I am so so thankful. This one has remained on our crazy 2020 season. So far, mercedes have been the team to beat. Will they reign supreme this weekend in spa rain in the air we’ll talk about that a little bit later on looks like we could have a few spanish in the works this time out in the ardennes forest news. This week, a full calendar has finally been launched, so i can finally put up this graphic with the full calendar of the 2020 season. This weekend marks the next of three grand prix, the belgian grand prix this weekend. Next weekend we head to italy for the italian grand prix before we finally head to our first new venue of the season magello for the tuscan. Grand prix rush is up next on the 27th of september and then we’ve got four races in a row, all of which we were not expected to go anywhere near the german grand prix. The nurburgring returns the portuguese grand prix for the first time at porter, mall immolar’s back the turkish grand prix is back two races at bahrain, the sakia grand prix on the 6th of december potentially being run on a different layout and the season finale, as always in Abu dhabi, yes, marina last season here in belgium, it was charla clare who picked up his first ever formula. One victory a fitting victory after horrific events in formula two and the tragic and horrible death of antoine hugh bear a incredible talent, a promising talent and i’m still convinced he would have had that formula.

One renault seat, instead of fernando alonso, he still missed and once again this year will be racing for antoine in spa. Hamilton was p to bottas p3 sebastian vettel after qualifying, second, not on the podium apart from singapore last year, vettel’s win before that was two years ago: 2018, belgium. Since then, just that one win in singapore. Can he revive his luck in 2020? This time around and last weekend, the spanish grand prix lewis hamilton pole position, lewis hamilton race, victory we’re, so so used to it, but something we’re also getting used to in 2020 is a lewis hamilton victory max verstappen, p2 and fun fact. We’Ve only had one mercedes one. Two all year long hamilton verstappen have been comfortably the best two and as such, in the driver’s standings are number one and number two bottas with work to do this time round. Six points off the red bull of verstappen but comfortably in front of fourth place man, charles claire, but that midfield is so so tight leclair in fourth lane stroll p5 joint with alex alvin norris perez close in the hunt as well saints and ricardo. Your top ten just outside that top ten it’s sebastian vettel goodness me again two years ago, he was in that running, for the championship now finds himself all the way down in p11 16 points joint with esteban ocon gasly’s, not too far behind, though just two points Behind the ferrari and the renault hulkenberg six points for him still hanging on in the top fifteen joe venati, conveyer and magnuson all on two and one point: a piece rykel and latifi russell and grosjean all.

Yet to do so annual constructors championship, mercedes have won it practically. I mean it’s not happened yet, but almost double red bull points, red bull, comfortably in second place and then it’s that midfield scrap racing point one point ahead of mclaren, who are one point in front of ferrari: it’s a bit of a get back to renault, a Little bit further of a get back to alpha tower two for alfa romeo, one for hass williams, on a big fat zero and your junior championship formula, two calamine lot. The british driver in the ferrari academy leads the way comfortably now over robert schwartzman in p2 who’s comfortably in front of third place: man, christian longard it’s, then red bull, junior, yuki sonoda, who we spoke about last week in the weekly mailbox mick schumacher rounds out the Top five and before we jump into our hot lap tires and the weather this weekend tires: first c2s c3s and c4s belgium isn’t a circuit particularly hard on the tyres, so it’s a little bit softer than the last grand prix in spain. But these are the tyres we used at the 70th anniversary grand prix, and we know some of the stories from that particular event expect a one stop, but if there’s rain on the horizon, we may even get a two – and here is your weather. I’Ve mentioned rain. A few times it’s very likely, we will see rain 59, 55 and 69. On sunday it looks like we could have a wet grand prix, but so far in 2020, we’re so used to there being rain just not on the circuit, so fingers crossed please this time around we’ll have a wet grand prix, so lots to look forward to.

But if you’re not aware of this incredible circuit, if you don’t know about spa, if you don’t know what the lap looks like it’s, a good job, we’ve got our hot lap for the 2020 belgian grand prix. Welcome everyone to your hot lap for the formula. One 2020 belgian grand prix on board with the man himself roman grosjean five years ago, that incredible podium can do the same this season, making sure first of all to nail the sauce turn one tight on the inside drifting wide onto that rumble strip on the outside. Making sure we get a lovely exit down the hill towards radeon. Oh rouge left sweeping right back to the left, crucial that we’re as flat out as possible, especially in qualifying onto the camel straight drs zone, in effect key for overtaking during the grand prix. But as we head down towards turn, five six and seven complex making sure we nicely get it tight and tucked in because all of these corners lead lovely through to turn seven and eight down the hill, our starting descent down towards the puan complex through sector. Two, though, and through the corner, with no name alex alwan made this sector his own last season plenty of overtakes. Can he do the same this season, but as we head to the bottom of the hill? Finally, through the incredible long hander of puan, we saw mistakes from joe vernati here at the end of the grand prix last season, closing up now, making sure we’re, nice and tight on eight and nine making sure we’re not going too wide.

