Mets Rick Porcello speaks live after pitching against the Yankees | New York Mets | SNY

I felt you know pretty pretty solid um a couple things. I think i can be a little bit better at get hitters a little bit better. Getting some more advantage counts early on in the at bat, but other than that uh first time, seeing guys in another uniform in a couple months felt […]

Mets A behind-the-scenes look at Mets manager Luis Rojas | Mets All-Access presented by GEICO | SNY

We get to promote one of our own to be the leader and face of our major league team, obviously emotional. I remember walking down the street in uh new york as i was staying in a hotel in new york city and i walked. I can’t remember how many blocks, but i walked you […]

Mets YES Network – 2020 Yankees at Mets First Exhibition Game Intro

Every single day, 24 hours a day, amazing, is really the only word we could use now. Obviously, covet 19 is still here, but we’re going to try to play baseball that’s the intent we’re going to try to do it safely and we’re going to broadcast it as well. Now i’ll tell you right […]

Mets Atlanta Braves vs New York Mets – Full Highlights | July 24, 2020 | 2020 MLB Season

He got a chance to opt out and sign here. He is, i don’t know why anybody would pretty special relationship wasn’t, it that’s a question with two outs: that’s, an awesome piece that you know didn’t really expect anything from the mets but to receive that kind of um recognition awfully fulfilling. You know […]

Mets Amed Rosario speaks live from Citi Field before Mets-Yankees | New York Mets | SNY

He ido he ido. He ido cogiendo ya. Lo que es lo que es el ritmo pegue con las ecuaciones son bastantes cavanna m bueno creo que qu lo ms importante sera, el enfoque mantenerme enfocado y mantenerme positivos aqu trabajando. Lo que son los driles que ellos venido haciendo desde el ao pasado creo […]

Mets Yankees vs Mets Highlights | MLB Summer Camp

Just like that. The yankees are up one, nothing and one of the better pitching prospects in the yankee organization. Michael king now, 25 years old, you see last year a little bit of an injury year and previously in 2018 he was the organizational pitcher of the year minorly pitcher of the year and […]

Mets New York Mets vs. Atlanta Braves – MLB 2020

Applause first pitch one. O’Clock Applause swinging strike and now it’s owen too hey. I noticed pitcher’s getting ahead right here. He’S got the hitter down 0 2, but to this guy in the box might want to just live on the corners a little bit more. You keep missing down the middle something’s, not […]

Jerry Taft ABC 7 meteorologist Jerry Taft dies at 77

We used to tease him and say it was a squeaky giggle said ron magers 75, who worked with mr taft for much of his career. What people usually heard was him trying to stifle it because he was really cracking up on the air. Mister taft died in his sleep thursday night. He was […]

National Tequila Day Mixing the perfect margarita

Three simple ingredients: we have your tequila. I picked my recommendation. Uh, a hundred percent pure agave tequila, so we went ahead and picked this out of all of my choices. It was a good price and it was recommended. So i definitely want to try this one it’s tequila blanco. We have triple sec […]

National Tequila Day s Quedamos BOTADOS en el DESIERTO! 😱