Of course, in grand prix racing, spa has been a mainstay, its first event in 1925 and won by alberto askari’s, father antonio, with the battles continuing through into the formula one era from 1950, with two time f1 world champion jim clark and lotus, one of the earliest Dominant forces with four straight wins from 1962 to 1965.. Michael schumacher, however, remains the king of spa with six victories. One ahead of et and cena kimi raikkonen tops the current f1 grid with four while lewis, hamilton and sebastian vettel have three each and for sumi. Spa has always been special as it’s where he began his career with jordan in 1991 earned his first win. The next year for benetton took his seventh crown in 2004, as the first driver to win the title there it’s, also where he started his 300th race in 2006.. In my old history, everything comes back to spa where everything started and where lots of great stories happen. The emotion of the track, the combination of history, is the reason that spa became a living room over the decades. There’S been plenty of carnage with 1998 by far the biggest, with a 13 car pileup at the exit of turn, one la source on the opening lap. After mclaren’s david coulthard speed into the barrier, while 2012 saw another huge pileup at turn, one with roman grosjean earning a one race ban for causing the collision one replicated in 2018. When two time world champion fernando alonso was launched over charles clare vindicating, the introduction of cockpit protection device halo, but while there have been plenty of near misses last year, the sports luck ran out with the tragic death of antoine hubert in the formula 2 feature race.

A difficult moment for all, but especially leclair, who took his maiden f1 win with ferrari just a day after losing his friend the pair, completing their first cart race together up front we’re, expecting mercedes to again be the benchmark with the silveraros hoping for their first win. There, since 2017 lewis hamilton runner up in the last two his likely challenges: silveraro’s teammate, valtteri, bottas and red bull’s max verstappen at one of his home races, the 22 year old gunning to do better than third his best there. In five attempts, though, without the orange army that normally follows him with the race to be held behind closed doors, Music, located 40 minutes from the nearest city of liege, the legendary 7.004 kilometer track the longest on the calendar features 19 turns 10 left and 9 right And a top speed of 320 kilometers per hour bot has reset the lap record in 2018, while there are two drs activation zones, one on the kemmel strait, the other on the pit straight. There are two drs detection points, one on the run to o’rouge the second. Before the final chicane from la source on it’s a flat out roller coaster ride this one is a real f1 classic it’s time for the belgian grand prix.