$175 low cost 4K Drone – MJX Bugs 12 EIS is not bad for your first drone! 🏆

After that, here we go has to be one of the best values out there right now. In 175, you get 4k 3840 electronic stabilized video 50x digital zoom, ground, sensors, gps maps, all kinds of modes 5g, wi fi video in here, making it a lot more reliable. We have folding props on here […]

Speed Dial EP 19 – Geeksvana

We are here at speed, dial i’m using uh, my phone to do this uh through software that enables you to go live very quickly and today i have a very, very cool guest from across the pond, where it’s very early in the morning tomorrow. I believe uh. This is sean to my right, […]

DJI Drone Comparison – A Beginner Guide To DJI Consumer Camera Drones

I want to take you through their current lineup and tell you the pros and cons of each one at a very high level and help you make a good decision so stay tuned. So if you’re new to the channel, i hope you will hit the subscribe button and the notification bell so you’ll […]

BetaFPV FPV Whoop Racing Starter Kit 2 Flight Test Review

So congratulations good morning, quietcopter101 here with a neat review of something neat. I’Ve i’ve been actually having a good time with this down in my basement, this is a lot of fun. This one uh this is from beta fpv. This is the beta fpv beta 65s light ready to go fpv kit with […]

ULTIMATE COMBO! – DJI Eachine Cvatar HD 3″ Cinewhoop – REVIEW & FLIGHTS

You can’t tell from the field out here, but you can tell by the clouds that are up there. We have some serious clouds up there right now. This is like the only spot on the radar that had an opening for me to fly today. Everything portland vancouver everywhere, is just covered in rain […]

4″ LONG RANGE QUAD SHOOTOUT!!! – Flywoo, Chimera4, Baby Croc, & ROMA F4 – Compare & Review 🏁

We are going to do the four inch long range under 250 g, quad shootout, and i know a lot of you guys have been asking for this, but i’ve been testing each of these quads in different scenarios. This year and we’ve been doing some long range with my tbs crossfire tango 2 antenna […]

4K Drone for $167! – MJX Bugs20 4K GPS Drone – Not a bad drone for the money 🏆💰

This is the b20 i’m going to take this out of the box. Let you see what’s in the box included for the money under 200.. 4K is it’s kind of crazy. So you get a pretty good flight time on this battery we’re going to talk about the flight time, the characteristics, the different […]

BEST FPV GOGGLES 2020-2021 – Eachine EV300o & Skyzone SKY04X – BUYER’S GUIDE REVIEW 🏆

Can you see any difference between this pair of goggles and this pair of goggles? Can you tell which one is the eachine 300os or the skyzone o4x? They are extremely similar, if not identical in comparison, but they are a little bit different on the spec sheets and we’re going to talk about this […]

DJI Mini 2 Fly More Combo Unboxing

So before we get started, i want to say thanks for watching and if you like drones, you should really consider subscribing to ready set drone, because we cover a lot of camera drones, fpv, drones, toy drones and other fun, rc stuff, so let’s get into it. This is the mini 2 combo pack, […]

Global Fly In With Oz By Drone

Everyone welcome to us by drone i’m greg he’s, not john in fact, he’s currently frozen. Not you not you kelly! So kelly’s sitting in the coho spot today, john’s running everything happened at the same time this morning. So john had something come up, so we said kelly let’s get you on screen. It […]