Her first came over carolina plushkova at wimbledon last year. Can she cause problems in new york today, the top seeds are falling, like flies in the number one in the world, from oh, clever up and over. Oh, that is showtime from naomi osaka that’s, absolutely incredible that shot. So oh she’s made that clever once again from lookover lovely touch, wow all the shots right now, all the right ideas, Applause, what a tussle this is so far. Some fireworks late on and mukeva comes up with the first set osaka with work to do and away that goes. It is just what osaka was looking for. Well, she really is firing. Let me play Applause, not a big reaction from osaka. She knows that there’s still a lot of work to do here, but she’s going about it in the right way. Six four seconds: seven, just the way that osaka wanted to start this deciding set. Oh, yes, pulls a rabbit from the hat cover from again, oh she’s playing some shots. Now she was knocking on the door for the double break and she’s found it now. Naomi osaka job done a big reaction from there me osaka. She avoids a similar fate as some of the other big seeds we’ve seen some surprises, but osaka after losing the first set was able to fight back and she’s, not going anywhere as she safely makes it through to the next round. Here in new york sets two and three very impressive from the number four scene.