You can technically get caught out four track limits and these particular parts of the circuit ending sector two now and the lovely run towards blanchymon modern formula, one cars completely flat out through here no sign of drs this season. But it is something that we have seen. Dabbled and played with in the past two corners to go the reform bus stop from several years ago, now nailing the inside of the final corner, and that is your final run. Planting the power, and that is your lap of the formula. One 2020 belgian grand prix and honestly, you have no idea how many takes that took me this time around heading over then to the newsroom plenty of stories this time around just a week’s gap in between and yet the stories flooding in, but i’ve picked out. Three of my favorites, starting off with the williams deal sold to dorialton capital i’m, still really struggling with how we pronounce doralton dorialton. I will change it every single time, but finally williams, who was struggling so so bad at the back of the pack. For the past couple of years, at the end of may decided enough was enough. They put the team up for sale and now doralton have come in an investment company from the us have bought the team. However, more crucially are deciding to keep the majority of features. The exact same, the team name, will remain williams. The team will remain based in grove and everything looks a little bit rosier for the future of that team.

Of course, no points for the team so far latifi with their best result of the season in p11, but brightness on the horizon for a team that have struggled over the last couple of seasons. The f1 calendar is finally complete. You would have seen it earlier on in our graphic, but yesterday the announcement, the turkish grand prix will return for the first time since 2011.. We will also see that for the first time in formula one, two: bahrain grand prix in the same season with it likely that there will be a oval layout or oval ish layout. Don’T worry it’s, not indycar style, but it looks a bit of fun in that. Second, race, in bahrain, finishing in abu dhabi, 17, races, hats off to the lads and gales at formula, one, a great job to get us that huge amount of grand prix in 2020 and our final little story this week, renault, we are getting so used to them. Protest after protest after each weekend. Well, finally, they decided to back down and will no longer be protesting against the racing point. They are happy with the response from the fia from racing points, but this seems very unreno like so don’t expect this to be the end of that story. Ferrari are now the only team still in pursuit of a turnaround of the verdict of racing points. 15. Point deduction and 400 000 euro fine ferrari searching for even harsher punishments, but they now find themselves on their own and that is it this week from the newsroom.

So we’ll head over to one of my favorite parts of the weekend prediction time for your 2020 belgian grand prix and if i haven’t mentioned it already with rain in the air. I think this one could be a little bit spicier than the last couple of grand prix we’ve had in belgium. Of course, this is the home of roman grosjean’s final podium in formula one five years ago last week, and i tell you what don’t worry i’m, not i’m, not gon na do it. I almost did it put grosjean on the podium, but maybe grosjean for points is scary enough, but here are my predictions: i’ve gone with a lewis, hamilton, pole position, valtteri bottas, p2 and sergio perez p3. I think racing point could surprise a lot of people here this weekend, but in the race i’m expecting thunderstorms, i’m expecting hurricanes ripping through the circuit explosions, hamilton will still come out victorious, but it’ll be verstappen. Finishing second lance stroll with his first podium of the season, and first since 2017, charles claire p4 and valtteri bottas, p5 and it’s time for your predictions. If you want to be featured in tomorrow’s video here is your grid? Put your predictions in the comment section down below and the two most liked featured in the practice report. I want to know from qualifying who’s on pole who’s on that front row and who’s the biggest shock. Will it be grosjean q3 in the race who is going to be victorious? Who is sharing that podium? Will it be grosjean, first retirement, probably grosjean driver of the day, and he will be best of the rest before we go fantasy league time? I’Ve got to hold my hands up.

I slipped back a little bit last weekend, we’re down to 321st place, but out of 3400 of you not too bad. I still can’t see who’s leading, but i know they’re on about 1 200 points. So i’m, not a million miles away. No changes this week except perez is technically now back in. I did have hulkenberg but of course, perez did race last weekend in spain, coach on screen, if you’ve not yet joined, and your schedule for this weekend, screenshot time if you’re on mobile devices or i suppose, if you’re on a laptop as well, ten o’clock is the First session of the weekend on friday practice, one for formula one qualifying for f2 four o’clock on the evening in friday, saturday qualifying for formula one one o’clock feature race cannot wait for that one at quarter to four and then on sunday, the big day, the sprint Race in formula two ten past ten in the morning and ten past two in the afternoon, your 2020 belgian grand prix – and that is it from me for your preview for the belgian grand prix. I cannot wait for this one it’s, my favorite circuit, seeing some of these cars rising up peruse just by themselves, is enough to make this weekend special with a little bit of rain, with verstappen mounting more and more pressure to mercedes mercedes haven’t won here. For the last two seasons, i’ve got a good feeling about this weekend. Thank you all very much for watching.

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