His brutality on thursday lewis hamilton was asked if he was looking to boycott the belgian grand prix. This is something that we’ve seen athletes doing. Um, the article drop link below from motorsport.com mentions naomi osaka, but last night we also saw the um marlins and the mets uh go out onto the field and a game of baseball and before even throwing a warm up pitch walking back off after i believe 42 Seconds of silence and one of the players laying down a shirt saying black lives matter on one of the plates and people are asking. If lewis is going to boycott the belgrade and i’ll read for you, an excerpt from the article um. This is from lewis hamilton it’s incredible to see what many out there in the states are doing within their sports all the way down to the people that are hosting the commentators, for example. So many people are standing with the players and really pushing for change. It’S. A shame that that that’s, what is needed over there in order to get a reaction, that’s america, i don’t – really know if me doing anything here – will particularly have any effect we’re in belgium we’re, not in the united states. I haven’t spoke to anybody about it, but i’m really proud of so many out there. I do stand unite unified with them. Trying to do what i can over here. I don’t know how us not doing the race.

It will still go on it’s a thing. I still try and speak to formula one to see what else we can do to continue to raise awareness to continue to help push. Actually, i think, it’s a sport. We all need to be aligned. We all need to be supporting one another, even though it is a different sport and there’s a lot of people who think that, because i talk about drivers, take at the knee and show my disappointment when drivers don’t that all of a sudden i’m going to agree With lewis, hamilton verbatim or him choosing to not boycott the grand prix means that i’m going to stop talking about this stuff or stop championing him. Look it’s up to the drivers to choose whether, whatever order they want to race – and i think one of the big things is when you’re seeing teams protesting and boycotting events um, they are standing unified and you see that um, like i said in baseball um. I believe we saw it in the nba as well and, of course, some occasions in tennis, but for a fixture to be postponed. You require multiple people to agree um. So, for example, if just lewis hamilton dropped out f1, if they wanted to be an absolute pain, turn around mercedes and say you need to provide a second driver because contractually they’re supposed to supply two drivers for a race unless extreme circumstances like driver falls incredibly ill On the way to the grid on a sunday, so they could just field a replacement driver at the same time, there’s, like a certain amount of entries, you need for a race to actually count certain amount of starters for a race to actually count and one driver Dropping out won’t stop that from happening.

The race will still go ahead and the thing is we know of at least seven drivers who can’t even be able to take the knee um expecting the other 13 to then drop out, and potentially some of that um. Some of that seven to drop out of the race and boycott is what is this point for me to say too much like you’re, not gon na. Have that backing and that’s a shame, but the question is: how do you use the platform like if lewis goes out and wins on sunday um? He can use that platform to make a gesture to say something, to try and have an effect and that’s still a force for good, um, that’s kind of where i’m at. To be honest, like i see so many people who are saying, oh lewis, should be doing this. He should be doing that he should be doing. This should be doing that, and my question is: why do you only ask louis of that? I think that people just asking us that says a lot to be honest. Um i mean i’m not saying that the reporters are already asking lewis. I mean the motorsport.com article shows conversations with daniel ricardo and sebastian vettel, for example, but a lot of people will just be asking lois why? Why don’t you ask daniel ricardo or sebastian vettel or really any of the 13 drivers that have consistently taken the knee? Why not ask any of them if they’re going to boycott the race, it’s it’s, something that stands out for me because it seems like people are trying to one up lewis, it seems like people are trying to make the point about lewis, hamilton and uh.

I think that them doing this and trying to point this out to him um. It kinda shows that there’s another problem. They have with lewis one that they’re a bit afraid of saying out loud because it’s one that’s, you know isn’t welcome and i’ll leave that open there i’m not gon na, go any further than that, because uh whenever i go a bit further than that, i annoy People, and even by saying this much i’m going to see people getting very, very annoyed trying to leave comments. You do realize, because of me talking about anti racism in motorsports i’ve actually had to get to a point where i moderate the comment sections on my channel and that is annoying i’ve been doing three months now and it’s still annoying. Luckily i have several upstanding members of my community, so i could just go okay. This person’s comments are always going to be approved, but the fact that i have to be like that to protect my own community, so they don’t, have to see such horrific, abusive things. That says something i said something about the kind of people who are getting annoyed. It says something about the kind of people who are going to be saying. Oh, but lewis should be doing this. Why only lewis ask said vettel ask daniel ricardo, ask valerie bottas, i mean heck. If you really wanted to, you could ask carlos signs, but he’d, say he’s a free man and that he had never made a uh racist joke in his life.

Probably no wait. No they’ll um there’ll be no comment on it and um it’ll be under that’s. Usually, what happens when you ask about what gala science has been doing but yeah ask lando: ask um george russell, like you’re blaming me just asking lewis and you’re saying louis hamilton has to do this. Why and i think, that’s a question i want to leave you with. If you were saying lewis hamilton, just lewis hamilton has to think about this. Why? Because he’s not the only one who supports the course there are a dozen drivers that support this course.