So congratulations good morning, quietcopter101 here with a neat review of something neat. I’Ve i’ve been actually having a good time with this down in my basement, this is a lot of fun. This one uh this is from beta fpv. This is the beta fpv beta 65s light ready to go fpv kit with everything that you need to go flying fpv now, that’s one thing i like about beta fpv: they come out with the things that are already set up and ready to go right out of The box uh requiring little to no um adjustment, or you know, or setting up or or linking your transmitter to the drone, everything’s all ready to go out of the box, and i like that. I like to see that and this one here this kit here. This is mid november. Folks 2020, i got ta say this kit is not available right now: okay, um it’s, it’s out of stock right now, bait fpv is revamping it i’m, not sure exactly what they’re doing to it. I’M gon na go over this original kit. I have some ideas what they might be fixing and i’ll mention those here shortly. You know some of the the things that i didn’t quite like about this kit and i’m i’m, pretty sure that that’s, what the revamping to correct those those problems but let’s go over the kit and show you what what you get in the kit. First off you get a really nice carrying case.

I mean this is a nicely done case uh for carrying the drone, the goggles that come with this and uh the controller, and also your accessories. So it’s nice, nice carrying case i’m gon na get that out of the way because give me some room here to talk about the other things we got here now. The first thing let’s talk about is the goggles we’ll focus in on the goggles here. First, these are beta fpv’s, vr01 goggles um. You know they’re basic beginners, goggles box style goggles, but um i’ve been flying this thing in the basement. I kind of like these things. They’Re actually not too bad, especially for my older eyes and the reason being it has a fresnel lens in here that magnifies the image, and it allows me you know i’m nearsighted folks, uh allows me to focus in on the screen itself. Now. People with farsightedness might have problems with these goggles, in fact, i’m almost certain they will, but those with normal eyesight and nearsightedness uh should be able to use these goggles without too much problem. At least i am able to with my old eyes, but let’s go over. It and discuss what the things about these particular goggles has a 4.3 inch lcd screen in there, along with that fresnel lens to enlarge it that fresnel lens enlarges it about 2.8 times magnification and provides pretty good large screen that you’re looking at when you’re looking through These goggles at that little 4.

3 inch screen now that screen is resolution is 800 by 480 pixel resolution and um, along with it, has a uh. What was it called brightness? They call it the brightness control or i don’t. I forgot what they called it, but it’s set very bright out of the box. Now, with that in mind, you can adjust that brightness of that screen and contrast and other things of that screen through the menu of this uh, these particular goggles. Let me turn it on right now and show you that menu on off button is right there, and that brings up the screen and with a short press of that on off, button brings up the menu, and you can yes, you. Let me see if i can bring it up, so you can see that you can just press it again. Brightness contrast, sharpness, uh, backlight that’s, the one i’m talking about volume, uh, recording size, uh, recording sound. You can record sign with this uh. You can also play sound by the way, uh recording time format, language default and the version of this of this particular screen. Now i mentioned recording time this does have capability of recording video okay with these goggles and that’s, actually not too bad for the price of these particular goggles. Let me go over other things on this: we’ll go over the buttons first, oh let’s go over the tendency. It’S dual antenna system – i don’t think it has dual receiver folks, but it does have dual antenna to help improve reception, uh buttons on this uh.

This is your search button. It has automatic search capability, quick press and that’s it’ll go into searching through all the bands and uh how many bands i believe it was five bands hold on yeah. I was right five bands. They are a b d e and race band are available with this um inside it has a 3.7 volt, 2 000 milliamp per hour battery that is charged through this micro usb port right there. That provides up to two hours of play time with these particular goggles um i mentioned it, has an sd card slot and again that’s for play or for recording, video and also for playing back video. You can play back video through this. You can also switch to av mode by a long press of this particular no, this button here, the search button, if you hold it down, it’ll, switch back and forth between fpv reception mode and av mode for playing back video through the goggles. Additionally, you can buy this button here, brings up the menu and long press. This button turns the goggles on and off it does have av input. I believe right here, if you’re in av mode, if you input it or if you’re, playing back it, you can use headphones with this as output. This would be an av output port and again i mentioned it also has a speaker right there. If you wish to use the speaker, this particular again is for charging this micro.

