Some opt in for high straight line, speed to really help them push forward in sector. One and three others going for a more downforce base, set up really trying to nail that tight and twisty second sector. The result lots of times all over the place, a real mixed up grid and going into tomorrow. We could see a real jumbled up position for qualifying if you are new around here and don’t know about the practice report. Well, you’re! In luck! What we do around here is we analyze today’s practice, one and practice to take a little look at the times, see what we can learn from qualifying pace. Long run pace talk about some of the big stories and events from today’s sessions and then right at the end, we’re going to have a little analysis on some of your predictions from yesterday’s preview video. So if you are new around here, feel free to subscribe. That big red button is down below like if you enjoy dislike. If you didn’t, i want to give some feedback in that comment. Section down below but we’ll start off with some times and then we’ll have a discussion about today’s event, and this morning it was pretty much business as usual mercedes one two valtteri bottas at 144.493, the fastest time of anyone just beating teammate lewis, hamilton by 69 hundredths Of a second max verstappen was third for red bull, but racing point right in the mix p4 for sergio perez p5 for lance troll, alex albon rounding out that top six half a second between the lots of them very, very tight between those top three teams.

Just behind those top three teams in the morning session anyway was the two renault powered cars ocon seventh signed. Eighth, then it was the other two teammates ricardo, ninth and lando norris p10 renault in a straight line, actually looking to be one of the better cars out there today, especially in the afternoon, esteban ocon having the highest straight line, speed recorded and purple in sector, one, Not so nifty in that second and final sector, but renault powered cars not looking too bad. Your bottom half was headed by danny caviat. The two alpha towers, p11 and p12 on the medium tires all of the top 10 on the soft. So even out for towery. Not quite looking on those pace of those top five teams, but just outside looking quite handy here at spa and then come the ferrari, powered teams raikkonen the lead ferrari power driver 13th for the alfa romeo driver. However, it is then charla, claire 14th sebastian vettel 15th. Just and i mean just beating the williams of nicolas latifi on the medium tires and george russell on the hard tires ferrari. Looking all sorts of mess so far this weekend at spa, they’re gon na have to have a huge turnaround tomorrow. Some big work to do overnight on set up changes because at the moment, they’re nowhere near points and, if i’m being fully honest, aren’t, even looking like they’re going to get out of q1, which considering the fact they’ve won this race.

The last two years really highlights the issues at that team. Magnuson grojon and joe vernazzi all failed to set a single lap time and if you think it was bad already for ferrari, all three of those drivers that didn’t set a lap time had ferrari power unit issues both has cars. Having issues with the ice jovanovsky has not been officially declared what his particular issue is just yet, but rory. If we thought he was bad. This season it’s got even worse here at spa and, if it’s bad at spa, i think it might be even worse. At monza, an even more power sensitive circuits this afternoon, that’s where things changed up very nicely, indeed max verstappen, a 143.744 but half a second faster than bottas’s time. In the morning, there was a bit of rain between the two sessions with formula three qualifying a little bit earlier on before zendelli took pole position for the first time. If you don’t know about lauren zendelli where’s, an iron man, helmet fun fact of the day, i would definitely recommend going to check that out, but back to the formula one verstappen quickest of all daniel ricardo. What a big surprise, whilst ocom, was pretty much going for a setup fully based on straight line. Spreed and drag ricardo went for a bit of a mix, or at least that’s what we’re led to believe by renault, and that strategy seems to work perfectly right on the back of his former teammate, and if that is the front row on sunday, goodness me are.

We in store from a cracker of a grand prix but mercedes aren’t too far behind hamilton, still within one tenth of verstappen and ricardo, alex alvin a really good session from him a little bit off his teammate, but much much closer, much happier with the car. Putting in some really consistent lap times, especially on the race, run performances liking. What i’m seeing from alex albon this time around sergio perez the lead racing point in p5, bottas down in p6, norris okon, science, 78 and 9 gasly, your top 10. lan stroll, was p11 and though on the surface, seems to be a little bit off teammate sergio Perez did set his fastest time on the medium tires. Danny caviat, p12 jovanazi finally got going in the afternoon 13th again. The lead ferrari powered car 13th 14th for the alfa romeo of kimi raikkonen to both alphas beating both ferraris leclair 15th russell beating sebastian, vettel, 16th and 17th for those two latifi 18th and the two house cars way off the pace only just got out at the End of the session grosjean 19th and kevin magnussen, p 20.. As far as practice sessions goes for fp1 and fp2, not really a huge lot to talk about, especially this morning, lap times, consistent, no rain ever showed up to the circuit. It was a little bit cooler than i think teams were expecting in terms of temperature. There was a slight puncture. It appeared a slow puncher on bottas’s mercedes, but apart from that very very straightforward running this afternoon, a few more incidents at play.

