com today? If you have you’ve seen the story on tennis, sandgrin’s adventures in cycling, you’ve seen the story on anastasia sevistova’s adventures in rollerblading, it’s, a heavy wheel, sport edition of, also the tc podcast, with hall of famer, steve flink on his new pete sampras book. All that and more at, so it’s it’s, uh erotic time, jim you, you knew that andy would be good at this tv thing if you ever decided to, of course give it a go right. I mean if you ever watched a press conference from andy. You know he’s full of it and it’s going to be good you’re, going to like what he’s full of look at all the laughs and smiles he provided us during those 10 weeks over the summer he made us admire the bar and his home. He made us the background picture right yeah. Well, there was he was either showing his bar, which he was very proud of, that he constructed in his house or the sweden’s cove hat on his head. What are we advertising on the hat today? Anything in particular andy. A little in town golf club coming your way in atlanta in february of next year, pandemic, willing thank you for asking that’s we’re here as a promotional vehicle for uh, for you um. We want to get into a couple topics, as tennis has now returned in full. As of today, uh, as you know, uh the us open is gon na be missing.

Six of the top ten women three of the top ten men at least, and so there’s been some question about whether or not it will be devalued. Historically speaking before we pose that question to you, andy, take a listen to what novak djokovic had to say on the topic with feather and nadal and vavrinka not coming to Music to the tournament. Every other top player is here. So i i don’t make a significant difference in terms of whether this grand slam should be considered as a grand slam in terms of title or or something like that, because i see there’s a conversation about that and that people think that it’s, it should not be Valued in a certain same way, i disagree with that. I think uh, you know most of the top players are here right, so that’s novak’s position on it. What do you say andy? Should this u.s open for whoever wins it? Men and women have a a so called asterisk next to it historically. Well, i mean the fact of the matter. Is it doesn’t really matter if a person doesn’t think it’s valued the same, because historically, it will be valued as a grand slam win and uh as i’m kind of hearing people talk about it, you know rogers missed plenty of tennessee missed the entire second half of 2016 uh pulled up a couple things about rafa in the 15 hardcore events that he entered from 2017 october.

Through miami 2019. He actually only completed three of those, whether you either withdraw or retired from it, and no one’s talking about people play. Sometimes they miss some time. It counts you, your job is to be the best player at that tournament. Uh on at a given time frame – and you know, whoever comes out of the u.s open – is going to be a u.s open champion forever yeah. I think your your point in the beginning, where historically it doesn’t matter and we look back at our grand slam, champions and people talk about. Oh well, some players didn’t go that year in the 70s. They were boycotting this or that it doesn’t matter that player. Whoever won that tournament is that grand slam champion and a lot of ramifications in this era, especially for a player like serena who’s, trying to get to that magic number, also novak trying to catch up to roger and rafa. But ultimately, like you said, andy it’s not going to matter whoever wins. No, when it’s all said and done, and and they’re the riding obituaries it’s going to be on whoever wins it’s going to count so that’s the fact of the matter. Doesn’T matter i mean yes, we don’t have roger and rafa it’s been a long time since we haven’t had them. Yes, a lot of the top women are not coming as well someone’s going to go and win seven matches someone’s going to lift the trophy and someone’s going to walk away as a champion if it’s their first one they’re forever going to be a grand slam champion.

No matter what doesn’t matter, what people think or say those are the facts. I thought it was interesting that marianne bartoli tweeted this week that she thought that this would not be a quote: unquote: real grand slam, and someone pointed out when she won her 2013 wimbledon title. She didn’t face anybody ranked higher than 17 in the world in route to the title. Lindsay. Should her wimbledon title be discounted because of that, of course not i mean you you play, who you play and everybody’s playing to win that trophy. When all is said and done it honestly, it doesn’t matter who you be you’ve just got to get that win seven times over the course of two weeks and you’re, a grand slam champion right, uh other topic: andy we’ve been getting used to the idea of tennis. Without fans, this was the first time we saw it at the billie, jean king, national tennis center. You obviously had a very special relationship with the fans in new york. Would it be weird for you hard for you to play without them yeah i’d say, but i i think the last question we’re talking about if a grand slam champion counts or is it weird playing without fans? I think judging anything right now in any part of the world against perfect is a bit of a fool’s errand right. I i was actually talking about it earlier and i said oh, the new york it’d be so bad i’m, going hey, listen! Six months on the couch i’d be pumped to get out there and playing you wouldn’t.

You wouldn’t really need much motivation. I mean you’re, not locked in uh. You know you get to actually work and you get to participate. You get to do what you love. So yes judged against perfect it sucks, but given the opportunity to play a cincinnati event in new york and get ready for uso, but you kind of feel alive again, i i’d be pumped to do it, even even if it wasn’t perfect, yeah and one other thing To be mindful of, if you are a player, is you are playing for lots of fans watching online watching on tennis channel watching around the world? So, though, you may not feel the energy in the building you’re creating energy around the world by doing what you’re great at so it’s a great opportunity for the players. Again i mean again, the choice is pretty stark, sit on your couch or play. I think it’s a pretty easy. Yes, if it were me making the choice lens.