Exactly this technically but they’re great. Do we love them? Do you love them baking with barking James Music? We are making shortbread lemon tarts. Your guess is as good as mine. James, are you done yet thank you to my sister Danielle for this beautiful tart pan, oh, and also this juicer thing which you’re gon na get to see in a minute. How do you watch them? They’Re stickers on think I don’t know about zesting. I had a baby. I named it zesting help me Rhonda it’s, Al’s, favorite song didn’t. You want me to come over tomorrow. I’Ll bring you this, whatever the hell it is we’re making you’ll need an outdoor space. How do you mean Tustin home comment below today sells out style food? This can’t be the way I’m a gardener. Does it absolutely Garcia, says what about Tom Colicchio now I’m? Just naming chefs Padma Lakshmi, what about Gail is she sure? Does she say yes chef? I hate that not stand that that’s right, Jeff see the only things to you and even doctors. You don’t say thank you. Doctor use your offer. Then your know comment below. If you know Audrey from little shops last name, how are you asking probably goes? Oh my got honor to my eyeballs I’m. Getting sprayed. Do you have goggles? Everyone knows once you’re a celebrity. You don’t need glasses Tom. Can you get a shot of this? I have no idea what I’m doing there turn it on.

First, oh, my god get it get a shot of this he’s making juice and it’s cool it’s grabbing the seeds even get that seed before my god, he’s done one. Secondly, right here you do have to clean it out because it’s you overtake it. Oh my god. Oh my, the wonders will wonders, never cease, remember to freeze your orange Ryan. You can put sherbert in there or you would dump it dig this out, and then you put national brand sherbert in it. Sorbet it’s like a whole lemon filled with sorbet lenninger babe. You feel like you’re in Italy, like you feel like you’re in Capri, where, as they say, cap cream, we are using everything in that house. This is the Vitamix. It was like so expensive, it’s like Nikki now is the thing about Vitamix is like maybe used all the time after these messages we’ll be right back. They have to think the good people at Chevrolet firm, supporting this promise. Think we’ll watch these when we’re like 70 and like be like, I can’t, believe a young. We murder me at 70 I’m about to make some grunts. We just saw her Pizza James. I make Crestwood generally, everybody can do not help me yeah don’t, I said, do not help me. Even if I ask her out it’s like the first day of being blind, you know out my answer. No seems like you’re trying to sabotage me. You know powdered sugar from the festival’s, I feel like the kind of pairings.

Like you know. My mom makes crossing every week so I’m, just putting in my ice cubes butter I’m, assuming like when you did, is perfect. When I did it, it was like I don’t like the way you’re doing it, it’s literally ready to separate yeah that’s and that’s sandy Dombrowski star Chris what’s, your name in a movie comment below Olivia newton john, my first crush like and while we’re having didn’t work Out for her, but now anytime I was near like a kids pool, I would try to put a piece of paper in and push it around. I should tell you what to do. I think we should sit down and watch television. We want it to be good. What do you want it to be right, but now there’s, no Ana TV on this show has been brought to you by the country of Greece. Americans you’re not to go there or anywhere you’re stuck here. It was a happy and fulfilled as a housewife. Now, look at me how many weeks have we been here March, 15 April 14 or 15 May 15 May 15 June 15 June 15 July. Yes, so four months we’ve been in this apartment, James hasn’t even got a haircut when this whole time. This is dawn again. I do not yellow your thought that is television, Tracy goal so I’m just going to pour this in. Do you see that I’m pouring a circular motion? Why are you laughing at me? Is that it? Oh, my god, this might be.

The greatest thing remember: it’s, go to commercial if you’re not watching marchello on Netflix. Are you even watching TV? You know what I’d love to have a higher Itza it’s, a kind of a fire oven watch open up another theater school while you’re at it. Okay, the new averages new world looks like they’re trying to sell coronavirus. Also, look like all right: we let this cool and then dusted with what real best. Well guys, we are back um our lemon tart is that what is this? Our lemon tart askew? Look at this I just like to tap on. It is really the best way to do it is this easier for whom not my hand? No me, I mean God looks like a commercial for cake.