Usb and again you have the micro uh sd card slot here now again it has record button that you activate by pressing this button here and you can see here at the end right now: it’s recording even oh yeah – i got it turned on, but i don’t Have a card in there folks so i’m gon na turn this off right now, um, and also you can, in addition to using the search button here, you can manually change the bands by pressing this button here or manually change the channels between the bands by pressing This button here so overall, these are not too bad of a goggles in considering the price that you’re getting them for. I believe these run for about 55, but you know they’re, bundled with the kit. I think you’re getting a little bit of a deal here. Good deal with the in total kit price, i believe, comes out to right. Currently, i think it was around 128, so keep in mind, mind you’re, also getting the drone and the controller. Okay let’s talk about the drone that you get with this. This is the beta 65 s light it’s a little 25 gram drone. It does not require be cut, being 25 grams. I don’t think there’s any country that requires registering this. Well, i take the exception of that. I know there are some countries that have exception with cameras, so keep in mind. This is a camera drone, so those countries that require registration, camera drones.

This might require registration, but most countries in the world do not require this to be registered. Let’S go over it. First off it is a brushed motor drone, 65 millimeter brush motor drone. I know a lot of you out there poo brush motor drones, but i think that’s a mistake. These are excellent drones for beginner flyers. I, if you’re a beginner or even intermediate flyer likes to putter around indoors. This is a good drone to start because, first off it’s, inexpensive and being a brushed motor drone it’s really not super powerful that you’re going to get extreme speed on it and with that extreme kinetic energy, where, if you smack into walls you’re going to break those Brushless motor drones, this one is pretty impact resistant. I know i banged this around the house already i’ve done about two dozen flights, just playing with it down in the basement, and i smacked into the walls quite a bit and still running straight great. You know looks great out of the box, so you know don’t poo, poo, brushes motors they’re good, and even if these brushless brush motors do wear out, they are easily replaceable and you can get replacements from bait, fpv and just plug them in they’re, just plug in Motors, okay, you unplug it slide the old motor out and slide the new motor in and plug it into the board and away you go with that in mind. These are seven millimeter by 16 millimeter motors uh brushed motors.

So in case you do need to get replacements from beta fpv that’s the size of those particular motors. Okay, let’s uh start from the top down going uh. The other components on this particular quadcopter. Let’S talk about the camera. This is a beta fpv, c01 uh fpv camera uh, it’s 800 tv lines, resolution of this camera. It has really good dynamic range. Actually i could tell from flying in my basement. You know flying through shadowy areas and bright areas. It maintains a pretty even uh. Look in the flying between those particular areas, so you know if you’re going from bright area to dark area um, you know you’re going to be able to see into that dark area as you fly into it instead of looking into darkness. So i like that um let’s talk about the flight control board that comes on this comes with this um. It is a light brushed v2 flight control board uh. With that in mind, this board has an integrated 25 milliwatt fpv video transmitter built into it to keep the weight down in this particular board. So it doesn’t have a separate uh video transmitter and also has built in um on screen display system light, it’s called light. Osd, but it actually it’s very similar to like a beta fpv flight control system and it’s important that it has a feature because i’m going to go into that here shortly because it has the silverware flight control software uh built into it.

The firmware that’s on on board this particular processor. Now you can’t edit, that flight control software using beta fpv. Okay, if you want to modify the pids um you’re, going to have to use the on screen display system on this and and you are able to do such you know the same same way – you do it on beta fpv, where you take the uh. You know you connect the drone to the controller and turn on your goggles and move this throttle up into the left and push up on the pitch roll stick, and that brings up the on screen display system. And then you can go in there manually or with your goggles and your controller, to modify the pids and also modify the rates too. If you wish to do so. So you know, even though you can’t connect this to beta fpv. You can also modify the switches too in using the on screen display system it’s. Actually pretty nice set up the way they got it in there. Maybe i’ll display it when we go flying down in the basement later, but it’s. Actually, a nice setup, they’re light osd. But again you cannot connect this to betaflight. It does have a micro usb port on the bottom here, but that is for flashing new firmware on here. If there’s an you know an update to the light brushed uh firmware that’s how you do it, you do it through that micro, usb port down there let’s talk about other things on this.

