You need two avocados. You need one half of papaya seeded and chopped into fine pieces. You need one cup of sugar. You can use cane sugar or powder, whichever one you have one cup of cashews almonds and pistachios finely powdered i’m using two quarts of half and half two thirds of this will be used for condensing and one third will be used for blending with the fruits. If you have an instant pot, go ahead and turn the saute mode on, if you do not have an instant pot, you will definitely need a thick bottom pan for this once your pan or your container is warm enough, go ahead and add your half and half Into the container now i’m, using two thirds of the two quarts i’ve already taken one third portion out and separated it set it aside and i’m gon na go ahead and empty the rest of my half enough in this container. Now, one of the things that is completely unavoidable in this recipe is the need for constant stirring. Yes, we will have to keep stirring for the mere fact that you don’t want the milk to burn at the bottom. As you see that the milk starts getting to warm up a little bit and at this point, you’re gon na go ahead and add your sugar in keep stirring and, as you start stirring, you will see that the milk starts forming a layer of cream on it And you want to keep stirring it till you see that the milk is coming to a boil at this point, go ahead and add half of the nut powder because i’m going to hold off the half for later and start whisking it up all together.

Now, if you are dumping your entire nut powder at one time, just like i did here, you will see that it starts forming some lumps. So if you have any help at home and you’re not recording this video, while you’re cooking, make sure you’re putting it slowly in. As you see, with passage of time and constant stirring, the milk has started to become thicker in consistency, and you can see that it has a good creamy consistency to it, and you can also see those fine granules of your dried nut powder now go ahead and After 30, minutes of your saute meltdown turn your instant pot off, and at this point, the rest of the heat in the container is enough to further thicken your milk into a condensed milk form. Now i do not prefer taking store, bought, condensed milk it’s an easier way out, but the store bought, condensed. Milk is plain and it does not have the nut mix that we are adding so i’m gon na go ahead and take it out and keep it aside. For cooling in a container while my milk or my condensed, milk is cooling off i’m gon na take my blender and i’m gon na put my chopped avocado pieces in it, i’m gon na make sure i empty everything that i have, and at this point i’m gon Na add Music, some of that withheld milk. Remember in the beginning, i did not use all the milk for condensing um.

I did hold back one third of the milk so that one third of the milk has been divided into two equal portions, because i have two fruits to blend i’m gon na use the first half to blend papaya to blend my avocados and once my avocado paste Is ready, i’m gon na add a half of my condensed milk portion and whip my fruit again now here i tried being a little creative and i am using a bundt cake pan. The biggest mistake i did was i directly pour into the container. I did not line it with a sheet of plastic which i should have or if you’re trying to really get creative and you want that shape to your ice cream at the end, make sure you’re using a silicone bundt cake mold instead of a hard one. Now, once your avocado blend is ready and you have made a layer go ahead and layer it up with some of that fine powdered nut mix that we made um and we’re gon na sprinkle it right on top of it, so that we create a good layer. You might have realized what we’re trying to do here: we’re creating an avocado layer, and then we have this whole nut mix layer and then yes, of course, we’re going to top it off with the papaya paste that we’re gon na create right now, once we layer It off go ahead and do that it was a messy process to flip this thing after this um frozen froze very well, but it just did not want to let go and that’s exactly the reason why i’m saying you should be loading up it inside with either A plastic sheet, or even better use a silicone mold now after you’re done doing that, go ahead and repeat the same process with your papaya pieces, i’m.

Going to add your milk, your condensed milk and papaya fruit is very soft and i’m using ripe papaya. So i don’t have to really blend them separately: i’m dumping everything in together and i’m, giving it a good whip and, as you can see, that papaya piece just did not want to go back in so i had to really open it up and mix that again And here the papaya paste is ready and i’m gon na go ahead and put my papaya and condensed milk mixture. On top of the nut mix layer that i made i’m going to layer it up and then i’m going to tap it until. I make sure that everything is set and then i’m going to cover it with a thin plastic wrap, and i did freeze it overnight, because these are fruit blends. Now, when i turned it around, it was not this pretty. It was messy. I had to re, freeze it and then i had to take a knife and cut it around.