We had lando norris having power issues early on, but managed to recover that and save his power unit and eventually get going again a little bit later on. In the session we saw daniel ricardo put in his stonker overlap. Only for a couple of laps later for the car to conquer ended up parking it on the camel straight, ultimately ending his session early, but that lap still mega from daniel ricardo. We saw a late red flag that was with some of the branding and the advertisements boards on the exit of the source term, one falling off, which is quite strange. Apparently, giuliano and lacy tapping that at the end of f2 practice earlier on this morning and that just came a little bit loose as f3 qualifying went ahead and then, when the formula one cars were raising it through the source. I think that just caused a little bit too much vibrations on that barrier. Advertising fell off, but nothing to be worried about. But what i would say is the times today, ridiculously close. We are so used to this season, they’re being mercedes about half a second to a second in front of everyone else and i’m sure that’s going to happen in qualifying, but we’ve even seen it in practice. Today, in both sessions, the top 10 were within a second of each other, which by itself is incredible but put in the fact that this is the longest circuit on the calendar.

Last weekend in spain, the teams were about a one minute – 15 minute 14 about that and this weekend the fastest times are one minute 44. So, for the times to be, this close is very, very exciting going into qualifying tomorrow, and i really do think that top 10 is probably gon na. Be your mercedes racing point red, bull, mclaren and renault with alpha terry. Just on the edge ferrari. Power is a huge huge surprise today, but i think any of those top six teams can be in a real mix with some cracking grid positions tomorrow and then we’ve got to mention ferrari all of the teams struggling with power unit issues. We know this has been a reoccurring theme throughout the season. Something is not right at ferrari. Something is clearly wrong or off compared to last year for them to be losing this much speed. When you especially look at circuits like spa like monza, where they won last year and ferrari, power teams generally did a really cracking job. Something is just not right. We all know what happened with the fia everything’s being kept behind closed doors, but really huge huge slap in the face for everyone involved in that team williams, even beating vettel in practice. Two, this isn’t a circuit that suits the williams car in terms of philosophy williams, are much better on more tight twisty technical circuits. She likes of austria, hungary, of course, russell just missing out on q3, so they know that this circuit next time out in monza as well, isn’t necessarily their cup of tea.

But then we head to mojello, which could be a little bit more of a williams based circuit, so they’re not expecting too much, but to be in front of vettel crikey that’s a start for the new owners and before we go prediction time yesterday, as we always Do i give you this grid and we want to know your best predictions you throw them in the comment section below and the two most liked featured in today’s, video and just in case you missed it. Those predictions are in qualifying poll position front row and who is the biggest shock in that grand prix? Who is the race winner, who is sharing the podium, the first retirement driver of the day and best of the rest and your winners this week, number one is gnappy, the bromanian is what i’ll go with again. We all know by now, i’m, not great at the pronunciation, but he has gone with a lewis, hamilton pole position max verstappen on the front row and the biggest shock of sergio perez i’m, not quite sure what that shot is whether that’s a p3. That could be quite fun and in the grand prix come the lewis hamilton race winner and alex albono podium again, not mentioning the the other driver, so i’m kind of making the assumption it’s going to be a perez p3 in quality and a perez podium as well. Potentially he’s gone with the grosjean first retirement, which is what we never want to see: sergio perez a driver of the day kind of linking him with that theory, i’ve built up in my head.

That perez is going to get a podium and sean leclair best of the rest. I think that one could be unlikely and then we go on to our second place: man, sam tishman and the ferrari fanboying or at least hope for ferrari, at least. Oh goodness me there was. There was a lot of hope for them this weekend and it’s. Just not looking great. Is it he’s going with the bottas pole position a hamilton front row fair play sebastian vettel q3. I think he’s gon na be unlikely, though you’re right. That would be a big shock. Indeed, he’s gone with the lewis hamilton race, win, verstappen and leclair on the podium. Oh no bot ass. To be the first retirement, i mean think about what that would do for the constructors and, more importantly, driver standings vettel driver of the day, which is still possible if he goes out in q1, or has a disappointing qualifying and alex albon best of the rest and That is it for your formula, one 2020 belgian grand prix practice report formula 2 qualifying is just underway and if you just missed it last weekend, all of the formula two action is moved over to the end of the sunday formula. One race review it’s a nicely neatly packaged formula two report, but at the moment there’s a red flag samaya, is on fire literally and yuri vips, also who’s, making his debut in formula two in place of sean galileo get well soon.

Sean he’s also appeared to be out of the car, but i will leave that there. Thank you all for watching if you are new, feel free to subscribe. Thank you all for making it this far like.