It has an integrated, bayang, uh receiver, on board this system. Okay, so um, you are going to need a buying protocol transmitter and that’s. What we got here i’m going to talk about that transmitter here shortly, but it also can support external s, bus or dmx receiver. If you wish to install your own micro receiver on board this to use a different transmitter with your particular drone, it is a 1s powered drone, but don’t be fooled. That 1s gives this thing plenty of power and the 1s batteries that they do. Give you with this include two at least i got two 300 milliamp per hour beta fpv li hv uh batteries with this particular drill, and that gives it about. I think it was about three to four minutes of flight time. Poor per battery. You also get a control or a battery charger here and this lights up. It has actually a little led display here, um when you plug in you know. Maybe i can display that, right now, by plugging in a battery to show you that plug in one of these batteries into one of these output, ports yeah there you go. So it tells you what the battery voltage is on the battery as you’re charging it. So that’s pretty neat in itself and um one of the things you get with the drone you get a spare set of propellers for it and a prop tool to remove those propellers in case you need to replace the propeller on that particular drone.

Okay, let’s talk about the transmitter. This is the beta fpv light radio 2 transmitter. Now this is available in either buying protocol or it’s also available in fr sky protocol. Now the one that’s bundled with this drone, the beta 65s light – is buying protocol, at least as of this date mid november 2020.. Okay, i’m – going to mention why i think they might be changing that in the future here shortly, but they might be. I might be wrong: okay, i’m, just speculating, but let’s talk about this particular transmitter again it’s buying protocol buying protocol. It is also open, tx firmware on board this particular transmitter it’s eight channels, so you’ve got throttle yaw pitch roll and these four switches here these partic. These two switches are two position, and these two switches are three position, but um they’re actually being used as two positions, which is with this particular drone i’m, going to go over that here shortly: dude uh, the gimbals on this um. They have a really nice feel. These gimbals aren’t too shabby at least i kind of like them: okay, but notice. There are no trim controls on this on this particular thing so um. Additionally, it is powered by a 350 millimeter 2s battery, which is in place in there plugged in there, but you can’t charge this. You can either charge it individually through the balance port on that particular battery, or you can leave it plugged in and charge it through.

This micro usb port right there and notice it has a little output port here. I believe that you can. I haven’t tried it yet, but this looks like an output port that could be used with a um simulator program, so i’d have to i’m gon na have to confirm that, but don’t don’t take my word for it right now, but it does look like it has. Simulator capability uh in a future hero in the comments section, i’ll i’ll go over that in case it does um let’s go over the buttons on it. This particular button here is for turning on and turning off the controller. Okay, let’s go over the switches on this particular controller. On those four switches, this first switch here switch a is your arming, switch uh away from you from you. The drone is disarmed, but if you bring it toward you that arms the drone, this switch here switch b is for selecting angle mode. Let me talk about real, quick about the modes available on this. Before we go into that these um, it has quite a few different modes that are available when one is acro. Of course, we’ve got acro where um it has uh um. You can flip the drone over. You know there are no angle restrictions on the drone um. You pitch it forward. It maintains that position unless you uh adjust. You know, adjust uh the pitch even further, but um. There are again no angle restrictions with acro mode.

It also has ago mode which does have an angle restrictions along with self leveling. So in case you know you give it input and give it some pitch and let go of the stick. It will automatically self level. Additionally, in angle mode, you cannot not exceed a certain angle it’s a predefined angle, i believe it’s 30 40 degrees and it won’t. Let you go further than that, unless you release the switch or the stick and it will self level along with a roll, it won’t exceed a certain roll angle, uh in angle mode. Now, with that in mind it that has a third mode called race angle. Now, what is race angle race angle allows you to it does have angle, restrictions and roll, but there are no angle restrictions in pitch. You can actually roll it over if you wish or roll it backwards. If you wish in race angle um, it also has race horizon now in race, horizon it’s self leveling in roll um, but it’s acro in pitch again, you know if you can flip it over, but it’s. Also. There are no angle restrictions, even though it’s self leveling in roll. There are no angle restrictions in roll, which means you can roll it. But if you let go of the roll stick, it will should automatically self level. Okay and finally, it has horizon, which is um self leveling in both pitch and roll, but there are no angle restrictions in either picture roll where you can either flip it or roll it upside down and the way to select those let’s go over that let’s go Back to the controller, again again, this is for selecting angle mode and you leave these switches back to go into angle mode.

