Can she get up and running in style here today, donna vekic has played azarenka twice and one on both occasions, she’s looking for a hat trick against the bella russian. Well, that did not go to plan for donna vekic. It did for azarenka that’s, a wonderful start for her now it’s very nicely worked around the court there by azarenka and well it’s. The perfect start for the belarusian neatly done. There was a very well placed second serve right into the body, and here she took charge immediately, pushing azarenka from corner to corner that’s a monster, backhand and azarenka. She is feeling it out here: love therapy Applause on this return to tennis in new york. It is the first set to savor six games to two clever change up that really did catch azarenka out Music neatly done quick hands from azarenka very focused in this game; nails it just pulling clear Music, oh wow, that is oh fantastic points, wonderful efforts from donna Vekic just missing in the end Applause Music. She had the chances and on the third opportunity she takes. One of them. Is this just a shift in momentum, beckitch back in it, victoria azarenka starts with a smile starts with a swagger here in new york. It is an outstanding display to seal a first round win in style. 6.