I think he would be the difference if he was playing better big chance and the keeper more than equal to it. Will this corner bear fruit for them, Applause and firing? It into the area and snuffing out the danger, but a corner coming up played into the center of the box.

Well, he did his job defensively Applause, he’s, driven in the corner, Applause there. It is, and the crowd stunned into silence. Applause, Music Applause, well, here’s, the replay derek’s, a good strong ball into the box, but you do have to ask questions about the keeper. Could he have done better here? I think so. You can’t keep getting beat at the near post like that and time for the change now. So the match has restarted one nil here: pereira, Applause now will they be able to play it in behind the defense? Well, not hard to read that pass half an hour remaining then definitely look as though they want to make this move count. Is it going to be and it’s gone in the teams separated by two goals? Now you cannot say they don’t deserve it. Well, here’s the replay it’s a really lovely through ball, and then the brute forcing gail in equal amounts sets up the chance to score and he doesn’t disappoint. Does he it’s going that way? Two nil atlanta, united goal number 31 eric torres mendez antonio carlos danger here, as he runs at them Applause. Well, it looked highly promising, but they got nothing out of it. The visitors, possession stats are brilliant it’s important to have strong, dominant players in your midfield and they’ve got that just look at what that control gives you all the way through to the keeper then easy. Save Applause couldn’t keep it. Oh that’s, a pass of high quality keeper had work to do, it’ll, be a corner, so two substitutes to come on in one go, so the corner played into the box and it goes the lead just gets bigger.

Surely they can’t let this slip now? Well, as we see again here, it’s a decent delivery, nice and deep and then it’s a good heady finish to be fair keeper. No chance lovely goal well, let’s. Take another look at that girl. Shall we well they’ve decided to make a change it’s a massive lead and it’s very hard to imagine them losing it now number 31 eric janssen junior urso, michelle orso! Well moving the ball impressively here pereira. It looks promising now there’s two intercepts now counter attacking possibilities. Here look just though they might make real progress on the counter attack, not so rosetta and nanny with it could cross it in here, and he read it well, Applause nanny. Can he do it? Well, they’ve pulled one back, but perhaps a bit too late in this contest. They haven’t been at the races this evening. Well, here’s a replay – and i enjoy this passage of play, it’s lovely to watch superb passing and he had choices of what type of finish to apply and bang. He goes for the smash, lovely goal, no shortage of goals on this match. 3. 1. The electronic board has been held in the air and we’re going to have a minimum of four added minutes remedy. We have entered the final minute of normal time. Applause robinson well, derek. If you don’t close down you don’t work hard without the ball. You don’t put a shift in you end up with a performance and an atmosphere like this.

The fans are not very, and that is the end of the game. It goes into the history books as a home defeat lee your thoughts, a real lack of concentration. For me has cost them today: mistakes too manager will be looking around for that drawing board to start all this again, they were poor today, derek and he put in a really thorough performance tonight, lee well clearly the difference between the two sides today, two goals: a Really good performance ran into the channel.