You bring that one all the way forward and again that gives you self leveling on the drone in pitch and roll. But there are angle restrictions in pitch and roll and if you pull forward on switch c while in angle mode, that puts you into race angle mode, where you’re you’ve got acro capability in pitch, but angle capability and roll. Now, if you bring this third or switch d d4, that puts you into race horizon where you have acro capability in pitch, but horizon capability and roll, so it’s self leveling and roll, but you can flip it over and roll if you wish. And finally, if you turn this switch off and have angle on and you bring switch d toward you, that is just base horizon mode where you have self leveling capability, but have no angle restrictions. So let’s talk about that race angle on race, horizon real quick. Why would you want to use that well, that’s, an intermediate mode or intermediate for acro acro is kind of difficult to learn, especially indoors folks, but using that race angle, let’s let’s, just talk about race angle for now, um again you have acro capability in pitch. So you can set yourself a certain degree of forward pitch, so you got constant speed moving forward and if you that lets you focus strictly, you know you have angle, you have self leveling capability and roll. So if you can fly that um, what i’m trying to say is you don’t have to worry about messing with the pitch.

You know set yourself a a slow pitch forward in acro and then all you do is focus on yaw and roll to turn the drone. So that’s, where race acro comes in, you know that’s in intermediate mode between angle and acro to practice and horizon race horizon. I don’t know where you’d use that it’s the same as race angle except i’d. Maybe use use it outdoors. If you want to impress your friends by doing some flips outdoor rolls outdoors, while you’re flying that’s, where you use race horizon, i believe so. Oh no um it’s a nice kit what they, what they’re giving you here. I forgot to mention this. This is for charging your controller or your uh goggles, but overall this is a nice kit. Uh beginners fpv learn to fly kit, i kind of like it ready to go let’s. Take it down to the basement and i’ll talk about it more as we’re flying down there, so let’s let’s go for a flight folks! I’M. Sorry folks, there’s always an oh, by the way that i forgot to mention before going moving on to the flight and that, in this case, it’s the buying protocol on this transmitter. I want to talk about uh and a buying receiver on here now. This transmitter is available from beta fpv in two different versions, either with the bayeng protocol or with fr sky d8d16 protocol again. The one you get with this drone is the buying protocol, and with that in mind, every time now the way to bind this to the drone there’s a little bind button in the back.

Okay, that you have to use a pen to push in and every time you bind this particular drum or turn on this drum i’ll show you every time you turn it on okay and then turn on the transmit or turn the transmitter on and then turn you Know plug in the drone um it doesn’t automatically bind to the drone is what i’m saying folks you need to. What you need to do is press this bind button in the back with a pen and then you’ll notice, flashing on the controller and on the drone, and then it binds, and you need to do that. Each and every time you plug in the drone let’s see here see now now i have control when i hit turn it on and arms the drone uh. So what i’m speculating is folks that they’re, what they’re doing with the upgrade to this, which is coming out in mid december, is i’m speculating. This, i could be wrong, is but i’m hoping. This is what they’re doing is, including an fr sky receiver and fr sky mode, providing the fr. You know fr sky version of this transmitter uh so that you don’t need to bind it each and every time you turn it on i’m, hoping that’s. What they’re doing and the reason that would make this really nice folks is this transmitter is not too bad it’s, not too shabby to fly particularly flying little whoops in your house, okay, it’s, actually, a nice transmitter for that purpose.

Um. So if you had an fr sky version of this, you know if this came with an fr sky version that would make this a much more attractive, uh system, in that you could use this with uh your fr sky, whoops, so i’m hoping that’s. What they’re coming out with, but i could be wrong so but now let’s take a time in the basement and fly so hope. You enjoy this flight good evening and welcome to quadcopter 101’s indoor flight test facility down in my basement. Okay, with the flight of the beta 65s light fpv kit, okay, uh get this in there already i’ve. What i needed to do was turn on the transmitter and hit that and also plug in the drone to this battery and then hit that buying button. In the back of the transmitter that i showed you in the tabletop review, now we’re ready to go and to get the into the air. I need to make sure that the throttle is all the way down first and then hit the arm switch and then give it a little throttle and we’ll take to the air okay, getting up a little speed here. No i wan na i don’t wan na go too fast down here in the beginning here, folks, we’re gon na. Take it easy here just to get some uh a feel for the drug. Now i’ll go up and over my jacuzzi, which i have not yet used, got ta get rid of that thing.

I don’t think i ever will use it kind of true folks keep with the house. Let’S talk about the beta 65s pro now again. This drone, i feel, is best for people who want to learn fpv flying well, well, careful people who want to learn fpv, and on top of that for folks who want to learn how to fly acro um. This is a nice little acro trainer. I got ta admit that folks. Now, if you want to learn acro, i suggest that you we’re flying slowly right now. I suggest you fly slow like i’m doing right now. Okay and uh start off by learning to hover in acro with the drone. You know just uh get a good feel for it and then, if you feel, as you get a better feel for it, then you can slowly give a little more pitch and a little more speed and get a better feel for it. You can also try doing things like i’m going to try to do it right now is to go through oops like that. Now, with time you will become more proficient i’m, not very proficient within north line. Folks it’s, especially an acro, as you can see here, i’m. Just uh barely able to keep it from crashing uh. I thought i could fly a little faster because you know there’s nothing to fly crash into, but uh indoors. There’S obstacles and i’ve got the cold winter months ahead to learn how to fly acro indoors and i’m.

Going to be doing that with this particular drone, actually folks, i think it’s, a nice nice little trainer for indoor aqua practice now again the beta 65s. I got my shirt today, folks, baby 65s kit, this kit, what i like about it is again: everything is ready to go out of the box um. That is rare. Normally, you need to do quite a bit of preparation. Uh, you know binding the drone to the uh receiver. Then you got ta, go into beta flight and make sure all your switches are set up. All that’s been done for you with beta f. You know bait, fpv, they’ve done it with this kit and um. I think it’s not the only kit that i’ve seen from bait after you that’s similar to this, but um that’s. One thing i like about beta fpv, their drones are more or less ready to fly out of the box. Now let’s say low voltage um. This has that ph 2.0 connector uh there is a voltage drop. What i’m saying folks! So you really it’s um it’s hard i’m, not believing that low voltage. What i’m saying it’s got more voltage in the battery it’s, just that that ph 2.0 connector heats up and what happens then folks is uh. It gives you erroneous voltage the reading that you’re seeing here so that 3.17 volts. If i land you’ll see that the voyage will immediately go up higher there’s, a voltage sag is what that’s called or voltage drop, so we can actually fly longer than what that voltage is allowing me to do there.

I did i say how do you like my shirt today, folks, i, like my pants too, by the way here in erie we got. We had some snow here, it’s only uh middle of november and uh. I really let me land it for a second folks uh. I really can’t uh fly outdoors right now, because there’s snow and there’s wind, but that’s, where these little um whoops come into play i’m, going to call it quits here because that now i’m starting to believe that. But how do you like those pants huh? I, like my fancy name folks that’s my indoor pajama pants, so so all in all it’s, not a bad little drone. Let me pick it up here. Put it in front of my other camera here, not a bad little drone um and you know being brushless. You see, you know, it’s, not a zippy. Drone it’s not meant to be zippy, but you know it’s it’s, because of that it should last be somewhat durable in flight um, again great for learning great for learning, fpv and also great for learning acro with. So i hope you enjoyed this flight. Let me show its camera again. This is quadcopter101 signing out how’s my hair folks, hi quadcopter101, here again hey if you want to get your own shout out in one of my future videos make sure you subscribe to my channel it’s real simple, just go to my channel page and click on that Subscribe and also make sure to click that bell button right next to the subscribe button.

That way you get notified when i release a brand new video immediately and give you a chance to get that first, shout out, so give it a try.